Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year....

4 1/2 hours to go and it's 2009.

I can then say Jake will be 16 this year and in year 10 and will also get his learners permit. Shannon will be 13 this year and starting high school and AJ will be double digits turning 10 and in grade 4. Cool now I feel really old!

We had fun and games here this morning at just after 3:30am. Someone tried to smash the drivers window on the van with rocks. Not sure why? to steal it or something they thought may have been in it? Ran the police who are sending a report. It could be the idiot from across the road who we are waring with? Not sure. BUT $420 later window repaired well almost waiting for it to come in.

Worked today and we were flat out. Mostly returns which I am sure surprises no one. There are so excellent bargains to be had if you have the time and money.

We went to Kmart to get power board and I wanted to check out the outdoor settings. We need a new smallish one for the front deck. We use this area every day and the table and chairs that is there are 10 years old and very weathered. I spotted a nice blue beige stripped set. Small square table and 4 chairs ended up paying $112. for the set. I am sitting at it now with a coffee and my laptop. very comfy chairs.

We are off the the Melbourne Aquarium early tomorrow so tonight wont be a late one. Might just make midnight then off to bed.

DH has set up an infer red camera to watch the cars and has hooked it up to the DVD recorder. If anyone comes back at least we will know if it is the neighbour.

I stitched a bit last night but was busy watching telly and used the wrong DMC so tonight will fix that and finish it off. New project tomorrow for a new year.

Have a good one all


Happy New Year....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to school shopping

Good Morning Today is Tuesday and therefor my RDO.

Today I planned to take the kids to the Dandy market. Shan is looking for a school bag and I need to get some School pants for her. So will see after she wakes if the mood is right??? (grumpy girl of late)

I created an excel spreadsheet this morning of stationary and text books for Jake and Shannon so I am not doubling up at the stationary store. Nothing worse than you are at the other end of the store and need 1 thing from way down the front etc. I don't have much to get really. I already have most of the text books ( I love eBay) and the couple I don't I am watching on eBay and if I don't get them I will just buy them through the school. Anyone who knows me knows I need to be organized. I have payed all the school fees before they finished school so now have little to do. I have a list of Shans uniform and marked off what we need but cant get that til they reopen after the 12th.

We also need to look for School shoes.... now this could be fun she has NEVER had school shoes ;)

AJ has a very wobbly tooth this morning and is nagging me to pull it out. It isnt that ready! He wants raw carrot for breakfast. I think he wants it gone.

Jake stayed at Nana's last night. He is bored. Nothing for him to do there but Nana might go to shops and Jake has money to burn. I did offer to take him to the market with us but he wants to go to Knox city and I am NOT going there on my day off. I am there every other day. Sorry Jake.

We are planning a trip in to the City on Thursday to the Melbourne Aquarium. We are all home ( new years day) and it doesn't matter what the weather is like we can still go. Considering we are in mid summer and it is cool and rainy I am being cautious with what I plan.

We also would like to do a beach trip at some stage. Perhaps fish and chips on a pier somewhere.
I know DH has nominated us to take Zio and Zia to the Mornington Cemetery to see Erminios grave so perhaps we can take them out to lunch that day?

Ok need to make a bed or two and hang some washing up. Was going to hang a load on the line but me thinks now its raining it might get a ride in the drier.

Have a good Tuesday.


Monday, December 29, 2008

I dont give a fat rats clacker!

Who if anyone reads my blog. I do this for me and if someone stumbles across it great. I am over worrying that no one replies so there !

Yes I am in a mood. I HATE Christmas and am so glad it's OVER. I am planning to hold our own private Christmas here for my DH and our kids and blow anyone else if we argue it's our business and bugger the rest of ya!

Christmas eve was fantastic at my mums house and we had a blast. can not say the same for Christmas day at the in laws. Food was cold and covered in flies a child was peeing all over the place and apparently that was funny? It was good to catch up with Alma & Bert from Italy but a god dammed shame my husbands family cant shut their mouths and enjoy good company. By 7pm the Italian family were packing their bags and were gone by 9:30.

Do not even know where they are now. Spoke to them Saturday afternoon and arranged a visit for next Saturday but they are not sure where they will be and will have to let us know. Sad just very sad.

On a light note we brought a new 3ft fish tank complete with cabinet and hood. We are in the process of staining it before assembeling. We are planning a trip to the Aquarium on Thursday ( new years day) to look at all the pretty fish so might come home with some set up ideas?

Have not been stitching have been too grumpy to think about that. I want/need to but just cant relax enough to concentrate.

I was going to take the kids to the Dandenong market tomorrow but will see what mood they are in in the morning.

Off to stir the pasta sauce I am making for dinner.



Monday, December 8, 2008

Well it may only be the 8th of December but man has it gone fast. Lots to get done in December...

This is how my month is shaping up.

worked first few days then got sick. Had Thursday and Friday off last week and generally vegged. Did not feel like doing ANYTHING that was not essential. Then the weekend came and went too fast but I did manage to get on top of chores.

Tonight we went to watch Jake play guitar at his school for the year 9 end of year final fling if you like. He was fantastic of course.

He's the one in yellow. He has been accepted into a private guitar school. Costs a small fortune hard to get into limited places. We have been on the waiting list 3 years. His reward will be a new guitar (after Christmas).

Tomorrow (9th) Shannon has orientation at high school. Need to drop AJ at Grans so she can take him to school then I can take Jake and Shan to high school then back at 3 to collect them both. Roast Lamb tomorrow night for tea YUM.

Then we need to look for shoes and a jacket for Shan's graduation which is on the 15th. So that will be this weekends shopping trip.

Paid school fees etc Friday so am somewhat poorer until Mr Rudds stimulus package come through. For me not until the 18th :(

Uncle and Aunt arrive Monday from Italy for 3 months. Wont see then until the weekend.

Have given Jake Wednesday off school to look for a part time job over Christmas so must remember to help him with Resume.

Jake finishes school Wednesday next week. Shan and AJ don't finish until the 19th. I have booked an early shift at work that day so I can be at Shan's last assembly. Being a captain she has to make a speech so I really want to be there for that.

Working right up until Christmas eve. Then back the Monday after so will have to plan baby sitting etc around Colin and myself.

Have pretty much finished the Christmas shopping just need a few stocking fillers and a mulcher for the in laws.

So that's pretty much my December.

Monday, November 17, 2008

This is what I finished Saturday. I still need to sew the giggle buttons on but it is done. I am going to sew it into a door hanger for Shannon's room.

Yesterday I started part 9 of the EMS sampler. I sort of lost interest in it for a while there but am enjoying it now. I don't see the point in stitching something you don't enjoy stitching.

Worked this morning and found out my hours are all changing. Not sure exactly to what yet but apparently I am not having Tuesdays off after the 22 of the month. I have enjoyed my day home but if there is work I would rather be doing that.

Have had to bail out of the March GTG with my stitchy 123 friends. I am guessing I have done my deposit. Will have to check. DH's Family will be here from Italy and they have plans that out weigh mine so there ya go.

Until next time take care.

Monday, November 10, 2008

This is a Wichelt Imports freebie I found yesterday and decided was perfect for trying my new silk. Might stitch it into a fob? or ornament not sure yet. It's actually called Fall Leaves which I can kinda see but thought it was more like a snowflake.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here it is the finished Enchanted Alphabet. Will take it to the framers at some stage this week. I have a couple of things to frame so need to put the thinking cap on as to how I want them done.

As many of you know I want to stitch Emma's Garden. Getting the fabric is the tricky bit. SO yesterday I had a play. I brought some lugana and some dye and had a go. Here is how it turned out.

Looks sort of yellowish in real life. Not sure if I am going to use either of them yet? Used bleach as the chart instructions say to to get the lighter shaded along the top. Not happy with the bleach I worry about it rotting.

Tonight I am going to play with some Silk I picked up at lincraft. Just a cheapy but it is something different. I thought I might do a small Christmas ornament. Have not decided really will see what happens when I get a few charts out.

I also hit Officeworks yesterday and picked up yet another usb stick (that makes 4 I think?) I wanted to blow up some stitchery charts to make a wall hanging while I was there and ended up starting that project last night. I am hopeless at one project at a time.

Ok short and sweet off to put away the Enchanted Alphabet stash and tidy up my stitching table.

WIP's too numerous to list lol....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is where I am at on the Enchanted Alphabet. I plan on stitching on this today after the chores are done.

I am going for a walk this morning with my mum. We are walking to the new country craft shop at the bottom of the road then we might head off for a quick coffee before I head home. I don't see nearly as much of her as I should and am trying to make the effort. It is so easy just to shut the door and do your own thing.

We went to a rock and roll tribute night Saturday night in Pakenham. It was Elvis,Johny O'Keefe,Roy Orbison and Dusty Springfield. Was a good night and there were 10 of us and it was nice to have a laugh and a dance and not worry about the kids who were at my sisters house being watched by my niece. Thank you Lauren your a doll.

Did have a run in with a kangaroo on the way home luckily no big damage. Thank you Dad for always telling me to watch for roos and what to do if one jumps out at you. I am sure thats what saved us.

Ok off to make hay while the sun is shining (hang washing).

Miss you dad xx

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The new Quilt cover set DH decided we just had to have and I must say it look s amazing on the bed. I couldn't get the small pillow in the store so have ordered it through their shop at home service and they will post it to me. I have never really gone for red before but it looks nice so there ya go.

Ok just a quickie for today Off to stitch for a bit while its quiet ;)


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

T is for Too much Ebay

Hello again form the queen of ebay or so I have been crowned in this house.

I figure if I can find stuff we require on ebay at better than store prices then it's worth doing right? I am sure you know what I mean. We live on a budget and often have to re think purchases to fit the budget. BUT since I have been activly ebaying I have been able to get things we would normally not be able to have soI figure its a good thing.

The Rose Gold bangle came and it's beautiful I had it checked and it is 24 c rose gold. so for $11.50 it was definatly a bargain. I am still waiting for the memory card for Jakes phone GGRRRR I emailed the seller who appologised as in Hong Kong they are an a 7 day public holday so he is posting it today. We are also still waiting for the digital camera. Issues with stock blah blah blah so no idea when that arrives. I am also waiting on a new pair of converse Chuck Taylors I won for Shannon. $80 in stores I got them including shipping for $45. I am now hunting a pair of air force ones for Jake. They are $160 in stores the cheapest I have found them on ebay is $90 but we can get them for that at the Dandenong market so might just go look there again and see what happens.

In other Mazzan news....

We have moved the in laws. not going to discuss it cause I am still having nightmares! Saturday main moving day.... She went shopping he drank beer and leant againts a box all day and everyone else did the rest. Enough said.

Colin has decided to play handy man and is renovating the in laws bedroom and bathrooms amongst other things. He installed a new clothes line Sunday and that was a hoot. Have photo's on my phone need to work out how to get them off.

Saturday night we are off to a show with my sister,BIL,Mum,Aunt and some other friends of my sisters. It is a tribute show with 4 impersonaters. Elvis, Roy Orbison, Dusty Springfield and Johnny O'Keefe. Sounds like a good night I think.

Ok off to get some chores done before Colin takes me to lunch.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today is Thursday

I am home today and just can not seem to get going.

I am taking Adam & Shannon to see Wall-e at 10 so should move and get some washing out before we go. I made this name tag for the GTG in March. I need to go buy some interfacing to iron onto the back before I cut it and put it in a holder.
Bit worried it might fray?

I need to get a tassel today for another project so might risk it and take the kids to spotlight. I know i must be crazy right.

Not sure what I am going to stitch next. I might do a bit more on my Enchanted Alphabet next and try and get it done. I do have some Christmas stuff I would like to stitch but just can not get into that yet.

Went to see the in laws new house last night and man am I surprised. it is a very nice house but so not like anything they have brought before. In saying that I mean it is below their usual standards. This place you could consider a dump and I think there is too much work to be done for them at their age. Both DH and I are more than a little worried I can tell you that much.

Well best go get a load hung and another on it isn't going to do itself it would seem. I have waited over night and it's all still sitting there.

Waiting on 3 deliveries today.. Memory card for Jake's phone, Rose Gold Bangle I won on Ebay for $11.50! and a new digital camera DH decided I needed. I like when they want something it becomes someone elses need to justify it's purchase.... I think DH might need some new woman's clothes (in my size of course) oh and perhaps that new rug for under the PC desk....

Have a good one all


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hey Hey it's Saturday

Evening all....

Been a while since I posted I have been a little busy with one thing and another. Life in general I guess.

Not much really to report. We have had everything from health scares to fantastic school reports and everything in between.

Today was a glorious sunny day, a little windy but beautiful. I threw the doors open and aired the house and had a general cleaning day. Colin did the lawns and then serviced his van. We both spent some time on the pool changing the filter and vacuuming it etc getting it ready for the summer ahead. It is still murky but with the new filter it should look clearer in a couple of days.

Tonight I have my niece Riah staying over. She stayed last night and wanted to stay another. The girls have spent the day picnicking at the Arboretum and rolling down it's hills. They were on a high and have now crashed and are watching a movie and I am sure will nod off before it's finished.

Jake is staying over at Nanna and Pop's and is helping them clean out their sheds before there big move. He's a good boy and loves spending time with them. We will head over tomorrow and lend a hand.

On the stitching front I have a stack in the to do pile and will one day get around to it all. I have a couple of WIP's happening EMS sampler and Enchanted Alphabet. I am trying so hard NOT to start anything else. I have a couple of smallish things I would like to do and I would love to get started on somen stuff for the 123 GTG in March.

I am looking for a local craft/stitching group to join to get me out of the house perhaps a night a week. I must call the community house thats where I went last time and I had a ball.

Chat soon...


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Friday, July 4, 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hey Hey It's Saturday....


Been a while I know. Been kinda busy. You know will all and nothing.

School holidays have started here in Victoria so that means I get some time off. Only a few days but enough to maybe catch up on some things I have wanted to do but just never have time. Like washing out the fridge now theres one thats been bugging me.

Off to get my nails done this morning then over to the in laws to remove a potbelly from the garage. They have sold their home and we claimed the potbelly so need to go get it and fix the small hole in the roof. The brother in law and his girlfriend that were living in the shed moved a week ago and mother in law wants the heating gone before they can move back ;)

Apart from that a quiet weekend I feel. We are all getting yet another cold so might take the opportunity to rug up and watch some DVD's. I have been collecting cheap DVDs for watching over winter both for the kids and us.

Some other news.... We now have his and her laptops. cheesy hey. I purchased a new program for my laptop and it wouldn't run it. Not enough memory. On further investigation the memory isnt cheap. while making phone calls I found a rather good deal on a laptop and Col went and got it for me for my Birthday (yes the big one but not till September so I am still in my 30's!). We decided it was so good and reasonable price we went back Monday and got another one for Col. Now picture this..... the 2 of us in our matching recliners laid back both using laptops and listening to Pink Floyd's dark side of the moon in surround sound. I must get a photo.

Ok off to make some coffee.

Until next time Stay safe


Monday, June 16, 2008

Shan and her new friend

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You guessed it it is Tuesday!

I could write a book Tuesdays with Denise!

Not much has happened since I was here last... I did post some pics of Jake last week they are his year 7,8 & 9 school photo's the tiny one was year 7 the freaky hair is this year so the normalish one was last year or year 8. The other kids get their photo's done on the 16th so will post them when they arrive.

I had Riah over the weekend and she and Shan had a ball. We took them to the market Sunday and they just had fun hanging out. They chat all the time but dont often get to physically be together.
We are going to try and do it more often.

Nadine and I took Mum out for dinner Saturday night for mothers day. Nean wont make it up on the day so while she was up we made the most of it.

I plan to spend today catching up on those chores you just never get time for you know the base boards the cobwebs that sort of thing. I manage to get the essential stuff done but the little bits are bugging me. I really want to clean the windows too so might do that before I shower.

So a boring week really but there you go.

Monday is council collection so we are going to have a clean up over the weekend to ditch the rubbish that builds up that you never get rid of. We are clearing out the garage too we are ordering a little shed to go in the big shed so Col can have a dry office. it is crazy every time we get rain he gets flooded. So I guess I am in for a busy weekend.

Stay safe all and until next Tuesday ciao


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wet and soggy Sunday

It isn't raining at the moment but it rained the better part of the night. We really do need this rain so am not going to whine about it. The air is finally clear and you can breath air not just the smoke from the back burning in the mountains. For the better part of 2 weeks we have been covered in a haze of smoke. It looks like smog all day long but you can smell the smoke and the dark ash settles on everything. My white car is currently streaky charcoal.

I have been trying to get stuck into some stitching. Every time I try I get interrupted or side tracked. Last night I planned a night of specialty stitches and then discovered Harry potter was on and the kids wanted to watch it so it was 10:30 before they were all in bed and I could think straight. I stitched till a little after 1 but was so tired I had to go to bed then I spotted my new library book and read till 2:30. So today I am tired and will probably want to hit the hay early :)

We had some mongrel kick our letter box to bits Friday night so yesterday went to bunnings and picked up a new one. I love bunnings.... We also got a stack of storage tubs for the shed. We want to get everything into tubs before the real wet weather comes. That shed leaks like a sieve and we figure this is the best form of protection. We are also moving Col's office out there from the low corner to the high corner. We have not done this before as it means not being able to get a car in there if we need to but we think we have measured it all out so we can just fit the car if needed.

I caved yesterday and let shannon get a mouse. She has named her Katie. I did not mind the mouse so much as the cost of the cage,bedding water bottle and food. We managed to get a cage at clints for $13 and the mouse and all its "stuff" came in under $35. Shan panicked late yesterday when she couldn't find her and thought she had escaped the cage. We searched everywhere and I found her asleep in her house in her cage. Shan forgot to look there! blonde moment or what.

Well Off to get the tribe ready we are off to the market this morning. We need some ink for the PC and blank dvd's I might even get to look at some stuff for me today!

Have a good one


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am posting so it must be Tuesday!

A day home for me today. I have some recording to do. I am sure the new foxtel box is on the fritz so want to record to DVD everything I have on the hardrive before I call foxtel and they re set the box. I am not sure there are enough hours in today to get it all done but will have a go.

not much else happening... we did buy a mulcher on Friday and spent the weekend mulching :) Not much let in the garden but we have lots of compost... We wanted to have a good out door clean up before winter sets in. Everything here has been planted without much thought as to how it grows etc. It is looking a lot tidier but we still have a few things to do before i am happy.

Sunday Col checked the brakes on the merc and found the front had all but gone so i made some calls and found a set and by 3pm the van had new brakes. I am so lucky to have a man able to do these sorts of things himself.

The boys have the dentist tonight. Aj needs a tiny filling and Jakes seals need to be redone his teeth have come down since they were done last and they need touching up. None of it is huge but the appointment is right on tea time.

We tried to get into a place at Echuca for the weekend but have left our run too late and they are booked out :( we can get accommodation but we like this place. She has a vacancy late may so we may take that. I wanted to go this weekend. it would have been dads 76th birthday next Wednesday and I wanted to visit him. Not to worry a couple of weeks wont matter.

Best get moving I want to get some stitching done today. I have some tricky stitches to do and need to concentrate which I cant do with the family home :)

Have a good week see you next Tuesday .


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What is it about Tuesdays?

I know its my day off but it seems to be the only day I get here to post.

Not a lot to report this week. A quiet one which isn't bad I must say.

The new PC is fantastic. it is not only looks nice it actually functions! I am still looking for my office discs so i can put word and excel on but apart from that all is well. I must say I do not really like the keyboard I chose. I am sure I will get used to it but the keys feel HUGE.

I have been trying to stitch but keep getting side tracked or find myself not in the mood. I am working on a piece that requires concentration and at the moment I have very little of that :)
I am hoping today I will get some time to do the fidley bits while I am home alone.

We were out on Saturday and found a sale at our local go lo store. Not really needing anything we wandered in for a look and I got a 3L slow cooker for $18. I got mum one as well she was thrilled. I have not used it yet but mum has and said it was great. I might make some soup in it today?

I have been asked to look at changing some of my shifts at work. I have been lucky and have all school hour shifts. Some of the new shifts are late starts and late finishes. It will mean the kids ar home for an hour on their own if Col isn't home ( which he usually is or at least isn't far off at that time) I am thinking about it. It would give me an hour and a half ish at home in the mornings after the kids go. I could do a lot in that time. I will chat to Col about it and see what happens.

Ok need to get ready I am meeting a fellow stitchy friend for coffee at 10 so should really get ready and perhaps chuck a load of laundry on before I go.

Chat soon


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Guess What I got today???

A new PC!

Ours was not playing nice so we decided it was time to update. We picked it up late this afternoon and have been installing all our software etc since.

Finally it is all mine for the next hour so I can update all mu bookmarks etc.

The only thing not new is the monitor. Ours is fine so I did not see the need to waste money on something still working. Besides we are still looking for a lounge suite so any spare cash needs to go there.

Had news today My much loved Uncle is heading west. He has taken a job driving a road train at one of the western Australian mines. His wife will stay here and he will commute between shifts. He is no spring chicken but has worked out if he can do this for 3 years they can both retire. Well worth it he thinks. only problem he hates the heat so sorry Michael not thinking you will last.

In other news... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL! 18 today. I remember the day you were born very clearly. a couple of weeks of pre apprenticeship and it's there real world for you. Good luck on the driving test!

What else to tell.... Shannon has a friend coming for the weekend from Queensland. They met in kinder and Emily moved to Queensland a few years ago. this will be her second trip back and Shannon can not wait to see her. I do not think much sleep will be had.

Jake has his own tax file number. He is legally able to work but not many hire before they turn 15 which is only weeks away so he will have to wait. He desperately wants money to build a new bike. He knows he has to earn it so is keen to get a job. We will see how long that lasts hey.

AJ is AJ. he is doing well at school. He has started wanting to go to the library and get extra books to read. Last visit was a book on trains aussie bites book and a mad magazine. I do not care what he reads as long as he is happy to read. He has no interest in going outside to play he would rather hang at home and read or play games. He does like playing in the backyard with Shannon but thats about it.

Well enough from me I am tired and I have work tomorrow.

Today was my day off and I took my mum to the Dandenong Market. took her granny shopping jeep and had a ball. we filled it and I think we could have filled it over again if we had our way. I brought up on veggies I can freeze so spent the afternoon blanching and freezing. I now have enough frozen veg for 2 months.

Take it easy all

Night from me

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just for Sham

There ya go Char I did it just for you :)


Monday, March 24, 2008

I got a bike!`

How crazy am I...

DH and I decided to go crazy and we brought each other push bikes. After the first ride I took a word of advise from a good friend and went and got a good gel seat. My butt is still sore.

We are planning a ride tonight. I think we might just go up to the school so DS#2 can have a go. He is still learning to ride and I think the bike track is a bit too much for him.

Not a lot else happening here. We had a quiet easter and I have the rest of this week off so I am in no hurry to do anything really.

School holidays are happening here right now so I have my 3 darlings home too ;)

Have been stitching a little bit but not heaps. I have had a sore back and can not sit in my stupid crappy old chair for too long so end up going to bed early and reading which isn't a bad thing but I want to stitch. The kids have all been told normal bedtimes tonight and I might try stitching in the PC chair it is way more comfortable. We have been cruising the junk mail for a good lounge suite deal but need to save some more money first. What I want isn't in the budget pages put it that way.

Dinner is on and I think I might go sort out something to stitch tonight.

The weather is turning here and we are expecting rain all week. It is a little overcast now and rained for all of 5 minutes earlier but we really need a good heavy rain. The lawns are dead and I am saving all the abth wather for the plants but am tired like you all are I guess of trips from the bathroom to the garden. The weather man said we should get a thunder storm tonight but I am not holding my breath. I wish we did I love thunder storms.

Stay safe all

Charmaine it is good to see you back online...


Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm SO excited

Because I got a dishwasher!

Not very thrilling to some BUT to me it is HUGE. I have wanted one for years but there has always been something more important but yesterday we decided what the heck and went out and got one. She is beautiful. She is shiny stainless steel. I would have settled for white but what a shame they did not have any in stock to take there and then so Stainless it was.

I have only done 2 loads in her but so far she is a beaut.

Apart from that not a lot happening here. We are on a mission to have a mega pre winter clean up. Both in doors and out. We have been busy bees cleaning and throwing. I just keep coming home with stuff... I got a rice cooker on Friday at one of the electrical shops we went to on the great dishwasher hunt for $19. so Friday night was fried rice for tea. I also snagged a sandwich press for $27 down from $59 we love the toasties and foccacias.

I am home Tuesday so plan a kitchen revamp to get rid of junk and make room for the new appliances. I brought some fabric for new kitchen valances so might even get energetic and make those too.

Not going away for the long weekend next week. I am working Monday morning and it is my nieces 17th birthday Saturday so we going there Sunday for a BBQ lunch.

Best keep moving I need to figure out something for dinner. Toasties and rice? LOL

Have a good one all


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One day and counting...

Until the kiddies are back at school.

Tomorrow is D Day! I have enjoyed having them home but they are bored and ready to go back. I have also enjoyed the break from routine. It has been nice not having to do the lunches and drive them to school etc.

Well this year Jake is in year 9 and has decided on one of three career possibilities Electrician,Plumber or landscape gardener. The school do careers counseling so fingers crossed he finds what he wants to do and works towards it.

Shan is grade 6 and excited to go as she will get her Vice captain badge and grade 6 jumper. She is usually nervous about starting school but this year can not wait. AJ will be in grade 3. He has missed his friends and will be cheesed off about having to get up early but will be happy once he is there.

We had a disaster of a weekend away and came home a day early. All I will say is you can pick your friends but not your family.....What a shame.

Not sure where we will ride the bikes now but it wont be at ST Arnaud for a while. Might look at selling them and buying a jet ski and heading back to Echuca.

I am home tomorrow I took the day off so I could take them all to school. I am looking forward to some time at home alone. I have not had a day home alone since November. I would like to clean up etc but will more likely Veg....

Best away and make sure these kids know where their school uniforms are.

Have a good week all...


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More finishes

some of my recent finishes... Sorry Swirly snow is upside down :) I have all this stuff i have stitched over the years sitting in a suitcase waiting to have something done to them. So I decided it was time to pull my finger out and make some of them into something. I needed a new bag to store my shopping bags and had a pack of tea towels so perfect a couple of bag bags. I will finish off some more christmas stuff and put it away for the festive season. We also do christmas in July so can use some then.

I just found some more in the case I wouldn't mind hanging so need to either buy frames or make some way to hang them. I am off shortly to a discount shop so will see what frames they have and then make up my mind.

I might make another bag bag to take to St Arnaud on the weekend we end up with the bags everywhere and I am sure it would not go astray.

I am starting a quilt square project today. I have not done a charity square in ages and have a really cute design picked out. I am itching to get going on it so no doubt wont get a chance and will get side tracked.

I also found out today that I can get a case for my car alarm fob from holden for for $18. Mine is broken and brittle. It works I just need to remember to take it when I go out as it isn't attached to my keys anymore. I rang holden last year and was told I needed to buy a complete unit at $98 plus a programing fee. I had decided today to do that when the guy tells me I can just get the case. I guess it depends who ya talk to hey.

Ok off to do stuff that needs doing


Monday, January 21, 2008

One week or there abouts to go...

Until school is back :)

Now I do not mind them all being home (really I don't) but I think they are bored. I think they would be better to go back mid January and have an extra week here and there through the year?

Not a lot planned for today. I am home all this week and do need to get the school stuff ready but am not thinking about that today. I need to buy 1 text book and 2 work books and some stationary so can do that anytime.

Jake also needs a new backpack so I am sure that will mean a trip to Knox City and a look in every trendy store to find he right one. I managed to get a good one last year that lasted all year from Target and I am think he wants another one if I can get it? will have to go look.

Managed to finish 2 cross stitch projects and a no sew throw this week. Once Jake tells me how to fix the camera I will upload photo's. I really like the throw. I made a Thomas the tank one for AJ but now the other kids want one too. I will have to go look and see what fabric I can get thats suitable.

We are off to St Arnaud this weekend. Not sure if we will go Friday or Saturday? Saturday is warm but showers so may not go till then so we can pitch the tent after the rain. Although I am home Friday and can have everything packed for when Col comes home and we could be there in time for dinner. Will wait and see what the weather is doing. Even if we are packed and ready to go Friday night we could get going early Saturday morning. I am taking a "project" this time. There isn't much to do there and one gets a little bored so I thought I might teach Shannon to stitch while we have time with no interruptions. She is very keen to learn just either plays dumb or well you know....

I am not sure what my next project will be but I am feeling something country? maybe some stitchery tea towels? I have a stack I could do or I have some fruit crate label towels too I might have a go at.

OK off to put some washing away while all are asleep. my room looks like a bomb went off. We tend to shove stuff in there and shut the door and deal with it later. Well today is that later! I did some sorting in there the other day so it isn't too bad just need to buy some of those clear boxes with lids to store stuff so they can all stack and look neat. I have some but need more. maybe I could do that today?

Have a good one and see you all next time


Monday, January 14, 2008

Dont ya just love school holidays????

Well the kids are bored out of their brains and I think they are ready to go back to school!

They have been really good at entertaining themselves this past week and a bit cause we lost the Foxtel (the hard drive blew up and they are coming tomorrow to replace it) Then the phone line went ballistic and we could not use the phone line for a few days that included the internet. SO the kids couldn't watch TV or phone a friend or use the internet!

Now I use Telstra for all of these services and you can bet they will know the meaning of compensation when I am done with them.

The week ahead is fun packed too....

Monday : (today) general chores need to be done this morning then off to visit DH's aunt for arvo tea. We do this often I usually bring muffins or a bun??? BUT now she is on a no wheat no gluten diet I have to get creative... I am thinking fresh fruit. Then home to make dinner and hopefully a quiet night.

Tuesday: Col's van is booked in to the speedo looked at so a day off for him. We are making the most of it and have booked ourselves in to the chiro we like in Cranbourne. He dosnt do weekends or after hours so is hard to get to when he isn't just around the corner. We also have foxtel and Telstra coming to fix the foxtel box and fix the lines they think are at fault for the phone.

Wednesday: Work for me... The kids are all at my mums takeaway for dinner

Thursday: Work again for me *SIGH* kids at mum's again not sure whats for dinner depends on weather BBQ perhaps?Oh and it's food shopping day too cant forget that.

Friday: last day at work for me until the kids are back at school. Kids are at mum's again poor woman will be ready for that massage I have paid for as a thank you! dinner will be what ever falls out of the freezer :)

Not sure whats happening this weekend. Have some general stuff that need doing outside so might get into that?

Thats about it for me I need to go shower and get the coolstore to some fresh fruit and make a platter.

Stay safe


Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year

First post for the new year....

Have been a little busy. Have been working and just general life really.

Had the crapest if thats a word day today. Work was great got to work in a different department and learnt some new stuff that was very useful. I like learning new things. I think I am just a little out of control and need to bring myself back to center. With the school holidays and trying to make sure everyone has some where to go and something to do etc. Jake has been pushing my buttons big time. He prefers to stay home than go to Gran's or Nannas. Thats ok he just plays PC PS2 or whatever. He has become very social and has lots of mates which is great but they always want to either be here (in our small house) or Jake wants me to run him here or there. in the last week here is a sample... New Years Eve he has his cousin stay over as the cousin would prefer to stay here than go with his parents to a party. He ended up staying until Wednesday. They wanted to go to the local pool right when I was helping Col do some stuff and 2 hours before tea. I dropped everything gave then the $$$ and took them to be told the pool shut at 6 and could I pick them up then. Jake has one night home moaning he is bored... Thursday comes.... I get Can Brad come over to sleep tonight... I would rather not have sleep overs when I have to get up and go to work the next day but agreed. Brad turns up while we are eating dinner. the par then inform me they would like to go to Knox with me this morning so they can just look about. I agree. They then said they would get the bus home. Jake hit me up for $$$ for a new jumper (he did need one so I agreed) then I find out they have called Nanna to pick them up who took them back to her house for lunch then ran them home here after.THEN they ask if Jake can go stay at Brads. OK. Jake cant go until after 6 as Brads folks wont be home till then. Jake makes an early tea so he can go ASAP. Jake starts to ride to Brads gets half way and comes back cause he had a call that he cant stay unless he can go with them to the pictures tomorrow. so either had to stay home OR get $$$ for movies. I direct deposited cash into his account and sent him on his way. THEN he says he will be late and can I drive him half way and he would ride the rest. As we are getting ready to go AJ drops his bowl of noodles! Noodles and noodle juice all over the floor not to mention the broken bowl ARGGHHHH I get Jake to meeting place to meet Brad. They ride off ;)

come home noodles and bowl clean up on isle 12 then grumpy mummy too stressed to do much else...NOW if I still have you reading at this point get this! Our new tent came today so we have also nutted the chinglish out to erect that it took 2 hours and we were ready to put a match to it! but its all good. it look great and very big so tickled at my $22. ebay bargain.

Now apart from all this... Wednesday AJ ad Shan went to mums while I worked so had to get them there mega early so I wasnt late. Thursday AJ went to Nannas and Shan went to a friends so had to leave mega early to drive what felt like a million k's to deliver everyone. Then today Aj went to mums and Shan went there but was collected to go to a friends. Now just remember I had to collect them all from there various places in the afternoons too. Apart from AJ yesterday Col did that on his way home.

in there I also managed the food shopping (well most of it I still need to go get meat) and I remembered to pay the bills!

tomorrow I have Jake and Brad back to sleep in the new tent and heaven knows what other mates???? I also need to get that meat and perhaps some fresh vegies.

I am now tired and worn out and need a nap and think I should have a holiday....

It is 10:53pm and I am about to hang a load of washing (3rd for the night) so it will be all dry in the morning and I dont have to hang it out in the sun and get too hot :)

Those are my ramblings for today and I have had my rant.

Once again Happy NEW Year.