Monday, February 1, 2010

Fairy is done

Here she is all done..

She is by Brooke's Book and she is called Spirit of Holiday Giving Angel.

She was a pleasure to stitch and assemble and I now cannot wait to start the other one I have Spirit of Cross Stitch.

Now on to a WIP Another fairy a mid summer nights fairy. I thought I had done more of her than I have. I might have a sit with her this afternoon ;)

Nise xx

Back to school 2010

My Babies.....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Morning all

Have had a productive week and managed to achieve a lot in one area or another :)

Here is my fairy. I still have beading to complete then can start her wings.

As most of you know Monday last week Melbourne's Temperature got up into the 40's I have a kids wading pool and a portable spa. I got them both out and set them up on the front deck. I filled the pool from our water tank and the kids were able to have a splash and cool off. I might add the adults also were able to cool off one the kidlets were finished :)

My Shannon 13 & My AJ 10.

School Holidays on on the downward spiral thankfully. The kids are bored. 6 weeks if one can afford a holiday or endless shopping trips is OK. I have finished all the back to school shopping. They could all do with new school shoes so we might go do that next week.

I am trying to get back onto my diet. I have been behaving but need to knuckle down and get serious again. I had great success before Christmas and have only put 1 kilo back on but can see how quickly that could turn to more. My weakness good coffee with full cream milk several times a day......

On that subject off to make one.... I am restricting myself to 3 a day.... wish me luck ;)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ARGGHHHH I started a post and lost it :( Man I am so peeved....

BASICALLY I was trying to share with you my latest creations....

First one is a key chart I as playing about with the back is a scrap of pint floral I had so I used variegated pink for the key itself.

And here is Brookes Books The Spirit of Giving. I also have the Spirit of Christmas. I do not like the perforated paper very much but I like the end results...

This is the one I am waiting on the beads for. Bet they arrive tomorrow when I am walking out the door for work :)

Off to stitch :)


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello Bloggers it has been a while...

Too much has happened so not even going to try and update you....

BUT I wanted to post a couple of picture... One is our Coral from my local paper

And then there is my Just Nan finish... the ghosts glow in the dark....
And Dragon Rampant for Aj's teacher.... just need to frame him

Ok I am going to TRY and start posting on a more regular basis. I do not have as much on my plate in the new year and "Should" have more time on my hands.

Stay tuned :)


Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello Fellow Blogers

Today is Monday September 21st. My Birthday. Yep 21 again!

School holidays here in Melbourne so have kidlets to entertain for 2 weeks.. The biggest one is out and about with a cousin for a day or so and I am home today and tomorrow so that should make the younger two easier to manage.

I have to try and get in to get my nails done today. They are so long I cant do anything. Typing is particularly hard.....

I am making a cake later with AJ and Shan is helping me later make roast chicken for dinner.

The sun is shining what more can a girl ask for ;)

Have a great day all

Nise (still 21)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here I am alive and well

I am not sure who reads this blog. I do this for me. It is like therapy for me to be able to vent. I do not have the time anymore to sit with a friend and have coffee and chat or catch up so I vent here.


MIL is still at rehab. Doing well just not making rapid improvements. She still needs help with everything from brushing her hair to eating her meals. She is very aware of whats going on and able to chat with you etc but she is vague sometimes. It is called Vascular dementia. She was perfectly normal before the stroke but has dementia now. She is starting to show typical dementia signs aggression, depression moods all over the place. She has also become VERY vocal and has no ability to keep things in. she says exactly what she is thinking and dosnt care who hears. She can appear very rude.

They are still working towards getting her home but not sure how long that will take. Will have to wait and see.

All is well in my camp. The kids are fantastic. Jake has been driving around clocking up hours in his log book. He is doing really well but needs to listen to his mother! Shannon is enjoying high school and finally learning how to deal with those bitchy girls. She is much happier. Adam is still my funny little monkey man. He is doing so well at school this year. I think having a male teacher has made a HUGE difference in him.

I have finished a blanket for MIL in her team Collingwood colors. I hated making it I detest Collingwood. GO Tigers......

I also stitched a bit over the last couple of days. I have not done any for months. I need to make some Christmas ornaments before November so should extract digit.

Ok enough rambling I need to go see what I can create for tea.

Have a good one until next time bye bye