Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vintage Sampler by Marg Low

My stitchery purse.. I hunted high and low for the measuring tape binding for the pull cord. I wanted it to have numerals on it somewhere. I am really pleased with how it turned out and amd happy now I spent so much money on the charms. between the 3 (snail,hummingbird & bunny) it cost me $48. I adore the snail and think I might get another one for a Just Nan Biscornu I am working on.

The purse is lined and I think the sewing machine and I are starting to understand one another ;) It went so smoothly I think I am ready to up the anti and make something more complicated.


My stitchery purse..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good morning one and all

Been a while so thought I would say HELLO

Have been busy yet not getting much done if that makes any sense...

I have completed a few jobs that you cant see but I know needed to be done and now have been done Like windows and washing of mattress protectors that sort of thing. So I feel good knowing I have done stuff.

I would love to have more time for my crafts and other indulgences but with a family to care for I am not finding much time for me. Oh well that's what retirement is for hey... I have to keep reminding myself I have 3 kids the youngest 9, a house to run, a business to juggle and my own job that takes me away for 18 3/4 hours a week. If you were to add it all up there isn't much time left.

So in saying that I am off to make a coffee and straighten my hair before heading off to play nice to the public at work.

More soon