Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You guessed it it is Tuesday!

I could write a book Tuesdays with Denise!

Not much has happened since I was here last... I did post some pics of Jake last week they are his year 7,8 & 9 school photo's the tiny one was year 7 the freaky hair is this year so the normalish one was last year or year 8. The other kids get their photo's done on the 16th so will post them when they arrive.

I had Riah over the weekend and she and Shan had a ball. We took them to the market Sunday and they just had fun hanging out. They chat all the time but dont often get to physically be together.
We are going to try and do it more often.

Nadine and I took Mum out for dinner Saturday night for mothers day. Nean wont make it up on the day so while she was up we made the most of it.

I plan to spend today catching up on those chores you just never get time for you know the base boards the cobwebs that sort of thing. I manage to get the essential stuff done but the little bits are bugging me. I really want to clean the windows too so might do that before I shower.

So a boring week really but there you go.

Monday is council collection so we are going to have a clean up over the weekend to ditch the rubbish that builds up that you never get rid of. We are clearing out the garage too we are ordering a little shed to go in the big shed so Col can have a dry office. it is crazy every time we get rain he gets flooded. So I guess I am in for a busy weekend.

Stay safe all and until next Tuesday ciao