Sunday, February 25, 2007

Meet Zio Bert & Zia Alma....

These are Colin's Uncle and Aunt from Italy.

They took us all to the Notting hill Pub last night to celebrate their 50th Wedding anniversary.

The venue was their choice... We wanted to go some place nicer but we had a ball it was fantastic.

It is rather sad that they will be going home on Saturday and we may never see them again :( Zia will celebrate her 77th birthday on Friday and dosnt like to travel by plane. Give her a ship and she's fine! a week after they get home they are off on a cruise of Europe and then next year they have booked a cruise to America where they will see Mexico etc.

Today we are off back to the inlaws for arvo tea and to catch up with even more family. The camera is getting a workout I can tell you.

Zia Wants to take the kids home with her and send them home as adults. She promised to feed them! LOL I can imagine.....

I did not get a good photo of Jake with Zia so I will try again today...

Be cool people

xx Nise xx

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just another day

It's finally Saturday and I can go on a bit of a go slow...

The weeks are just getting so full of "stuff" that has to be done and there is never enough time for fun stuff.

This week has been interesting :) We have DH's Aunt & Uncle from Italy staying with the outlaws until the 3rd of march and are trying to see them as much as possible. Aunt turns 77 on the 2nd and we are all sure this will be their last trip Down Under. We are trying to make as many memorys as possible for the kids. We are taking stacks of photo's and have photo's of cousins DH has not seen since he was young to make copies of. These cousins live 40 minutes away yet none of us would know them if we fell over them in the street! Sad really. DH has decided he wants to catch up with them this year. One is now living in Adelaide so that could be a good meeting....

This week also saw the start of my new Healthy Eating Habbits. We all generally eat well but I think we could try harder :) I am keeping (for myself) a food journal and it is helpfull to see on paper just what you have had for the day.

I going to try and get into some form of routine soon. I need to get things done around here and the adhoc way of doing thigs isnt working. I have 3 great little helpers who for $5 will do just about anything so I guess a wad of $5 notes will see me right....

Must keep moving and get some washing done.... another busy day with Zio & Zia ahead..

xx Nise xx