Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Well we never got to go away. Although the authorities all said we could ride Col's Uncle who owns the property said no. He is worried about a bike starting a fire. His kids are not riding either and they are all coming home today I think?

SO yesterday we spent the day packing up and looking for something to do. We ended up at Cold Rock for some ice cream then we went to K mart for a plate for the BBQ and some pool filters. The pool looks great and the kids will no doubt use it today we are expecting 33 and 41 tomorrow.

Tonight we are off tot he beach for a visit. we were going to take a picnic but have decided to have an early tea and head off. It is only a 35 minute drive (if that) so will take a drink and snacks etc and have fun instead of trying to pick sand out of the kids dinner.

Today I thought I might try and tidy up a bit and perhaps have a veggie day with some DVD's. I have a few to catch up on so that just may be me for today.

The kids cleaned up for Christmas as usual. Shan and Aj got Nintendo DS and 3 games each along with all the other "stuff" Adam got a Homersapian robot thing and Shan got a robotdog they are funny to watch. Jake got his Motor bike earlier but that was a Christmas present. He got boots and a pressure suit on the day and a Guitar hero 3. Guitar Hero 3 has been a hit and half with everyone. The kids all got gift cards for JB hi fi and pooled them together to get Singstar popstar which included the microphones etc. that too has been so funny.

OK off for some breakfast and another cup of tea.....

Have a good one all


Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday once again

Well once again I find myself here and it is a Friday....

We are all packed and ready to head off to ST Arnaud and then we get a call to let us know that there are fire restrictions are in force up there and we can not ride. We have made multiple calls to various authority's and can not get a clear ok to ride so it looks like we are staying home.....
The boys are gutted and I am cheesed I have spent all this money and now we are staying home.

They are going to the CFA in the morning to double check everything. But for now I am HOME......

Off to do some laundry and make coffee...


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Almost Friday (11pm Thursday)

Well what a week this has been. I have worked every day and my feet can confirm that by the sore spots and the aches. I am meant to work tomorrow BUT shan is running for school captain and finds out tomorrow if she got it. The parents get called at 10am to let them know either way and then there is a assembly at 1pm and school then breaks up at 1:30. I really want to be there either way.

The house could use some love anyway it is a tad grubby :)

We had mega rain here today and the Garage flooded again GGRRRR this time Col's PC power supply got fried. Good job he had another and is back online. I am over this leaky house.
We are defiantly looking to move after Christmas.

I have not touched my sewing for weeks. I miss it and can not wait to get back to it soon.

Too tired to think right now so am heading for bed.

Stay safe.


Monday, December 17, 2007

One week to go!

Hard to believe it's almost Christmas...

Working all week this week ARGGHHH the money will come in handy for those after christmas sales ;)

I am done with the Christmas shopping I have everything WOO HOO. Even teacher gifts! How ready am I???

Jake finishes school on Wednesday and the other 2 on Friday. Thankfully I get through the week without having to get a babysitter. Next week I am working Christmas eve till 2pm then 2 days off and back for 2 days before 4 days away at St Arnaud. Looking forward to getting away and just vegging...

We are off tad poling tonight. Shan found some and wants to show us so after tea we are off to the local arboretum for some fun and games I am thinking! I can see someone going in could be me...

Chicken Kiev and salad for tea.

Be cool people.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hump day again

yes another Wednesday...

As for Mondays rant... DH did sort MIL out and although she tried to deny she got caught out LOL it was so funny. Have had to fill DS in on some Nana facts that we didnt want o but he understands now.

Tonight is the primary school Christmas production. They are having it at the local high school. Have to have the kids there at 6:45 for a 7pm start. No idea how long it will go for???
I have charged the video camera up and discovered i have not used it since September 06' how bad is that.

Looks like DD has the school captaincy. I got a letter home today asking us to be there for the last assembly. Will need the video camera and a tissue for that one. I must thank Jake for this as he is the on who convinced her to go for it. HE told her he wished he did it etc and she was thrilled.

Best away hamburgers for tea.


Monday, December 10, 2007


I am having a rather Moody/bad day.

Cant describe what I am feeling right now. It is a cross between anger and every other emotion I can think of. I am not going into too many details cause this is not over but I can tell you it involves my MIL. Col is going to call in on her on his way home and have it all out. If she dosnt back off we are gone.

Apart from that all is well....

Went to the toy sale Saturday. I was up at 4 and there by 5 and was about 200th in line to get in. The guards told us they were getting there from just after 2. We managed to get what we wanted and have finished the Christmas shopping WOO HOO.

I am not long back from K mart and have collected all but 1 lay by which is the in laws GGRRRR.

Am spending the rest of today tidying up. I have washed by bed linen and am waiting for the underlay to dry and then will finish off our room.

Dinner is baked spuds salad and steak.

Have a good one all...


Friday, December 7, 2007

Thank GOD it's Friday!

This week has gone on FOREVER. I only worked 3 days but man it feels like 30!

Ok home tonight for a MEGA deep clean of the house it is in dire need. Then tomorrow morning 4:30 I am off to the funtastic toy sale and I hope this year I get closer to the gate..

Col will meet me there at 7:30 before the doors open he will drop the kids at Nana's.

Col's car goes on Sunday and he needs to do a few last minute things to it before it leaves. I was the last one to drive it and he was hoping he could get it going and drive it onto the trailer. Poor boy is sad about this one.

So all in all I hope to have a quiet weekend. I wouldn't mind getting some presents wrapped.

OH and we found out last night Shan knows all about Santa.the tooth fairy and the easter bunny. I thought she would be upset but she was fine. she kinda knew but wanted us to confirm what she thought.

Found out today who shan's grade 6 teacher will be and he is a knob! Jake had him in grade 6 and he was asked to leave the school there were so many complaints so how can he be back????

Off to scrub the loo.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tragic Tuesday

Well not too tragic just couldn't thing of anything else to go with Tuesday!

The plumbers are here on the roof trying to fix ancient plumbing to stop the roof leaking. From what I have overheard it is a mess up there and the gutters,pipes and drains are all blocked. They have pulled the downpipes off and can not see through them they are that blocked. They are not sure if they can fix them or will just put new ones up?? Not my problem just FIX it.

I was going to show you all the new button tree I made but the camera has been unplugged so the teenager could plug the web cam in. I have no idea how it all goes back so will need to wait for him to fix it.

I am using to day to de stink the house. Kitty litter, rat litter, toilet and boys room. Yes they all smell. I need to get some more kitty litter and perhaps some plug in stink stopper for the boys room. Man boys smell.

you are never going to believe what I just spotted! Spit balls on the roof and wall. I think Jake got a little bored at some point.... Can you guess what Jake will be doing when he comes home?
OMG there are everywhere.... He is maggot meat!

OK need coffee and should get dressed. I have showered but am in Pj pants and old t shirt. Poor Plumbers did not know what to think LOL

Hugs to those that need them


Monday, December 3, 2007


It is Monday and I was just about to post my ramblings when the thunder and lightening hit so I thought I had best turn the PC off.... I love thunder and lightening so I thought I would sit and stitch for a while and listen to it etc when after checking windows etc i found water pouring in the kitchen window! The kitchen was almost totally flooded YIKES....

SO I have made all the relevant calls and now just wait for help to arrive... Thankfully the rain has stopped and the sun is shining so I just hope that whatever is wet is now drying etc. I used all the towels so now have them washing and hope to get them dry.

I did manage to sew the buttons on my button tree now I just need to find a frame and thats another Christmas present out the way.

I also finished the Christmas cards today so will post those tomorrow when I go out.

I thought I had better check the garage and what do you know it is also flooded.... Thankfully no damage that I can see just water. I will do the school run then help Col sweep the water out.

I am thinking after Christmas it is time to move house.

I have made risotto for dinner, well the sauce I will do the rice bit later.

In other news from the Mazzan house... cols old VN goes to a new home on Saturday :( that will be a sad day for him. This is the car he always wanted and now we don't need so seems silly to have it sitting there. Over Christmas he dosnt get his normal pay he only gets the hours that he works rather than minimum time so we might need this money if work is slow. The kid that is buying it really loves the car and has already booked it in for a new paint job amongst other things. Col is happy it will have a loving owner.

Still not sure whats happening for Christmas day??? We usually go to the in laws but last year MIL mentioned something about not wanting to "do" it again this year. We do my family Christmas eve but are doing it the 22nd this year cause my sister and her tribe are renting a houseboat and will be gone for Christmas. I really wouldn't mind the day at home to be honest but will need to sort it soon I guess. We will have our new BBQ then so could have the in laws here but FIL dosnt like going out Christmas day so not sure whats going to happen.

I started stitching a cute Christmas Koala the other day so am off to finish that off.

Have a good one all

Stay dry if your in Melbourne..


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Well it's December

Oh I love Christmas. I adore the decorations and watching the kids checking out whats under the tree just hoping something is for them.

I managed to get some more Christmas shopping done today. I have most of the good stuff on lay-by. The mains stuff is... Jake will get guitar hero 3 and Shan an AJ are getting a DS each.

I got the in laws a digital photo frame and my mum some stuff she wanted for her garden and some make up junk.

Not sure about Col & i yet??? The motorbike was meant to me his thing but I would like to give him something on the day. Maybe a tent I know he really wants this tent at anaconda.

I have had a rather slackish day today just gone at a very slow snails pace but have managed to achieve a lot really. All the washing is caught up on and put away which is fantastic believe me! I was going to have cold meat and salad for dinner but it has cooled off so might have a hot tea and save the cold meat for another night. This begs the question what to have?

I am looking forward to the next 2 days. I am home alone I do have to run mum to vic roads to deal with her rego but apart from that nothing planned. I did think I might go get my nails done????? I have a gift voucher from a fantastic friend that will expire if I don't use it soon. so yes I think that might be tomorrow.

I wouldn't mind getting some stitching happening tonight. I have a couple of ornaments to finish.

OK off to figure out a hot dinner????

Luv yas all


Thursday, November 29, 2007

All is well

We saw Jakes surgeon today and have been given the all clear... The freak of a child is growing a new clavicle! Very unusual apparently but has been seen before. It looks rather strange on the xrays. They think the new bone will fuse to the old one. Natures way hey.

He can start riding the motor bike early January so thats a relief. He can use his Christmas present.

OK off to do the school run thing..


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Smile and point your toes they say

Sure..... I am done smiling an pointing!

All is well here ;) Nuff said.

I managed to get some stitching done yesterday and finished another Button tree. I also started a cute little Jill Oxton Christmas Koala. I am on a mission to spend some time on me I am feeling neglected ;) sad arnt I.

I was going to re arrange the living room today to accommodate the Christmas tree. It is not to be the Foxtel cable isn't long enough GGRRRRR I might have a chat to Col and see if he can make me a longer one???? I did manage to de clutter and generally clean up so I am feeling good about that.

BBQ and Salad for dinner I might go start the salads so I have less to do later.

Breathe ......


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Election Day Vent

mmm great Election day. You know the one where you line up at a primary school where the school council has all sorts of fund raisers happening and you can smell the snags and onions that they are BBQing and the man in the line in front of you forgot his deodorant and the granny behind you forgets that most people unlike her without her hearing aide can hear the gas eaking from her you know where. Thrilling entertainment......

I cracked the sads big time last night. I have let these kids rule this place long enough and the poor buggers didn't see it coming ;) I am just over the noises the bickering the mess and finally me not having any me time without kids in my day. I love the little creatures but just give me an hour after they have all gone to bed to be able to breath without having to explain why.

I moved the lounge around some time ago so the PC was in the dinning room away from the tv etc so Jake could use it at night without disturbing anyone watching telly. I also wanted it there so we could monitor what was happening etc. WELL he has found a way to make it the "Noisy" corner. He has no consideration for anyone else and bangs and thumps and I am sure he has found a way to use the keyboard so it is extra noisy when I am watching TV. He also has a habit of for example last night a bag of chips a big bag and he rattled it and dropped it and I couple hear every chip he crunched ARRGGGGGHHHHHH I used to retreat to my bedroom and watch a dvd or whatever but The kids have knocked off my TV. Until today! Mum is fighting back. I am taking back my TV and my lounge room. and I am taking lives along the way!

Other news....

I cant remember??? if I told you BUT Col's bike was broken the front forks were cactus. After many calls to the bike company and a bit of negative feed back on their web site the new forks arrived yesterday. The bike is back together and he is a happy boy once again. Now all we need is for Jakes arm to heal and we can go riding again. We are off for xrays on Thursday and will finally know if he is to have it plated. They were hoping it would heal itself and then it would be as strong as before but if they have to plate it the tiny holes they have to drill for the screws to hold the plate will make it very weak. Also because of his age the plate will have to stay in. So fingers crossed it is all healing ok. I just wish I had xray vision and could see what was happening in there.

Work is crap. It is mindless dull and very boring but it pays very well so until something else comes along I am going to stick it out. I have already started looking but will not seriously think of changing till after Christmas. I am thinking of looking back into Integration after all I have all these qualifications why not use them hey.

Thats all from me I need a coffee. I promise no children will be harmed in todays house take back... really I promise ;}


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just another Tuesday...

Feeling a bit ordinary today. I have a head cold and it is really windy and hot which inst helping.

I have some sudafed but they dry me out SO much I feel like I am dehydrating. I might cut back on the dose a bit and try that??

Jakes bones have moved just not sure if they are int he right spot yet or not. We will not know for sure until the 29th. He isn't in as much pain but there is still pain if you know what I mean? Poor bugger is over it.

Found out last night the kids all have tomorrow off for a teachers strike GGRRRRR Mum has said she will have them but they get bored down there. luckily I am only working till 2 so thats not too bad.

Ok off to sit and stitch for a while. I have hung a load and have another in the machine then I am up to date with washing woo hoo.

Stay safe all


Thursday, November 15, 2007


It is late and I am tired. I had Jake at the surgeon at 8:30 this morning. After 2 different opinions they both decided the jaggered bit of bone is too close to the nerves and other scary bits that they have given him a different sling set up and hope the bones will move enough for surgery.

Not much else happening here. Worked today and working all day tomorrow.

Sleep well


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tis Wednesday....

Well are you ready for this??

took Jake back tot he DR yesterday. He had texted me he was in pain etc It got the better of me and I took for a xray and BINGO the bones have moved and are poking his shouler trying to come through the skin ;)

A quick call to the DR and then a visit with him as well he rang the head surgeon and got him booked in for tomorrow morning at 9am. I got a call from them today to make sure he hasn't eaten so we are pretty sure we are heading to the operating theater Oh the joys. He is being so very brave. He has even googled what they might do.

I wish for a "normal" day


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday... My day off

yep it is my only day off for the week and I am making the most of it wasting time on the internet ARRGGHHHH

I am off shortly to hang laundry and yes as thrilling as it sounds make the beds. I feel so much better when those 2 chores are done. strange but true.

I have some stuff in the IQ to record so I can delete it it is almost full yikes thats a lot of stuff to record. so there goes part of my day :)

Not sure whats for dinner can not be bothered thinking about it right now.

It was jakes first day back at school yesterday and yep he got knocked. I got a call to ask if they could give him panadol and he was right for the rest of the day but this morning had a whine about getting knocked again today. Nerves.

I am unbeknown to him going to book the xray for this week just to check progress.

OK better hang those towels they aint drying in the basket...


Monday, November 12, 2007

Magical Monday

Well it is so far anyway.... I am home alone!

Jakes first day back at school today after his big woopsie. He is nervous that he will get knocked about etc but he knows he has to go.

I usually do not work on Mondays anymore but have managed to pick up some extra shifts. I start at 12:30 and finish at 5:30. I have already sorted dinner (BBQ) so can relax when I get home. I am off tomorrow and am really looking forward to that I can tell you.

I had not looked at the calender for a few days and thought I had best take a peek last night to see what the kids had going this week. Good job I looked! Shan and AJ both have excursions this week.
Shan is off to Taskworks and AJ is off to Scienceworks. They should both have fun but i need to pack different foods for lunches on those days . No biggie but I can get organized now.

Col managed to somehow break his bike last night. something to do with the shocker and draining the oil?? and now it wont work. I will make some calls for him and try to sort it out shortly. Once again Wife to the rescue....

SPEAKING of Wife.... the day before Jakes stack was out 17th wedding anniversary. 17 hard to believe really.

Off to make those calls.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hump Day

Here it is Jakes broken Clavicle.

Broken bone number one from motor bike riding.

It happened Sunday at ST Arnaud around 11am. We took him to the local hospital but they do not have x-ray facilities on a Sunday so they started making arrangements to transfer him to Ballarat or Bendigo. I asked the DR if we could strap him up and fill him with pain meds and get him home to Melbourne and he said yes. So thats what we did.

The car trip home was a nightmare to say the least. I ended up sitting in the back with Jake and he slept on me most of the way home. BUT the bikes kept moving in the trailer cause we couldn't tie Jakes down properly and then the rain started.... We managed to get home ok and I took Jake straight from my car to Col's car and to the hospital. It had been 4 hours since the last lot of pain medication and he was really starting to feel pain. The Dr's here gave him more drugs and x-rays and confirmed the first DR's diagnosis. He is now in a devise to stop his arm moving at all and has to have x-rays every 2 or 3 days to make sure this is all healing ok. We did end up back at the Hospital Monday morning as the bones had moved and Jake was crying in pain.

Apart from that the weekend was great we had a ball. Jake loves his bike and can not wait to heal and get back on for another go.

The Bike company have shipped all the parts to fix the bike and are covering all costs as it was the bikes fault this happened.

Ok off to help the invalid shower....


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Terrific Tuesday

Hello all out there is blogger land. I have a new keyboard and it feels FUNNY... it is a lot smaller than the old one and the keys are closer together thank goodness for spell check.

Funny day today. Weather wise I mean. Sunny but a little overcast. We expecting rain later I believe. Which reminds me I must get that washing from the clothes line before its too late.

Quiet day here today. I popped over to spotlight for some stitching supplies and as usual got other stuff ;) Now tell me who can go into store like that and only get what they went in for.

We are away this weekend bike riding. I have lists upon lists of things to do or take etc. We are fortunate to have the cottage up there but there is more than one family going this trip so things are going to be a little squishy. We have decided to sleep in the tent and only use the cottage for cooking and showers etc. Cant wait really I am going grave hunting..... apparently I have family buried in the town cemetery so plan a visit for a look. I know a little strange arnt I !

Shan and I also plan a walking trip of the town itself to see just what is there. it is only tiny so I am guessing 20 minutes and we will be done. She is mamma's girl and hopes there is cafe for coffee LOL.... city slickers and our decaf latte'. The town shouldnt whine thou the amount of money between all the families that share this property should be helping the community. There are 5 families just between the Mazzan's & Reeve's.

I had thought i might pack a small stitching project to take with me. I am not going to take the big fairy I do not want anything o happen to her. I am rather on a roll with Christmas right now so maybe some ornaments? I am on a mission to have only snowmen and gingerbread men on the tree this year. Not sure how far I can get with that but plan to try. I have made several ornaments over the years following this theme and am addicted now. I have even ordered plain gingerbread for the kids to ice and hang on the tree. YUM

Ok off to get that washing and get dinner started. Rissoto with fresh parmasan cheese.

Bye all


Friday, October 26, 2007


Another week over.

No big plans for the weekend. I would like to get to my sisters for a coffee just wish it were closer.

Spaghetti for dinner tonight then perhaps some mummy time?

I am sitting here freezing my butt off.... I have to run the Evap cooling for 20 minutes. They guy came today to open it up for the season and it need to run the cleaning stuff through you know the stuff that kills all the bugs and germ etc. It has a eucalyptus base so the house smells loverly but is COLD. I will need to turn the heater on when I turn the cooling off!

OK off to hang washing I guess before the tribe get home.

Stay safe

Monday, October 22, 2007

Moody Monday

I am in a mood today. Do not know why just am. I am home alone YIPPEEE so should feel good about that but dont.

I am on a mission to get some chores done then perhaps some me time?

We got Jakes Bike Saturday and here it is.

He has ridden up and done the drive way about a MILLION times. Yesterday we took him to Nanas for a ride. Her yard is big enough that he got to change gear.

SO it looks like we are off for a weekend of bike riding..... Not this weekend but the next I think.

Shannon is a little green with envy ans she really wants a green bike. We are looking to get her one for her birthday in May. She need to practice a bit more first.

OK off to do those chores that just wont do themselves.

Have a good one


Saturday, October 20, 2007


Yes I am thrilled it is finally Saturday. It has felt like this week had DRAGGED.

OK nothing Horrid to report this week. A normal week apart from it taking FOREVER to be over.

Today we are off to collect Jake from a sleep over then on to collect his new bike. He is thrilled. They did not get the one in we wanted so have had to upgrade him to the one he really wanted (but out of the budget). It is also Bright green. The grin on his face was priceless.

Big breakfast day today. Eggs and bacon on the BBQ and pancakes. YUM.

OH and I send sympathy's to anyone reading this with a little girl... Mine became a young woman this week and I cried like a baby. She is 11! What is happening now days?? I mean 11..... she is no young woman she is my baby girl.

be cool people....


Monday, October 15, 2007

I dont like Mondays.

Because it means WORK.

This is my last monday shift WOO HOO. Well until next time they want me to fill in. As of next week I think I am only doing my normal 3 days. I am looking forward to it actually.

Today I start at 12:30. I will not get home till around 6 so we are having a BBQ for dinner. I have already done most of the prep so it shouldn't take long to have food on the table.

Not much planned for the week ahead. Not sure when Jakes new bike will be available so a lot will be riding on that (pardon the pun). We would like to head to St Arnaud this week end all being well but if the bike needs to be collected Saturday (as is there norm) we may not be able to go.

Warm and windy here today a top of 27 is expected.

Off to hang washing....

Stay safe

xx Nise xx

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Long time no write...

Well it is Sunday and they are all still in bed. Well those that are here are still in bed. Jake stayed at a mates for the night and I am sure got up to no good but then again he is 14.

I decided at 9pm last night to spring clean Shannon's room. well it turned into a spring ,summer, winter etc clean it was BAD. I will not to begin to describe what I found BUT it took 5 rubbish bags to get rid of it. She has some small hobs to do in there today then we can vac the floor and maybe look at moving the bed? not much option in her room but we will see if we can wiggle it into another spot for a change.

Well I think we are MAD but last night we brought Jake a motorbike for Christmas. He is thrilled naturally. Col made a video call to him to let him know we won it on ebay (it is new) and his smile went beyond ear to ear. It is the same as Col's bike just a little smaller a 125cc. We have also ordered a second body kit in pink so when Shan outgrows her little bike she can have his as by then he will have moved on to a bigger bike I am sure. Now we need to collect it maybe Friday? and assemble the stupid thing that will take a whole day. Then I am sure it will be off to St Arnaud for a weekend of riding.

I am expecting a visit from the outlaws today. Have not really seen them much as we try not to go there very often after all the rubbish with the BIL. They rang last night to see if we would be home today so I might make a cake later just in case.

I have washing piled up that needs folding so I might watch some of the stuff I have recorded to the IQ. I have recorded so much stuff I need to sort it and see what I have watched and record stuff on to dvd that I want to keep. There is a new series called Ice Truckers. It is about a group of guys taking loads of supplies across frozen lakes to a diamond m in in Canada. They can each earn up to $75k for a 3 month season. I have seen 2 episodes and am hooked.

OH and another interesting (to me) bit of news. Col brought me a sewing machine. I LOBE IT! my old one died and I tended not to use it anyway as it had "issues" so I have now started sewing again. I have made a Christmas wall hanging from a stitchery I had mad and I have half made a quilt. I have some bits of fabric so got a bag of wheat and am going to make some heat packs. The smallest bag of wheat is 4.5k so everyone is getting wheat bags for Christmas!

Col is back on the road after his near miss on Wednesday. For those that did not hear.... He had a $150k Mercedes pull out in front of him from a Mercedes dealership and almost hit it. To prevent the smash he literally stood on the brakes peddle and it popped a brake line therefore losing all brakes. He managed to swerve and miss the sports car and then traveled another kilometer through a red light in busy traffic in Kew! before managing to get it to stop. After a lot of mucking about he discovered the what the problem was and had the RACV get a tow truck to bring him home. Then came the fun of trying to get the new line. Well Mercedes have none in the country! it was going to be a week to get one from Germany. So after a few phone calls we found a guy locally who ended up making one a lot cheaper and the nest day. So by Friday he was back on the road. He is still a little nervous I can tell you.

So fingers crossed this week will be a "normal " week :)

Off to fold that washing I can hear kids getting outta bed AARRGGGGG


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday on the Ranch

well it isn't really a ranch but I do feel like sticking something hot on the kids butts to get them going some days thou ... is that bad parenting?

Ok it is Thursday.... The school holidays are going well. Today is the the first day the kids have asked to have someone over. Not bad hey! made it till the second last day WOO HOO.

Jake has cousin Michael coming sometime today for a sleep over. Jake was going to go home with him tomorrow and stay the night but Michael has to go job hunting. Over the holidays he has decided to he dosnt want to go back to school to finish the last term. He is 17 and not academic. He is more hands on. He gets good grades at school but he has to work really hard at it.

Shannon wants a friend over for a visit but we need to arrange something with another friend first. The other friend took Shan to the pictures last week and it is our turn this week but we have not been able to get onto them. If I cant get them this morning to plan something for today or tomorrow then Shan can have the other friend over.

Today I have decided its calender day. Each year I make and print a calender for the next year. I use publisher because I cant buy one with enough room for all our c$@p. I did it a couple of years ago and it is fantastic. It lives in a plastic sleeve with a magnet on the back on the fridge. It is "Our Life" no one makes plans without first checking the fridge. Today I have printed 2 years worth. I have also googled the school holidays,public holidays and daylight savings etc and will sit and create these calenders. It will take me about an hour to complete but man is it worth it.

Not much planned for the weekend ahead. Bathurst is on so will plonk my butt in front of the telly for much of that. Would like to get the project car into the garage and outta the way so the project trailer can move up the drive and perhaps get some work done? We need this new bike trailer if we wish to go riding. We will have another 2 bikes in the near future and they wont all fit in the back of the Vito.

Off to have a hit of caffeine then food shopping oh the joy.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It hurts...

I hurt my hip Sunday lifting potting mix and now it REALLY hurts. I stuffed myself full of pain meds last night with the view to knocking myself out and not tossing and turning and what do you know it worked. I slept like a baby. It is still sore today but I think it is nothing panadol wont fix.

Well week 2 of the school holidays and all is well so far :) I am home all this week and plan to catch up on some stuff about home as well as take the kids to the pictures etc.

Yesterday was a dud I couldn't move so spent the day watching movies with the kids. this isn't a bad thing but how many times can a girl watch high school musical???? Today Shan wants to watch grease. OH joy!

Col and I have worked out our Christmas holidays etc and have decided to pretty much just take the week between Christmas and new year. We are planning to take a week off towards the end of January and go bike riding. We will wait and see what's happening with his work etc before deciding.

I managed to stitch yesterday for around 5 hours! first time in ages I have been able to get that much in. Part of that time was spent fixing up a stuff up from the night before ;) but all is well now. Col took me to the shops when he got home yesterday and I managed to get a pack of beading needles at the craft shop. They normally don't have anything like that only patchwork etc. So I think I might add the beads as I go rather than all at the end. not sure yet???

OK off for a caffeine fix to help start the day...


Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday and we survived our weekend away

Well we are home and we managed to not kill each other all weekend. Helps when all your family are spread in different directions and not hanging off you!

We got up early Saturday and were at St Arnaud by 10am after stoping for breakfast etc in town.

When we arrived at Steve & Julies they were just finishing unloading the removal truck and were ready for their breakfast so we made their breakky while they had a good look around. They had arrived at 2am and had not had a chance to see much.

The boys were soon off riding and we girls got to sorting the house. didnt take long and we had it all done. Then it was time for lunch. We had brought a chicken and some other bits with us from town so that became lunch.

Saturday night we had a bonfire and burnt all the wood lying about the house to clear it away and a heap of furniture that either had been left at the house OR Julie didnt want anymore.

Uncle Ronny and Auntie Val joined us for the fire and a few drinks and fun was had by all. It became a VERY late night and there were a few tired and sore bodies the next day.

Sunday it was everyman for himself and the majority were off riding. Col and I went for a ride then I stayed back and watched Holly while Steve and Julie went to survey their new 120 acre holiday property.

After lunch I started packing up to come home but no one wanted to leave. We left at 4 and were home by 7. Now I have a day of washing ahead :)

I had a play with the camera and just took photo's of everything so here are a few for you to look at.

Oh and in the phot of the view.. look for the house that is all green off in the distance thats ronnie and vals house

xx Nise xx

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The bike is here...

Yep it is FINALLY here....

It took us 2 hours to get to the factory and back to pick it up and about 4 hours to get it out of the packaging and together.

It was stuck on the dock with customs for a week as it had asbestos brake pads that had to be removed. SO when we got it we were handed another pack of pads that at about 10pm we discovered only one set fit! SO today we will have to go back and get the right ones. Apart from that and bits in the bits in the box we have no idea where to put it this morning looks like a bike! It is in the garage so I will get more photos later.

Friday, September 7, 2007

its friday YYIIPPPEE

I like most am so glad it's Friday. Not for any particular reason other than it signals the end of the week. It for me is almost like "I made it through another one" if that makes sense?

Have worked all week apart from Monday. Have had crap thrown at me at work but it seems to have settled. I am fortunate the Operations Manager is on my side. I am right on this one. Not often I can say I am right but this time I truly am.

I would like a hair cut today. I finish at 12:45 so should have time. BUT the motor bike is due in today and you can bet I will have to go get it and I wont get a hair cut today ;) No bother I can always go tomorrow.

We are planning a weekend of cleaning the garage. it is over run with junk. There is even a home made go cart in there my brother made and dumped on to us. it will get cut up! I am going to enjoy that. Col wants more room for his office and we want to get the project car in there so we can finally get some more work done on it.

We have been looking at some bush blocks of land about an hour from here and they are reasonably priced we were surprised. We want a holiday place of our own. We need to pay off the Van first but after that we should be right.

OK off to do something with this hair so I can go to work.

Be good...Or good at it!

OK back again.... I have a few minutes ALONE!

I have been to work and am glad to be home it was MAD... I did manage to get a hair cut before I came home. I knew if I did not do it it would not happen :) I also found out the Motor bike is in! yIPPEEEEEEEE so now waiting for Col to get home so we can go and get it... Photo's to follow.

Rubbish bag man came today too and emptied our rubbish bag which is perfect for the garage clean now we have somewhere to chuck the trash.... Bye again


Monday, September 3, 2007

Hey Hey it's Monday

It is Monday and they day started out cool but sunny. It is now very over cast with dark almost black patches of cloud towards the south.

I have AJ home today with a runny nose. I have him loaded up on demazin and he could have gone to school but his nose is so red and sore and I am home so I thought it would be better for him to have a day home.

Yesterday was fathers day. It is my 3rd with out my dad. they do not get any easier.

We got Colin a motor bike for fathers day well. we have not picked it up yet. we hope to get it tomorrow. Thursday at the latest they said. Today when Col gets home we are off to look for a helmet and boots etc.

We went shopping Saturday and picked up a new rug for the lounge it is VERY bright. The room is rather dull so this should give it some life.

We also managed to pick up the bargain of the century microwave too. Ours was not doing so well and we have been looking for a new one. This one has a grill in it too and was under $100.

Work until Friday when I get another day off. I have plans for that one thou... A much needed catch up with a friend.

At least the house is sorted and meals are kinda planned so I am under control.

off to stitch for a while and then before you know it it will be time for the kids to come home :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yes I think I am...

nuf said!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Day after....

And we are all knackered! I worked em all hard :) actually they did a great job and didn't really mind! Go figure. Col finished off out side now we just need to wait for the weed killer to kick in {insert evil laugh here}....

Inside at last is up to date. I still need to do the floors but decided to wait and do them later today once all the coming and going has stopped. We had Michael stay last night and I don't know those boys seem to be able to make mess of the floors just by looking at them.

We were going to wash the cars today but it rained a bit over night and was drizzling before when I stuck my head out the door. Glad I brought the washing in last night.

I am off to Lysterfield tomorrow to meet up with the librarian of my dad and aunts old primary school. I am talking the mid 40's apparently she has a lot of information from then and photo's so i am keen to have a look. I am then on from there to visit with Bronny in Pakenham. We plan to "do lunch" and generally chat and catch up. I have not seen her in ages. I hope I am not too late home tho I still have stuff to "do" on my day off. I am working the rest of the week.

OK more Java needed. I have decided no caffeine after 3.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Because I said so thats why!

That is what I keep hearing myself say. The kids ask why and that is my response. We are having a day/weekend of spring cleaning come catch up. It is a glorious day here so far and it is only 9:50am. Supposed to be 19 degrees I think?

We have all been so busy with school and work and general life and along with weekends of bad weather been unable to get the chores done. We started on the outside last weekend and mowed and whipper snipped the back and last night Col started on the front. He did as much as he could before it got dark and plans to finish it today. He got out there one night during the week and did the round up weed killer thing so by next weekend the outside should look great.

I have kept up on the basic chores inside BUT there is always something extra to be done. And today is that day..... I have been working most days and not having a lot of time here I am a bit behind and that is why when the kids are asked to help and they whine they get told BECAUSE I SAID SO THATS WHY!

Monday, August 6, 2007

my new table

My new washer and drier.. note they are both full!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday.... one more day to go...

Until the weekend YIPPEEEE

It has been along week. I have worked all week and am tired :( I am looking forward to the weekend I can tell you.

Nothing much to report from here.... all is well. I have some blogs to read and will get to that this weekend. I am missing catching up on what ya all have been up to.

Shhhhhhhh I have Monday off but dont tell any one! it is a secret. if any of the kids find out they will be sick or if any of the family find out they will be on the phone seen as your home can you just help me etc etc

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hooray it's Friday

I am wagging today. I should be at work but am full of a head cold and feeling rather yuk.
I have done a heap of hours this week so am not fussed about not working today.

I will instead catch up on some house work and perhaps if the mood strikes food shop.

The house is pretty clean just a bit untidy. I do not think it will take very much to get it in to shape for the weekend.

I have not stitched in daysssss..... and I am thinking I might start something today you know THERAPY.

Work is ok at the moment. I am getting plenty of shifts I just never know when they are. I just wish I had a weeks notice so I could plan a bit better.

enjoy your Friday

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Winter is YUK

It is freezing here today. It is colder than I remember for years. I wonder if it is because I am getting older OR it is just getting colder?

We were waiting for snow last night. it did fall at Ferny Creek which is about a 10 minute drive from here. They got a good coverage. I am glad we didn't get it as it was cold enough.

I was home today. The 2 youngest had the day off for parent teacher interviews. We took the opportunity to wash everything in the house that needed washing and took it all to the Laundromat to get it all dry. It took $8 to dry it all and we were not gone that long BUT I decided to go buy a drier. I just do not have the time to get to the Laundromat every other day. I managed to get a good drier for a good price. I paid extra to get the bigger size. why waste time I say. So then we got it home and had nothing to dry! LOL I ended up creating a load of washing.

I am working tomorrow and Friday. Target toy sale. mmm sounds like fun hey. Last years was a bit of a dud. ringwood store has opened at midnight the night before the sale and it was mega busy. Our sales were down last year and they think thats why? So they are not doing that this year so will see what tomorrow brings. I am on from 9:30 til 4:30 so will wear comfy shoes.

OK Off to clean up this lounge room while no one is in it :)
xx Nise xx

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hey Hey it's Saturday.

It is nice and Sunny here this morning. It is very cool out but the sun is nice to see. We do not have anything much planned for the day ahead but if this weather holds we might be able to get some stuff done outside? I would really like to mow thw lawns but they are so wet I think it would just rip them up. I will wait and see what they are like later in the day.

I have the kids on back to school detail. LOL funny arnt I. they have to strip their beds and make sure all their washing is out. Then they have to vac the floor in their room and make sure their bags are packed for Monday. They have to do all this before lunch today. no TV or PC until it is done so guess what.... they are doin it! AMAZING

OK off to make coffee and inspect the kids handy work :)

xx Nise xx

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday 13th dont walk under a ladder now!

I am not superstitious BUT on Friday 13th I take no chances!

Finally I get a whole day home :) I am thrilled. No extra kids no shopping to do I can just stay at home. I do have a stack I would like to do but you know how it just accepts the chores as part of life. I have given up on the kids ever helping me so make their lives a misery while I do what they should be doing :)

I am on a fund raiser mission. Money is tight and I need/want a clothes drier. I am going to list some of my stash on ebay and other stuff too once I have rounded up what i think we dont want/need and I can sell. Bills are flowing in at the moment and we really could use our tax returns right about now but neither of ours is easy this year and will take time.

I am having issues like my good friend Charmaine with Telstra. too long to go into but they suck. Money they were not supposed to charge me they did and they cant take it off my bill (so they say) they want me to pay t and be in credit. Problem is I dont have the money to pay it. I have until tomorrow (sat) to come up with it or we lose the phone. I do not think I can do it as it is a large sum they are demanding for something that we didnt need/want and they "cant remove it" RUBBISH. I am so angry.

I hope you dont see many black cats today :)

xx Nise xx

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day 2...

Of me being home for the week and NOTHING ever goes they way it should.... Shan had a friend over Sunday night and she is back today. Short version.... I am the baby sitter! the father asked me to have fer for the week but I just cant. I need to do stuff with my kids that's why I have the week off. I have found another mum who can have the girl tomorrow and Thursday then he will need to get someone to have her Friday.

Today we were going to the pictures but it looks like thats on hold. Will wait and see what kind of mood they are all in.

remember my nieces are here too so mot sure how I am meant to get 6 kids any where?

I am thinking of hitting the Laundromat today to trey and get all the washing dry. it is hanging about like a chinese laundry. maybe the younger kids can come and help me with that? thrilling I know.

OK off to shower adn consume COFFEE...

xx Nise xx

Monday, July 9, 2007

Muddy Monday

Hello friends :)

Yep it is a muddy old wet and cold day in Melbourne. There has been a constant drizzle or light rain all weekend. And you you all know how it is when you decide to do some gardening? the rain sets in. I want to prepare a bed in the back yard for some spring flowers but cant get out there with weather like this. I will have to wait and jump on it the first sunny day we get :)

The weekend was quiet. Saturday we pottered about here just catching up on chores and enjoying not having to be anywhere but here. Then Saturday night My sister and her family came and the kids all stayed here and the "grown ups" went out for dinner. As usual we didnt stop laughing and ended up playing pokies and coming home with almost more than we went with so it was a good night. We have already planned the next night out it was a hoot.

Sunday Jake & AJ went with Nana & Pop to see Transformers. They were gone all afternoon and it was strange AJ not being here on a weekend. I think Nana & Pop had as much fun as the boys did. While they were gone Shan had a friend over who slept the night and I know they are planning for another night but that isnt going to happen :( My nieces will be here today for 2 days so no room for more I am afraid.

I worked flat out on my wizard this weekend and last night could have cried. I was so careful to make sure I had the right fabric size and got to the top and found it wont fit. I can make it do but apparently after a Google search I find that was a mistake on the chart! the fabric size....ARRGGHHHH so I have decided to put him away this week and work on something else. Not sure what yet but will go through the stash today. I will go back to him when I am not so pissed off.

On the home front.... we have been advised to wait to buy a house. Apparently according those in the know if we wait just a little longer we will pick up a bargain. They are forecasting a huge event int he real estate market and they think people will just not be able to afford the what they have and will start to sell rental's and the agent thinks we will get a better deal? We are investigating this theory... but so far it is right.

Off work this week to be here with the kids. They have already said they dont want to do anything but just stay home. Maybe get some dvd's. Fine by me. I have heaps to do and dont really feel like going here there and everywhere.

Ok Off for more coffee :)

xx Nise xx

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

T is for Tuesday....

Day 2 of the school holidays and I am hopme with the tribe today.

I have spent the better part of the day doing chores but feel beter for it. The house is finally getting clean.

We ran up to Lilydale ealier and picked up Michael. He is going to be the "babysitter" tomorrow.

I plan to veg out for a bit now and enjoy the tidy house. Dinner is fish and chips so nothing to worry about for a while.

Oh and the garage repairs..... LEAK. they were fine until the wind picked up late last night and then leaks everywhere. Now on to stage 2...

OK nuff for now.

xx Nise xx

Sunday, July 1, 2007


I am so over this house and its ever growing mess.... I am sure it grows while my back is turned. I used a whole box of washing powder in one day! whats that all about?

I am moody and grumpy today. I think I need a night out with my sister :) Nean hint hint!

Ok today is Sunday and we have done heaps this weekend. We decided to try and fix the leaky garage. The leaks are all on one side and naturally the side Col has his office. SO we climbed up there yesterday and checked out the situation. There is a join that isn't joined right (an add on bit) we cleaned it up and scratched our heads trying to think of the easiest/cheapest way to fix it. 2 days and $40 later we think we have done it. It is raining now so I am sure I will find out if we succeeded. We also managed to unblock a drain that wasn't helping either. so fingers crossed this works.....

We had a ball in bunnings all the DIY stuff almost as good as a stationary shop ( I have a thing for stationary). It got us to thinking about building a house. I think we might look at what we can get to fix up? will see what they are selling for etc.

Jake had some bad news with the coolstore :( they wont let him start until he is 14 and 9 months. They are not covered by workcover etc and wont take the risk. He will need to wait. Poor bugger is hanging.

Jake is also in BIG trouble. He failed Maths. 45%. He got too cocky. this is his key subject and he thought he was so good he wouldn't study for the test! Col tore strips off him Friday night. I was sooking and trying not to let them see me I had to leave the room. Something tells me his marks will improve next term.

We are on school holidays now. I am working 3 shifts this week (15 hours) and none in the second week. Jake is going to work with Col one of the days and Shan has plans with a friend. The rest of the time they will be at Mum's. We are planning a trip to the pictures and perhaps bowling? The second week I have no plans yet. I did think we might go to Echuca for an over nighter? if I leave that until Friday Col can come. I wouldn't mind taking them into the city on the train.

I must get going I am tired and need to hit the hay.

xx Nise xx

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wet Wintery Day

Yep Winter is really here. It is so cold and wet today I am glad I am home.

These are the candle holders I was telling you about Sham... The candles in the wall one are scented it is called peace and they smell yummy. not over powering just nice.

When I go in to lay by the other wall one I might pick up some more candles in a different scent. I have just about used up the ones in it now :)

I am cold sore and a little grumpy today so thats all for now :)

xx Nise xx

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tis me....

Yep tis just little ol me....

Well we are all finally over our colds and flu's (me thinks) AJ was the only one not to get sick just a sniffle or two. I am waiting for it to hit him but I hope it doesn't cause its a doozy!

OK a lot has happened over the last couple of weeks so I will give you the short version....

We FINALLY have our van back :) it looks so good we are thrilled. It was away for 4 nights and 3 1/2 days and I bet if you asked him Col could tell you how many hours and seconds. He missed his baby. The hire van was a load of C$@p and he made sure they knew it when he returned it. The insurance have agreed it was her fault so have sent her the bill including the hire van cost. so with fingers crossed we might get the hire cost back?? not holding the breath on that one.

Work is good for both of us right now. Col is busier than normal as one of the drivers is in Bali for 4 weeks so he and the other remaining driver are picking up the slack. he is still home usually by 4pm so he and the kids get to so the homework thing or whatever.

I have been at Target 1 year. I hate it.... it pays very well and fits (most days) with the kids so I will continue to live with it. I had a late shift today and didn't finish until 4. Col was home early and did the school run and surprised the kids they thought they were walking home alone but he was there so that was cool. Tomorrow is another late shift 5:30 finish. Jake is home tomorrow so he will collect them if Col isn't home. They are all really good together and don't kill each other so we don't feel so bad about them having to be alone for an hour or so.

Last night we left them after dinner while we food shopped it was bliss. Jake is 14 next Thursday and old enough to "Babysit" mind you he gets paid for it!

What else to tell... for those that know of the Coolstore?? well it changed hands 2 weeks ago. Ken has retired. not sure how he will go retiring??? I have never seen the man stop! I have known him my whole life (friend of dads) and he is never idle. WELL I am getting to a point here.... I know the new people that have brought it. They have another fruit shop and market garden on High street road. I have arranged for a part time job for Jake. He is Mr Money and will do almost anything for cash. He cant start just yet he has to wait for then to fully re arrange the store etc first. He is thrilled he can ride his bike to get there etc.

On a sad note :( we have not seen Col's family since Adams birthday (31st May) well we only saw Nita that day the last we saw of Mick was Shan's birthday (26th May) I expect we will see them for Jake's birthday next week??????? We will not go over there if there is a chance we will run into "he who shall not be named"... he has done his dash with me ... well he had along time ago but this is it no more chances. Col can see him if he chooses (which he says he never will) the in laws are welcome here anytime they know that so lets see???

Speaking of in laws..... Mick is 65 on July 4th. After the house is sold he will semi retire. Well that's the plan. They just have to get rid of the vermin running wild at the house first and I don't mean rodents.

Speaking of Rodents we have a new one. well we got her about 3 weeks ago? she was 5 weeks when we got her. We lost Missy a little while back and went to a breeder to pick the new one. We saw her at 2 weeks old and just knew. Her name is Peanut. she is a champagne rat and beautiful. She is Daddys baby! she will not however let anyone but me get her out of her cage. She started jumping tonight. She jumped from Col's shoulder to the floor and started to take off he was quick and stopped her getting eaten by Bobcat.

I am trying to get Col back into his RC cars. He backed off for a while with the new business and all he just didn't have the time. now with winter setting in it will be hard too. I am hoping that during the winter he can paint some bodies? or something ready for spring.

We do have another project on the go.... we are building another car. We did this in 1989/1990 when we built the HJ Monaro and have decided we want to do it again. This time we have a 1988 VN Calais. Yep Col's old car is coming to life as a street machine. We brought another one 2 years ago for parts and have SO many I think we could build 2 cars! We have picked a paint and know exactly what it will look like. Now for the engine... I thought he outdoors would want a thumping V8 but NO he wants to do go with new technology and is looking at a newer commodore at the auctions for the engine.... She indoors isn't impressed! I liked my V8...

Speaking of V8's! We have our tickets lined up for Sandown. I managed to get 3 day passes this year. Cant wait.....I love the smell of racing fuel in the morning.......................

AND if Mark Skaife keeps this good run up I wont divorce him! I have threatened to for 7 months and finally he WON... think I am mad?? yep I am... running joke that Mark Skaife is my second husband when he is winning...... Col keeps asking when he is going to pay child support....

OK nuff for now....

xx Nise xx

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


It is freezing here today... the sun is out but it is cold.I have the heater on and washing hanging about like a chinese laundry :) Not sure what to do with the towels??? no where left to hang them... they will have towait for something to dry...

Here is the second photo of the wizard. He is coming along slowly.

I hope to get a heap of stitching done today.

I have taken some cold and flu tablets and am starting to feel better. I hate having a cold it is very draining.

Ok wish me luck with this wizard...

xx Nise xx

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Were all sick :(

2 kids and I are all sick with the flu. I am thrilled worked cancelled my shift for today as I really dont think i could have gone and I have 2 kids home anyway... We have a DR appointment at 11:30.

Aj's Birthday on thursday so I will go shooping today. He wants a game that dosnt come out until next monday so i will get hime something to open on the day then give him the game monday. He has been told and understands so thats cool.

I HATE WORK.... now thats not really true I like work I hate my job! I have discovered that no matter what you do it isnt right. 2 bitches at work have it in for me and I DO NOT want them to win but I can not stand it there anymore. I have lodged a formal complaint with managment and intend to have it followed up. I have also lodged my resume with the coles group and asked for a transfer so will wait and see what happens????? The worst part is one of the cows is my supervisor! Managment agrees there is an issue and have promised me they will fix it... yeah right.

I have not stitched for days... I am missing it and wouldnt mind doing some today. The wizard is coming along but I need a good stitching session to make an impact.

I will take a photo of the wizard today before i start onhim again...

xx Nise xx

Saturday, May 26, 2007

What a day!

Today was Shannons 11th birthday and guess what she is sick :( we had planned a dinner out but decided to stay in and have family over here. We went to Grandmas for lunch yummy veg soup and crusty bread. My sister was up with her 2 girls so it was nice to have a catch up. I miss her and wish she were closer.

We had Col's tribe over for dinner but brought in pizza and pasta. it was nice but I do prefer home cooked and next time will make something. It is the first time in almost 17 years we have had his olds over for a meal. As a rule he wont eat out but tonight i think he was under threats of murder to be here! lol.... Cols brothers came too yep both of them! I almost fell off my chair when the unwelcome one turned up. He behaved and we had a nice night. I would like to do it again.

The van goes in on Tuesday AM to be fixed. Fingers crossed they dont take too long. the RACV have said they will try and recover our hire van costs but wont guarantee it so we want this to be as quick as possible.

The house is clean so tomorrow will be a day for me. I am working 5 days this week and wont get much me time so plan to have a sit and stitch while I can. I have promised Shan a trip to knox to spend birthday money but thats about it.

Ok every ones gone to bed I think I need a cup of tea and some light reading before bed.

xx Nise xx

Monday, May 14, 2007

Just another day...

BUT i have "stuff to show you"
the bear I won in a raffle.... & the new signs on the van...

AND the start of my wizard... Oh and us on my 21st...he one i was telling you about sham....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Still going...

Strong with the Celbrity slim. have been really good over the weekend and i thought this would be the hardest.

We had dinner out last night with the inlaws and i just ate healthy. it was cool really. I drank water not soft drink and felt better for it.

We also had DH's Aunt and uncle from QLD. they flew inlast thursday night aunt's sister isnt well and is expected to pass this week so they are here until the funeral etc. it was nice catchingup but sad too. We saw them again today for a quick cuppa and are having a BBQ with them on ANZAC day. They have one of their adult (24) grand daughters coming at the end of the week. We have not met her before so that will be nice.

I have a new washing machine. The Old one bit the dirt. it can be fixed but is not economical to fix any more :( i brought that machine after Shan was born to wash her nappies it and I have fond memories.... Oh well I have a new friend now. LOL and i am sure we will spend many hours together!

Work this week is short. monday,thurs and Fri. I am looking forward to having a couple of days off I can tell you.

xx nise xx

Friday, April 20, 2007

D Day!

Today I brought and have had my first Celebrity Slim. mmm Yummy fake chocolate!

I have lost 5 kilos since christmas and am stuck. SO this is a boost I hope to get me going agian. I am going to put the walker down and start walking again. I will steal one of the boys ipods and upload a selection of boppy tunes and away I will go.

My sister is doing this too and has been at it or almost a week and can already tell she has lost weight but isnt going to weigh herself just yet.

OK let the fun begin..... I have made a secret diary LOL with measurments etc and have hidden it well..... so I will keep you updated.

xx Nise xx

Sunday, April 15, 2007

it's been a while!

Finally I get 5 minutes to myself.

Yes it has been a while BUT no that much has happened. cool hey.

The only news i have for you is....

* Aus Post guy payed up the day before the court case! hands up if you knew that was going to happen!

* Work is great for both of us. (something going right for a change)

* The kids have been on school holidays but are back as of tomorrow. It hasnt been too bad as I have worked and they have been at grandmas and we had Easter in there so was all good. I do think they are looking forward to going back.

* Have not seen very much of either family. We have just been too busy. We did have cousin Michael stay last week for 3 days that was cool. He is SO funny. he turned 17 on Easter sunday and if you ask him he will tell you how many days until he can go for his drivers licence. He drives Julie every where and is a very good driver. Jake stayed there on Friday and came home yesterday. He has decided Holly loves him. She would not leave him alone and kept at him to pick her up. He is just a softy. Julie and Steve should move into the new house in lilydale in about 3 weeks. They are not holding their breath. Cant wait to see the house finished.

OK best away ... Have stuff to do before hitting they hay.

Stay cool people!

xx Nise xx

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Meet Zio Bert & Zia Alma....

These are Colin's Uncle and Aunt from Italy.

They took us all to the Notting hill Pub last night to celebrate their 50th Wedding anniversary.

The venue was their choice... We wanted to go some place nicer but we had a ball it was fantastic.

It is rather sad that they will be going home on Saturday and we may never see them again :( Zia will celebrate her 77th birthday on Friday and dosnt like to travel by plane. Give her a ship and she's fine! a week after they get home they are off on a cruise of Europe and then next year they have booked a cruise to America where they will see Mexico etc.

Today we are off back to the inlaws for arvo tea and to catch up with even more family. The camera is getting a workout I can tell you.

Zia Wants to take the kids home with her and send them home as adults. She promised to feed them! LOL I can imagine.....

I did not get a good photo of Jake with Zia so I will try again today...

Be cool people

xx Nise xx

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just another day

It's finally Saturday and I can go on a bit of a go slow...

The weeks are just getting so full of "stuff" that has to be done and there is never enough time for fun stuff.

This week has been interesting :) We have DH's Aunt & Uncle from Italy staying with the outlaws until the 3rd of march and are trying to see them as much as possible. Aunt turns 77 on the 2nd and we are all sure this will be their last trip Down Under. We are trying to make as many memorys as possible for the kids. We are taking stacks of photo's and have photo's of cousins DH has not seen since he was young to make copies of. These cousins live 40 minutes away yet none of us would know them if we fell over them in the street! Sad really. DH has decided he wants to catch up with them this year. One is now living in Adelaide so that could be a good meeting....

This week also saw the start of my new Healthy Eating Habbits. We all generally eat well but I think we could try harder :) I am keeping (for myself) a food journal and it is helpfull to see on paper just what you have had for the day.

I going to try and get into some form of routine soon. I need to get things done around here and the adhoc way of doing thigs isnt working. I have 3 great little helpers who for $5 will do just about anything so I guess a wad of $5 notes will see me right....

Must keep moving and get some washing done.... another busy day with Zio & Zia ahead..

xx Nise xx