Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year....

4 1/2 hours to go and it's 2009.

I can then say Jake will be 16 this year and in year 10 and will also get his learners permit. Shannon will be 13 this year and starting high school and AJ will be double digits turning 10 and in grade 4. Cool now I feel really old!

We had fun and games here this morning at just after 3:30am. Someone tried to smash the drivers window on the van with rocks. Not sure why? to steal it or something they thought may have been in it? Ran the police who are sending a report. It could be the idiot from across the road who we are waring with? Not sure. BUT $420 later window repaired well almost waiting for it to come in.

Worked today and we were flat out. Mostly returns which I am sure surprises no one. There are so excellent bargains to be had if you have the time and money.

We went to Kmart to get power board and I wanted to check out the outdoor settings. We need a new smallish one for the front deck. We use this area every day and the table and chairs that is there are 10 years old and very weathered. I spotted a nice blue beige stripped set. Small square table and 4 chairs ended up paying $112. for the set. I am sitting at it now with a coffee and my laptop. very comfy chairs.

We are off the the Melbourne Aquarium early tomorrow so tonight wont be a late one. Might just make midnight then off to bed.

DH has set up an infer red camera to watch the cars and has hooked it up to the DVD recorder. If anyone comes back at least we will know if it is the neighbour.

I stitched a bit last night but was busy watching telly and used the wrong DMC so tonight will fix that and finish it off. New project tomorrow for a new year.

Have a good one all


Happy New Year....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to school shopping

Good Morning Today is Tuesday and therefor my RDO.

Today I planned to take the kids to the Dandy market. Shan is looking for a school bag and I need to get some School pants for her. So will see after she wakes if the mood is right??? (grumpy girl of late)

I created an excel spreadsheet this morning of stationary and text books for Jake and Shannon so I am not doubling up at the stationary store. Nothing worse than you are at the other end of the store and need 1 thing from way down the front etc. I don't have much to get really. I already have most of the text books ( I love eBay) and the couple I don't I am watching on eBay and if I don't get them I will just buy them through the school. Anyone who knows me knows I need to be organized. I have payed all the school fees before they finished school so now have little to do. I have a list of Shans uniform and marked off what we need but cant get that til they reopen after the 12th.

We also need to look for School shoes.... now this could be fun she has NEVER had school shoes ;)

AJ has a very wobbly tooth this morning and is nagging me to pull it out. It isnt that ready! He wants raw carrot for breakfast. I think he wants it gone.

Jake stayed at Nana's last night. He is bored. Nothing for him to do there but Nana might go to shops and Jake has money to burn. I did offer to take him to the market with us but he wants to go to Knox city and I am NOT going there on my day off. I am there every other day. Sorry Jake.

We are planning a trip in to the City on Thursday to the Melbourne Aquarium. We are all home ( new years day) and it doesn't matter what the weather is like we can still go. Considering we are in mid summer and it is cool and rainy I am being cautious with what I plan.

We also would like to do a beach trip at some stage. Perhaps fish and chips on a pier somewhere.
I know DH has nominated us to take Zio and Zia to the Mornington Cemetery to see Erminios grave so perhaps we can take them out to lunch that day?

Ok need to make a bed or two and hang some washing up. Was going to hang a load on the line but me thinks now its raining it might get a ride in the drier.

Have a good Tuesday.


Monday, December 29, 2008

I dont give a fat rats clacker!

Who if anyone reads my blog. I do this for me and if someone stumbles across it great. I am over worrying that no one replies so there !

Yes I am in a mood. I HATE Christmas and am so glad it's OVER. I am planning to hold our own private Christmas here for my DH and our kids and blow anyone else if we argue it's our business and bugger the rest of ya!

Christmas eve was fantastic at my mums house and we had a blast. can not say the same for Christmas day at the in laws. Food was cold and covered in flies a child was peeing all over the place and apparently that was funny? It was good to catch up with Alma & Bert from Italy but a god dammed shame my husbands family cant shut their mouths and enjoy good company. By 7pm the Italian family were packing their bags and were gone by 9:30.

Do not even know where they are now. Spoke to them Saturday afternoon and arranged a visit for next Saturday but they are not sure where they will be and will have to let us know. Sad just very sad.

On a light note we brought a new 3ft fish tank complete with cabinet and hood. We are in the process of staining it before assembeling. We are planning a trip to the Aquarium on Thursday ( new years day) to look at all the pretty fish so might come home with some set up ideas?

Have not been stitching have been too grumpy to think about that. I want/need to but just cant relax enough to concentrate.

I was going to take the kids to the Dandenong market tomorrow but will see what mood they are in in the morning.

Off to stir the pasta sauce I am making for dinner.



Monday, December 8, 2008

Well it may only be the 8th of December but man has it gone fast. Lots to get done in December...

This is how my month is shaping up.

worked first few days then got sick. Had Thursday and Friday off last week and generally vegged. Did not feel like doing ANYTHING that was not essential. Then the weekend came and went too fast but I did manage to get on top of chores.

Tonight we went to watch Jake play guitar at his school for the year 9 end of year final fling if you like. He was fantastic of course.

He's the one in yellow. He has been accepted into a private guitar school. Costs a small fortune hard to get into limited places. We have been on the waiting list 3 years. His reward will be a new guitar (after Christmas).

Tomorrow (9th) Shannon has orientation at high school. Need to drop AJ at Grans so she can take him to school then I can take Jake and Shan to high school then back at 3 to collect them both. Roast Lamb tomorrow night for tea YUM.

Then we need to look for shoes and a jacket for Shan's graduation which is on the 15th. So that will be this weekends shopping trip.

Paid school fees etc Friday so am somewhat poorer until Mr Rudds stimulus package come through. For me not until the 18th :(

Uncle and Aunt arrive Monday from Italy for 3 months. Wont see then until the weekend.

Have given Jake Wednesday off school to look for a part time job over Christmas so must remember to help him with Resume.

Jake finishes school Wednesday next week. Shan and AJ don't finish until the 19th. I have booked an early shift at work that day so I can be at Shan's last assembly. Being a captain she has to make a speech so I really want to be there for that.

Working right up until Christmas eve. Then back the Monday after so will have to plan baby sitting etc around Colin and myself.

Have pretty much finished the Christmas shopping just need a few stocking fillers and a mulcher for the in laws.

So that's pretty much my December.