Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wet Wintery Day

Yep Winter is really here. It is so cold and wet today I am glad I am home.

These are the candle holders I was telling you about Sham... The candles in the wall one are scented it is called peace and they smell yummy. not over powering just nice.

When I go in to lay by the other wall one I might pick up some more candles in a different scent. I have just about used up the ones in it now :)

I am cold sore and a little grumpy today so thats all for now :)

xx Nise xx

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tis me....

Yep tis just little ol me....

Well we are all finally over our colds and flu's (me thinks) AJ was the only one not to get sick just a sniffle or two. I am waiting for it to hit him but I hope it doesn't cause its a doozy!

OK a lot has happened over the last couple of weeks so I will give you the short version....

We FINALLY have our van back :) it looks so good we are thrilled. It was away for 4 nights and 3 1/2 days and I bet if you asked him Col could tell you how many hours and seconds. He missed his baby. The hire van was a load of C$@p and he made sure they knew it when he returned it. The insurance have agreed it was her fault so have sent her the bill including the hire van cost. so with fingers crossed we might get the hire cost back?? not holding the breath on that one.

Work is good for both of us right now. Col is busier than normal as one of the drivers is in Bali for 4 weeks so he and the other remaining driver are picking up the slack. he is still home usually by 4pm so he and the kids get to so the homework thing or whatever.

I have been at Target 1 year. I hate it.... it pays very well and fits (most days) with the kids so I will continue to live with it. I had a late shift today and didn't finish until 4. Col was home early and did the school run and surprised the kids they thought they were walking home alone but he was there so that was cool. Tomorrow is another late shift 5:30 finish. Jake is home tomorrow so he will collect them if Col isn't home. They are all really good together and don't kill each other so we don't feel so bad about them having to be alone for an hour or so.

Last night we left them after dinner while we food shopped it was bliss. Jake is 14 next Thursday and old enough to "Babysit" mind you he gets paid for it!

What else to tell... for those that know of the Coolstore?? well it changed hands 2 weeks ago. Ken has retired. not sure how he will go retiring??? I have never seen the man stop! I have known him my whole life (friend of dads) and he is never idle. WELL I am getting to a point here.... I know the new people that have brought it. They have another fruit shop and market garden on High street road. I have arranged for a part time job for Jake. He is Mr Money and will do almost anything for cash. He cant start just yet he has to wait for then to fully re arrange the store etc first. He is thrilled he can ride his bike to get there etc.

On a sad note :( we have not seen Col's family since Adams birthday (31st May) well we only saw Nita that day the last we saw of Mick was Shan's birthday (26th May) I expect we will see them for Jake's birthday next week??????? We will not go over there if there is a chance we will run into "he who shall not be named"... he has done his dash with me ... well he had along time ago but this is it no more chances. Col can see him if he chooses (which he says he never will) the in laws are welcome here anytime they know that so lets see???

Speaking of in laws..... Mick is 65 on July 4th. After the house is sold he will semi retire. Well that's the plan. They just have to get rid of the vermin running wild at the house first and I don't mean rodents.

Speaking of Rodents we have a new one. well we got her about 3 weeks ago? she was 5 weeks when we got her. We lost Missy a little while back and went to a breeder to pick the new one. We saw her at 2 weeks old and just knew. Her name is Peanut. she is a champagne rat and beautiful. She is Daddys baby! she will not however let anyone but me get her out of her cage. She started jumping tonight. She jumped from Col's shoulder to the floor and started to take off he was quick and stopped her getting eaten by Bobcat.

I am trying to get Col back into his RC cars. He backed off for a while with the new business and all he just didn't have the time. now with winter setting in it will be hard too. I am hoping that during the winter he can paint some bodies? or something ready for spring.

We do have another project on the go.... we are building another car. We did this in 1989/1990 when we built the HJ Monaro and have decided we want to do it again. This time we have a 1988 VN Calais. Yep Col's old car is coming to life as a street machine. We brought another one 2 years ago for parts and have SO many I think we could build 2 cars! We have picked a paint and know exactly what it will look like. Now for the engine... I thought he outdoors would want a thumping V8 but NO he wants to do go with new technology and is looking at a newer commodore at the auctions for the engine.... She indoors isn't impressed! I liked my V8...

Speaking of V8's! We have our tickets lined up for Sandown. I managed to get 3 day passes this year. Cant wait.....I love the smell of racing fuel in the morning.......................

AND if Mark Skaife keeps this good run up I wont divorce him! I have threatened to for 7 months and finally he WON... think I am mad?? yep I am... running joke that Mark Skaife is my second husband when he is winning...... Col keeps asking when he is going to pay child support....

OK nuff for now....

xx Nise xx