Thursday, April 16, 2009

Morning all...

The day went well and was generally a good day.

It was nice to catch up with the ladies I work with. We have become close. Well some of us have ;)

I was thrilled to find out the one of the ladies who has spent over $50k on IVF is finally pregnant. She has a scan next Friday to see how many babies there are. This was her last attempt as no more eggs and last year she had her ovaries removed. I was crying with her as she told me. worst part I couldn't tell anyone cause she has only told a select few she works closely with. She is 9 weeks and due in Mid November. Straight after work I went to Lincraft and got some baby wool and have started a baby set then thought CRAP what if there are more than one baby so I am going back today to get more wool just in case :)

The kids were OK at Grans yesterday. Shan hated it but AJ was ok. They are going back today but at lunch time. They can have the morning here MSNing etc then wander down for lunch.

Yes Sham thats the tea room and I can't wait to take you. I am getting VERY excited.

Ok off to straighten the hair (looks like a birch broom in a fit) then off to work.

OH sold some stuff on Ebay... 2 Auctions actually. One I have listed as posted etc but keep getting emails where is it. Mind you the auction ended Easter Monday and I posted Tuesday. She is in far north Queensland. I have listed the item as shipped and replyed to her emails. This could be fun. The other was a pattern I charged $4 postage. I got a padded bag etc and it cost me around $3 I guess in the end to post and she is whining about the cost of postage. I did explain the postage price was listed etc but she left good feedback. I am not sure I like Ebay now. Too stressful.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wasting time til I have to leave for work...

I have had 11 days away from that place and am not really looking forward to going back. I know if I left it any longer I wouldn't want to go back so it is probably a good thing that I go back today.

I have achieved a l lot while on holidays. I managed to complete a few projects that were hanging about and I even cleaned the house and caught up on the laundry. Dishwasher,Washing machine & drier worked their little hearts out while I stitched. Perfect I thought.

I am hopeful of some good news from work today. I need to change my hours (school run conflicts) and am finding out today whats happening. Will be better for me but no sure if they could wangle what I need. Will soon see I guess.

Not sure what is on for the weekend ahead. all depends on weather and kids commitments. I wouldn't mind a drive in the hills for arvo tea at some stage. last time we went up we found the cutest little tea rooms and they were such nice people that I can't wait to get back there.

Ok wastd enough time rabbiting on.... Wish me luck!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is what I have been up to. I got a pattern from a Handmade Magazine and fiddled with it and made a "thing" for my chair to hold my stitching stuff. The sewing machine and I made friends over this one I can tell you.

The I love Cross Stitch was from the online magazine The Gift of Stitching. It was a back issue (#30) and I t was fun to stitch. I added the hand painted button instead of a stitched heart. I am going to figure out how to finish/frame it today. The Bisconu is a Just Nan design I stitched a few years ago and stumbled across in my pile of finish of somedays. I decided to make it up into a Biscornu. These little Just Nans are the perfect size for them. I have several of these in the to do folder.

I also finished the 2008 EMS sampler but have not taken a pic yet. You all know what that one looks like anyway.

I am stitching a Strawberry Emery today. It is also from The Gift of Stitching Mag. Not a bad little Magazine that one.


I got this yesterday in a cute little Stitchy store in Lilydale. I also got the charm (needed them for various projects) and the Enamel embellishments are for the Marg Low purse. They were just so cute I had to have them.

I can't for the love of me recall what I need the Acorn or the pear for but it was on my list of get when you see things. I am sure it will come to me. I have a box full off buttons and charms and I will keep them separate in there until I remember what they were for. I know the Peacock is for a Just Nan project and the others could be too. I lover her stuff.

Quiet day here today. I am just back from taking my car in to get the Auto serviced. I have ahd the car 3 years and never had it done. We have donated the car to Jake and I want it to be safe etc. We are not going to get a new car until the new year he wont be 18 for a while so I can still drive it etc. He has already saved and got a new stereo and speakers and has half the money
for a new paint job. Mind you it dosnt need one but he dosnt want a white car. What would I know I am only the mother.

Feeling like I am getting a sore throat today. always the way on holidays and bang get something. I am well stocked with throat lollies etc so might go start sucking them.

Bye for now

Monday, April 6, 2009

Morning all from a sunny but wet FernTree Gully.

2 outta 3 kids are still sleeping so I am trying not to make too much noise and enjoy a bit of quiet PC time. Once the holidays hit I struggle to get near this thing.

I have been rather productive and finished a few projects. I have felt overwhelmed and over committed of late and always feeling like I should be doing something.
Here is some of what I have needed/wanted to do and have done

* De cluttered house and got it ready for winter. managed to throw away 2 cubic meters of junk.

* Got the boys new beds and re did their room. Sorted bags of Jake's old clothes that I had kept for
AJ and tossed what ever yukky boy stuff in there that shouldn't have been. Smells much better.

* Re did Shannon's room Got her a new bed side table and matching desk. Got rid of the baby toys and made her room a teenagers room. Much nicer. Got her an Electric oil burner so she can have nice smells. She is currently burning a Chocolate melt from Dusk. smells like real chocolate I might add.

* Finished sorting My room. My bedroom seems to be the one stuff gets dumped in when it has no home. I sorted it all out and decided we needed a new bed suite. We went shopping and found the one we want but they only had the display which was damaged. They are trying to locate another or see if they can get the display repaired. It is a bed (head and end) bedside tables and a tallboy type thing with a mirror. I will be going down there this week so will try and get a photo of the display. I even managed to get new bedside lamps yesterday I think will go. The base may be too light but DH can fix that. I like the shape etc and the shade.

* finished a stitched quilt square for a friendship quilt.

* finished 3 or 4 small stitchy projects I had started. Need a small ornament frame for one so might his spotlight today for that (they have a sale on anyways).

* cleaned the kitchen including inside the cupboards. tossed old containers etc without lids. Can open now without fear of losing a limb from falling junk.

* made peace with the sewing machine!

The list could go ON forever but i am sure you get the idea. I feel a lot more in control.

Anywho I am going to find my coffee maker and put ona pot. I am then going to have a sit about for a while and stitch until the tribe rise, Then I might take then out to lunch.

Have a great week all


Friday, April 3, 2009

Thank the Deity of your choice it's Friday....

It has been a long week for me and I am so pleased it is finally Friday.

I got an email today from my Aunt the one Black Friday affected. She needs some help and has emailed me a list of what needs doing. I We are going up over Easter and I would love to get it all done for her so she can kinda get back to some form of normal. I will chat with DH and see what we can arrange ;)

We are now on school holidays and I have 11 days off. When I got to the school to collect AJ he had won 3rd prize in the raffle and was as pleased as punch. a rather large basket of goodies. The kids have already attacked it.

I finally sorted out my Ipod and have loaded most of what I want on it. I am currently working through a bit of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Most enjoyable. I can see thi s thing getting a bashing over the holidays. Drown out a few kids ;)

Chick pea patties for tea with steamed veg so should go and see how the steamer is traveling. I am guessing the spuds should be almost done.

Have a great weekend all