Friday, July 27, 2007

Hooray it's Friday

I am wagging today. I should be at work but am full of a head cold and feeling rather yuk.
I have done a heap of hours this week so am not fussed about not working today.

I will instead catch up on some house work and perhaps if the mood strikes food shop.

The house is pretty clean just a bit untidy. I do not think it will take very much to get it in to shape for the weekend.

I have not stitched in daysssss..... and I am thinking I might start something today you know THERAPY.

Work is ok at the moment. I am getting plenty of shifts I just never know when they are. I just wish I had a weeks notice so I could plan a bit better.

enjoy your Friday

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Winter is YUK

It is freezing here today. It is colder than I remember for years. I wonder if it is because I am getting older OR it is just getting colder?

We were waiting for snow last night. it did fall at Ferny Creek which is about a 10 minute drive from here. They got a good coverage. I am glad we didn't get it as it was cold enough.

I was home today. The 2 youngest had the day off for parent teacher interviews. We took the opportunity to wash everything in the house that needed washing and took it all to the Laundromat to get it all dry. It took $8 to dry it all and we were not gone that long BUT I decided to go buy a drier. I just do not have the time to get to the Laundromat every other day. I managed to get a good drier for a good price. I paid extra to get the bigger size. why waste time I say. So then we got it home and had nothing to dry! LOL I ended up creating a load of washing.

I am working tomorrow and Friday. Target toy sale. mmm sounds like fun hey. Last years was a bit of a dud. ringwood store has opened at midnight the night before the sale and it was mega busy. Our sales were down last year and they think thats why? So they are not doing that this year so will see what tomorrow brings. I am on from 9:30 til 4:30 so will wear comfy shoes.

OK Off to clean up this lounge room while no one is in it :)
xx Nise xx

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hey Hey it's Saturday.

It is nice and Sunny here this morning. It is very cool out but the sun is nice to see. We do not have anything much planned for the day ahead but if this weather holds we might be able to get some stuff done outside? I would really like to mow thw lawns but they are so wet I think it would just rip them up. I will wait and see what they are like later in the day.

I have the kids on back to school detail. LOL funny arnt I. they have to strip their beds and make sure all their washing is out. Then they have to vac the floor in their room and make sure their bags are packed for Monday. They have to do all this before lunch today. no TV or PC until it is done so guess what.... they are doin it! AMAZING

OK off to make coffee and inspect the kids handy work :)

xx Nise xx

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday 13th dont walk under a ladder now!

I am not superstitious BUT on Friday 13th I take no chances!

Finally I get a whole day home :) I am thrilled. No extra kids no shopping to do I can just stay at home. I do have a stack I would like to do but you know how it just accepts the chores as part of life. I have given up on the kids ever helping me so make their lives a misery while I do what they should be doing :)

I am on a fund raiser mission. Money is tight and I need/want a clothes drier. I am going to list some of my stash on ebay and other stuff too once I have rounded up what i think we dont want/need and I can sell. Bills are flowing in at the moment and we really could use our tax returns right about now but neither of ours is easy this year and will take time.

I am having issues like my good friend Charmaine with Telstra. too long to go into but they suck. Money they were not supposed to charge me they did and they cant take it off my bill (so they say) they want me to pay t and be in credit. Problem is I dont have the money to pay it. I have until tomorrow (sat) to come up with it or we lose the phone. I do not think I can do it as it is a large sum they are demanding for something that we didnt need/want and they "cant remove it" RUBBISH. I am so angry.

I hope you dont see many black cats today :)

xx Nise xx

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day 2...

Of me being home for the week and NOTHING ever goes they way it should.... Shan had a friend over Sunday night and she is back today. Short version.... I am the baby sitter! the father asked me to have fer for the week but I just cant. I need to do stuff with my kids that's why I have the week off. I have found another mum who can have the girl tomorrow and Thursday then he will need to get someone to have her Friday.

Today we were going to the pictures but it looks like thats on hold. Will wait and see what kind of mood they are all in.

remember my nieces are here too so mot sure how I am meant to get 6 kids any where?

I am thinking of hitting the Laundromat today to trey and get all the washing dry. it is hanging about like a chinese laundry. maybe the younger kids can come and help me with that? thrilling I know.

OK off to shower adn consume COFFEE...

xx Nise xx

Monday, July 9, 2007

Muddy Monday

Hello friends :)

Yep it is a muddy old wet and cold day in Melbourne. There has been a constant drizzle or light rain all weekend. And you you all know how it is when you decide to do some gardening? the rain sets in. I want to prepare a bed in the back yard for some spring flowers but cant get out there with weather like this. I will have to wait and jump on it the first sunny day we get :)

The weekend was quiet. Saturday we pottered about here just catching up on chores and enjoying not having to be anywhere but here. Then Saturday night My sister and her family came and the kids all stayed here and the "grown ups" went out for dinner. As usual we didnt stop laughing and ended up playing pokies and coming home with almost more than we went with so it was a good night. We have already planned the next night out it was a hoot.

Sunday Jake & AJ went with Nana & Pop to see Transformers. They were gone all afternoon and it was strange AJ not being here on a weekend. I think Nana & Pop had as much fun as the boys did. While they were gone Shan had a friend over who slept the night and I know they are planning for another night but that isnt going to happen :( My nieces will be here today for 2 days so no room for more I am afraid.

I worked flat out on my wizard this weekend and last night could have cried. I was so careful to make sure I had the right fabric size and got to the top and found it wont fit. I can make it do but apparently after a Google search I find that was a mistake on the chart! the fabric size....ARRGGHHHH so I have decided to put him away this week and work on something else. Not sure what yet but will go through the stash today. I will go back to him when I am not so pissed off.

On the home front.... we have been advised to wait to buy a house. Apparently according those in the know if we wait just a little longer we will pick up a bargain. They are forecasting a huge event int he real estate market and they think people will just not be able to afford the what they have and will start to sell rental's and the agent thinks we will get a better deal? We are investigating this theory... but so far it is right.

Off work this week to be here with the kids. They have already said they dont want to do anything but just stay home. Maybe get some dvd's. Fine by me. I have heaps to do and dont really feel like going here there and everywhere.

Ok Off for more coffee :)

xx Nise xx

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

T is for Tuesday....

Day 2 of the school holidays and I am hopme with the tribe today.

I have spent the better part of the day doing chores but feel beter for it. The house is finally getting clean.

We ran up to Lilydale ealier and picked up Michael. He is going to be the "babysitter" tomorrow.

I plan to veg out for a bit now and enjoy the tidy house. Dinner is fish and chips so nothing to worry about for a while.

Oh and the garage repairs..... LEAK. they were fine until the wind picked up late last night and then leaks everywhere. Now on to stage 2...

OK nuff for now.

xx Nise xx

Sunday, July 1, 2007


I am so over this house and its ever growing mess.... I am sure it grows while my back is turned. I used a whole box of washing powder in one day! whats that all about?

I am moody and grumpy today. I think I need a night out with my sister :) Nean hint hint!

Ok today is Sunday and we have done heaps this weekend. We decided to try and fix the leaky garage. The leaks are all on one side and naturally the side Col has his office. SO we climbed up there yesterday and checked out the situation. There is a join that isn't joined right (an add on bit) we cleaned it up and scratched our heads trying to think of the easiest/cheapest way to fix it. 2 days and $40 later we think we have done it. It is raining now so I am sure I will find out if we succeeded. We also managed to unblock a drain that wasn't helping either. so fingers crossed this works.....

We had a ball in bunnings all the DIY stuff almost as good as a stationary shop ( I have a thing for stationary). It got us to thinking about building a house. I think we might look at what we can get to fix up? will see what they are selling for etc.

Jake had some bad news with the coolstore :( they wont let him start until he is 14 and 9 months. They are not covered by workcover etc and wont take the risk. He will need to wait. Poor bugger is hanging.

Jake is also in BIG trouble. He failed Maths. 45%. He got too cocky. this is his key subject and he thought he was so good he wouldn't study for the test! Col tore strips off him Friday night. I was sooking and trying not to let them see me I had to leave the room. Something tells me his marks will improve next term.

We are on school holidays now. I am working 3 shifts this week (15 hours) and none in the second week. Jake is going to work with Col one of the days and Shan has plans with a friend. The rest of the time they will be at Mum's. We are planning a trip to the pictures and perhaps bowling? The second week I have no plans yet. I did think we might go to Echuca for an over nighter? if I leave that until Friday Col can come. I wouldn't mind taking them into the city on the train.

I must get going I am tired and need to hit the hay.

xx Nise xx