Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Well we never got to go away. Although the authorities all said we could ride Col's Uncle who owns the property said no. He is worried about a bike starting a fire. His kids are not riding either and they are all coming home today I think?

SO yesterday we spent the day packing up and looking for something to do. We ended up at Cold Rock for some ice cream then we went to K mart for a plate for the BBQ and some pool filters. The pool looks great and the kids will no doubt use it today we are expecting 33 and 41 tomorrow.

Tonight we are off tot he beach for a visit. we were going to take a picnic but have decided to have an early tea and head off. It is only a 35 minute drive (if that) so will take a drink and snacks etc and have fun instead of trying to pick sand out of the kids dinner.

Today I thought I might try and tidy up a bit and perhaps have a veggie day with some DVD's. I have a few to catch up on so that just may be me for today.

The kids cleaned up for Christmas as usual. Shan and Aj got Nintendo DS and 3 games each along with all the other "stuff" Adam got a Homersapian robot thing and Shan got a robotdog they are funny to watch. Jake got his Motor bike earlier but that was a Christmas present. He got boots and a pressure suit on the day and a Guitar hero 3. Guitar Hero 3 has been a hit and half with everyone. The kids all got gift cards for JB hi fi and pooled them together to get Singstar popstar which included the microphones etc. that too has been so funny.

OK off for some breakfast and another cup of tea.....

Have a good one all


Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday once again

Well once again I find myself here and it is a Friday....

We are all packed and ready to head off to ST Arnaud and then we get a call to let us know that there are fire restrictions are in force up there and we can not ride. We have made multiple calls to various authority's and can not get a clear ok to ride so it looks like we are staying home.....
The boys are gutted and I am cheesed I have spent all this money and now we are staying home.

They are going to the CFA in the morning to double check everything. But for now I am HOME......

Off to do some laundry and make coffee...


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Almost Friday (11pm Thursday)

Well what a week this has been. I have worked every day and my feet can confirm that by the sore spots and the aches. I am meant to work tomorrow BUT shan is running for school captain and finds out tomorrow if she got it. The parents get called at 10am to let them know either way and then there is a assembly at 1pm and school then breaks up at 1:30. I really want to be there either way.

The house could use some love anyway it is a tad grubby :)

We had mega rain here today and the Garage flooded again GGRRRR this time Col's PC power supply got fried. Good job he had another and is back online. I am over this leaky house.
We are defiantly looking to move after Christmas.

I have not touched my sewing for weeks. I miss it and can not wait to get back to it soon.

Too tired to think right now so am heading for bed.

Stay safe.


Monday, December 17, 2007

One week to go!

Hard to believe it's almost Christmas...

Working all week this week ARGGHHH the money will come in handy for those after christmas sales ;)

I am done with the Christmas shopping I have everything WOO HOO. Even teacher gifts! How ready am I???

Jake finishes school on Wednesday and the other 2 on Friday. Thankfully I get through the week without having to get a babysitter. Next week I am working Christmas eve till 2pm then 2 days off and back for 2 days before 4 days away at St Arnaud. Looking forward to getting away and just vegging...

We are off tad poling tonight. Shan found some and wants to show us so after tea we are off to the local arboretum for some fun and games I am thinking! I can see someone going in could be me...

Chicken Kiev and salad for tea.

Be cool people.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hump day again

yes another Wednesday...

As for Mondays rant... DH did sort MIL out and although she tried to deny she got caught out LOL it was so funny. Have had to fill DS in on some Nana facts that we didnt want o but he understands now.

Tonight is the primary school Christmas production. They are having it at the local high school. Have to have the kids there at 6:45 for a 7pm start. No idea how long it will go for???
I have charged the video camera up and discovered i have not used it since September 06' how bad is that.

Looks like DD has the school captaincy. I got a letter home today asking us to be there for the last assembly. Will need the video camera and a tissue for that one. I must thank Jake for this as he is the on who convinced her to go for it. HE told her he wished he did it etc and she was thrilled.

Best away hamburgers for tea.


Monday, December 10, 2007


I am having a rather Moody/bad day.

Cant describe what I am feeling right now. It is a cross between anger and every other emotion I can think of. I am not going into too many details cause this is not over but I can tell you it involves my MIL. Col is going to call in on her on his way home and have it all out. If she dosnt back off we are gone.

Apart from that all is well....

Went to the toy sale Saturday. I was up at 4 and there by 5 and was about 200th in line to get in. The guards told us they were getting there from just after 2. We managed to get what we wanted and have finished the Christmas shopping WOO HOO.

I am not long back from K mart and have collected all but 1 lay by which is the in laws GGRRRR.

Am spending the rest of today tidying up. I have washed by bed linen and am waiting for the underlay to dry and then will finish off our room.

Dinner is baked spuds salad and steak.

Have a good one all...


Friday, December 7, 2007

Thank GOD it's Friday!

This week has gone on FOREVER. I only worked 3 days but man it feels like 30!

Ok home tonight for a MEGA deep clean of the house it is in dire need. Then tomorrow morning 4:30 I am off to the funtastic toy sale and I hope this year I get closer to the gate..

Col will meet me there at 7:30 before the doors open he will drop the kids at Nana's.

Col's car goes on Sunday and he needs to do a few last minute things to it before it leaves. I was the last one to drive it and he was hoping he could get it going and drive it onto the trailer. Poor boy is sad about this one.

So all in all I hope to have a quiet weekend. I wouldn't mind getting some presents wrapped.

OH and we found out last night Shan knows all about Santa.the tooth fairy and the easter bunny. I thought she would be upset but she was fine. she kinda knew but wanted us to confirm what she thought.

Found out today who shan's grade 6 teacher will be and he is a knob! Jake had him in grade 6 and he was asked to leave the school there were so many complaints so how can he be back????

Off to scrub the loo.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tragic Tuesday

Well not too tragic just couldn't thing of anything else to go with Tuesday!

The plumbers are here on the roof trying to fix ancient plumbing to stop the roof leaking. From what I have overheard it is a mess up there and the gutters,pipes and drains are all blocked. They have pulled the downpipes off and can not see through them they are that blocked. They are not sure if they can fix them or will just put new ones up?? Not my problem just FIX it.

I was going to show you all the new button tree I made but the camera has been unplugged so the teenager could plug the web cam in. I have no idea how it all goes back so will need to wait for him to fix it.

I am using to day to de stink the house. Kitty litter, rat litter, toilet and boys room. Yes they all smell. I need to get some more kitty litter and perhaps some plug in stink stopper for the boys room. Man boys smell.

you are never going to believe what I just spotted! Spit balls on the roof and wall. I think Jake got a little bored at some point.... Can you guess what Jake will be doing when he comes home?
OMG there are everywhere.... He is maggot meat!

OK need coffee and should get dressed. I have showered but am in Pj pants and old t shirt. Poor Plumbers did not know what to think LOL

Hugs to those that need them


Monday, December 3, 2007


It is Monday and I was just about to post my ramblings when the thunder and lightening hit so I thought I had best turn the PC off.... I love thunder and lightening so I thought I would sit and stitch for a while and listen to it etc when after checking windows etc i found water pouring in the kitchen window! The kitchen was almost totally flooded YIKES....

SO I have made all the relevant calls and now just wait for help to arrive... Thankfully the rain has stopped and the sun is shining so I just hope that whatever is wet is now drying etc. I used all the towels so now have them washing and hope to get them dry.

I did manage to sew the buttons on my button tree now I just need to find a frame and thats another Christmas present out the way.

I also finished the Christmas cards today so will post those tomorrow when I go out.

I thought I had better check the garage and what do you know it is also flooded.... Thankfully no damage that I can see just water. I will do the school run then help Col sweep the water out.

I am thinking after Christmas it is time to move house.

I have made risotto for dinner, well the sauce I will do the rice bit later.

In other news from the Mazzan house... cols old VN goes to a new home on Saturday :( that will be a sad day for him. This is the car he always wanted and now we don't need so seems silly to have it sitting there. Over Christmas he dosnt get his normal pay he only gets the hours that he works rather than minimum time so we might need this money if work is slow. The kid that is buying it really loves the car and has already booked it in for a new paint job amongst other things. Col is happy it will have a loving owner.

Still not sure whats happening for Christmas day??? We usually go to the in laws but last year MIL mentioned something about not wanting to "do" it again this year. We do my family Christmas eve but are doing it the 22nd this year cause my sister and her tribe are renting a houseboat and will be gone for Christmas. I really wouldn't mind the day at home to be honest but will need to sort it soon I guess. We will have our new BBQ then so could have the in laws here but FIL dosnt like going out Christmas day so not sure whats going to happen.

I started stitching a cute Christmas Koala the other day so am off to finish that off.

Have a good one all

Stay dry if your in Melbourne..


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Well it's December

Oh I love Christmas. I adore the decorations and watching the kids checking out whats under the tree just hoping something is for them.

I managed to get some more Christmas shopping done today. I have most of the good stuff on lay-by. The mains stuff is... Jake will get guitar hero 3 and Shan an AJ are getting a DS each.

I got the in laws a digital photo frame and my mum some stuff she wanted for her garden and some make up junk.

Not sure about Col & i yet??? The motorbike was meant to me his thing but I would like to give him something on the day. Maybe a tent I know he really wants this tent at anaconda.

I have had a rather slackish day today just gone at a very slow snails pace but have managed to achieve a lot really. All the washing is caught up on and put away which is fantastic believe me! I was going to have cold meat and salad for dinner but it has cooled off so might have a hot tea and save the cold meat for another night. This begs the question what to have?

I am looking forward to the next 2 days. I am home alone I do have to run mum to vic roads to deal with her rego but apart from that nothing planned. I did think I might go get my nails done????? I have a gift voucher from a fantastic friend that will expire if I don't use it soon. so yes I think that might be tomorrow.

I wouldn't mind getting some stitching happening tonight. I have a couple of ornaments to finish.

OK off to figure out a hot dinner????

Luv yas all