Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello Bloggers it has been a while...

Too much has happened so not even going to try and update you....

BUT I wanted to post a couple of picture... One is our Coral from my local paper

And then there is my Just Nan finish... the ghosts glow in the dark....
And Dragon Rampant for Aj's teacher.... just need to frame him

Ok I am going to TRY and start posting on a more regular basis. I do not have as much on my plate in the new year and "Should" have more time on my hands.

Stay tuned :)


Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello Fellow Blogers

Today is Monday September 21st. My Birthday. Yep 21 again!

School holidays here in Melbourne so have kidlets to entertain for 2 weeks.. The biggest one is out and about with a cousin for a day or so and I am home today and tomorrow so that should make the younger two easier to manage.

I have to try and get in to get my nails done today. They are so long I cant do anything. Typing is particularly hard.....

I am making a cake later with AJ and Shan is helping me later make roast chicken for dinner.

The sun is shining what more can a girl ask for ;)

Have a great day all

Nise (still 21)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here I am alive and well

I am not sure who reads this blog. I do this for me. It is like therapy for me to be able to vent. I do not have the time anymore to sit with a friend and have coffee and chat or catch up so I vent here.


MIL is still at rehab. Doing well just not making rapid improvements. She still needs help with everything from brushing her hair to eating her meals. She is very aware of whats going on and able to chat with you etc but she is vague sometimes. It is called Vascular dementia. She was perfectly normal before the stroke but has dementia now. She is starting to show typical dementia signs aggression, depression moods all over the place. She has also become VERY vocal and has no ability to keep things in. she says exactly what she is thinking and dosnt care who hears. She can appear very rude.

They are still working towards getting her home but not sure how long that will take. Will have to wait and see.

All is well in my camp. The kids are fantastic. Jake has been driving around clocking up hours in his log book. He is doing really well but needs to listen to his mother! Shannon is enjoying high school and finally learning how to deal with those bitchy girls. She is much happier. Adam is still my funny little monkey man. He is doing so well at school this year. I think having a male teacher has made a HUGE difference in him.

I have finished a blanket for MIL in her team Collingwood colors. I hated making it I detest Collingwood. GO Tigers......

I also stitched a bit over the last couple of days. I have not done any for months. I need to make some Christmas ornaments before November so should extract digit.

Ok enough rambling I need to go see what I can create for tea.

Have a good one until next time bye bye


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Have ya missed me????????????

Ok been busy I am sure I will forget something but this is the basics.....

On July 21st Mother in law had major stroke. happened at 11:45pm and father in law carried her to bed cause he thought she was tired???????????? then rang us at 5am next morning to ask for help as she couldn't move. She stayed in hospital for 7 days then was moved to a rehab center.

The low down is she is completely paralyzed down left side. Dr's have said she will not walk and are looking at a wheel chair for her. Problem is she will not be able to come home until she is low level care at the moment she is high level and they do not think this is going to change. Family meeting is Monday to discuss nursing homes etc.

On the 23rd my bestest friend in the whole world came for a long weekend. We had a blast and she really helped me deal with things. I am sorry we could do what we had planned but we still had a gret time and I was so very sad leaving the airport :(

I have not stitched sewed or done ANYTHING for me since before the stroke. My life has been consumed with DH's family. Has been interesting.

I have decided to make Mother in law a rug for her bed. all the other patients have something so I am going to make her a colloingwood croceted type thing. I might go to Kmart tomorrow and look for the wool. They make up quick and it dosnt need to be too big so should be done over the weekend I hope.

I also had a job intrview for a position whitin the same company I am working for now just a different store and job. There were 2 positions and I got accepted for one of them but not the one I wanted so turned it down. Not worth the extra k's for something I am not really intersted in doing. So I guess I keep looking.

Thats it for now I am tired and headachy

Night all


Friday, July 3, 2009

Well it is the end of the first week of school holidays and so far so good. No one has had to die although they have come close. Lets see what the new week bring.... ;)

I have managed to get the house in order and can relax a bit. I cannot relax when there is stuff to be done. I am looking forward to doing some me stuff. Tax this weekend then me stuff next week.

Jake has been driving. He is a natural. I thought I would be nervous but he is so calm and it makes me calm. the weather has not been the best so he hasnt done much but we need to practice parking next so we can actually go places not just drive around :) he has driven to Nana's and thought that was cool. He wouldn't get out of the car until they came out to see he was driving.

I must have slept funny I have a really stiff sore neck. I am waiting for Col to get home and rub some deep heat into it cause the kids run far away when they smell that stuff. They reckon it smells like old dead people. Maybe they are right.

OK need to get a move on am taking kid the the movies this arvo. pj pants are not cool for the pictures.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's been a while since I said hello so HELLO...

I have had a lot going on over the past few weeks and have found little time for blogging etc. I have not touched a craft project in ages. I want to I am just too tired by the time I get me time. But all should settle down now. Thankfully.

I am on holidays as of Friday YIPPEEE 2 weeks off. Yes it will be school holidays but I have plans for things to do with the kids so we will keep out of trouble :)

This week and last Jake has been doing work experience with an Electrician. He is having a ball and has pretty much decided this is they way he wants to go. He also started a part time job at Target during this time and likes that too. He is a money junkie and anything he can do to make money is good. He also turned 16 on Sunday and today sat for his learners permit which he passed 94%. Naturally that meant we had to go driving. He did an hour and then we were both ready to come home. Heahs a proper lesson on Saturday with an instructor.

Shan has to find a new Bass teacher. The lady who she has is a guitar teacher not Bass so she has learnt all she can from her and needs to move on. I have a name of a teacher and need to make a call.

Had parent teacher interview with AJ's teacher tonight and he is doing really well. This teacher has helped him re learn how to write with his crook hand. So we may not have to have surgery if he can manage a pen etc. Will speak to his specialist in August and see what he says? He couldnt have the surgery til he turned 1o. He is now 10 so we need to think about it sooner rateher than later.

Col has been busy building his trailer. It is coming along well and is now up to paint. We went and brought new brake stuff for it last week and some other bits he couldnt fabricate. He has made pretty much most of the parts himself I am so proud of what he has done.

We have had one confirmed case of Swine flu at the primary schoool. Apparently they dont close the school now just warn the community. We ahve all been crook but not had swine flu. I thought Col may have had it yesterday and took him to the DR but nope just a cold with a fever.... He is on meds and feeling heaps better today thankfully.

Ok time for bed me thinks I am tired and up early with Jake for work tomorrow.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vintage Sampler by Marg Low

My stitchery purse.. I hunted high and low for the measuring tape binding for the pull cord. I wanted it to have numerals on it somewhere. I am really pleased with how it turned out and amd happy now I spent so much money on the charms. between the 3 (snail,hummingbird & bunny) it cost me $48. I adore the snail and think I might get another one for a Just Nan Biscornu I am working on.

The purse is lined and I think the sewing machine and I are starting to understand one another ;) It went so smoothly I think I am ready to up the anti and make something more complicated.


My stitchery purse..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good morning one and all

Been a while so thought I would say HELLO

Have been busy yet not getting much done if that makes any sense...

I have completed a few jobs that you cant see but I know needed to be done and now have been done Like windows and washing of mattress protectors that sort of thing. So I feel good knowing I have done stuff.

I would love to have more time for my crafts and other indulgences but with a family to care for I am not finding much time for me. Oh well that's what retirement is for hey... I have to keep reminding myself I have 3 kids the youngest 9, a house to run, a business to juggle and my own job that takes me away for 18 3/4 hours a week. If you were to add it all up there isn't much time left.

So in saying that I am off to make a coffee and straighten my hair before heading off to play nice to the public at work.

More soon


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Morning all...

The day went well and was generally a good day.

It was nice to catch up with the ladies I work with. We have become close. Well some of us have ;)

I was thrilled to find out the one of the ladies who has spent over $50k on IVF is finally pregnant. She has a scan next Friday to see how many babies there are. This was her last attempt as no more eggs and last year she had her ovaries removed. I was crying with her as she told me. worst part I couldn't tell anyone cause she has only told a select few she works closely with. She is 9 weeks and due in Mid November. Straight after work I went to Lincraft and got some baby wool and have started a baby set then thought CRAP what if there are more than one baby so I am going back today to get more wool just in case :)

The kids were OK at Grans yesterday. Shan hated it but AJ was ok. They are going back today but at lunch time. They can have the morning here MSNing etc then wander down for lunch.

Yes Sham thats the tea room and I can't wait to take you. I am getting VERY excited.

Ok off to straighten the hair (looks like a birch broom in a fit) then off to work.

OH sold some stuff on Ebay... 2 Auctions actually. One I have listed as posted etc but keep getting emails where is it. Mind you the auction ended Easter Monday and I posted Tuesday. She is in far north Queensland. I have listed the item as shipped and replyed to her emails. This could be fun. The other was a pattern I charged $4 postage. I got a padded bag etc and it cost me around $3 I guess in the end to post and she is whining about the cost of postage. I did explain the postage price was listed etc but she left good feedback. I am not sure I like Ebay now. Too stressful.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wasting time til I have to leave for work...

I have had 11 days away from that place and am not really looking forward to going back. I know if I left it any longer I wouldn't want to go back so it is probably a good thing that I go back today.

I have achieved a l lot while on holidays. I managed to complete a few projects that were hanging about and I even cleaned the house and caught up on the laundry. Dishwasher,Washing machine & drier worked their little hearts out while I stitched. Perfect I thought.

I am hopeful of some good news from work today. I need to change my hours (school run conflicts) and am finding out today whats happening. Will be better for me but no sure if they could wangle what I need. Will soon see I guess.

Not sure what is on for the weekend ahead. all depends on weather and kids commitments. I wouldn't mind a drive in the hills for arvo tea at some stage. last time we went up we found the cutest little tea rooms and they were such nice people that I can't wait to get back there.

Ok wastd enough time rabbiting on.... Wish me luck!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is what I have been up to. I got a pattern from a Handmade Magazine and fiddled with it and made a "thing" for my chair to hold my stitching stuff. The sewing machine and I made friends over this one I can tell you.

The I love Cross Stitch was from the online magazine The Gift of Stitching. It was a back issue (#30) and I t was fun to stitch. I added the hand painted button instead of a stitched heart. I am going to figure out how to finish/frame it today. The Bisconu is a Just Nan design I stitched a few years ago and stumbled across in my pile of finish of somedays. I decided to make it up into a Biscornu. These little Just Nans are the perfect size for them. I have several of these in the to do folder.

I also finished the 2008 EMS sampler but have not taken a pic yet. You all know what that one looks like anyway.

I am stitching a Strawberry Emery today. It is also from The Gift of Stitching Mag. Not a bad little Magazine that one.


I got this yesterday in a cute little Stitchy store in Lilydale. I also got the charm (needed them for various projects) and the Enamel embellishments are for the Marg Low purse. They were just so cute I had to have them.

I can't for the love of me recall what I need the Acorn or the pear for but it was on my list of get when you see things. I am sure it will come to me. I have a box full off buttons and charms and I will keep them separate in there until I remember what they were for. I know the Peacock is for a Just Nan project and the others could be too. I lover her stuff.

Quiet day here today. I am just back from taking my car in to get the Auto serviced. I have ahd the car 3 years and never had it done. We have donated the car to Jake and I want it to be safe etc. We are not going to get a new car until the new year he wont be 18 for a while so I can still drive it etc. He has already saved and got a new stereo and speakers and has half the money
for a new paint job. Mind you it dosnt need one but he dosnt want a white car. What would I know I am only the mother.

Feeling like I am getting a sore throat today. always the way on holidays and bang get something. I am well stocked with throat lollies etc so might go start sucking them.

Bye for now

Monday, April 6, 2009

Morning all from a sunny but wet FernTree Gully.

2 outta 3 kids are still sleeping so I am trying not to make too much noise and enjoy a bit of quiet PC time. Once the holidays hit I struggle to get near this thing.

I have been rather productive and finished a few projects. I have felt overwhelmed and over committed of late and always feeling like I should be doing something.
Here is some of what I have needed/wanted to do and have done

* De cluttered house and got it ready for winter. managed to throw away 2 cubic meters of junk.

* Got the boys new beds and re did their room. Sorted bags of Jake's old clothes that I had kept for
AJ and tossed what ever yukky boy stuff in there that shouldn't have been. Smells much better.

* Re did Shannon's room Got her a new bed side table and matching desk. Got rid of the baby toys and made her room a teenagers room. Much nicer. Got her an Electric oil burner so she can have nice smells. She is currently burning a Chocolate melt from Dusk. smells like real chocolate I might add.

* Finished sorting My room. My bedroom seems to be the one stuff gets dumped in when it has no home. I sorted it all out and decided we needed a new bed suite. We went shopping and found the one we want but they only had the display which was damaged. They are trying to locate another or see if they can get the display repaired. It is a bed (head and end) bedside tables and a tallboy type thing with a mirror. I will be going down there this week so will try and get a photo of the display. I even managed to get new bedside lamps yesterday I think will go. The base may be too light but DH can fix that. I like the shape etc and the shade.

* finished a stitched quilt square for a friendship quilt.

* finished 3 or 4 small stitchy projects I had started. Need a small ornament frame for one so might his spotlight today for that (they have a sale on anyways).

* cleaned the kitchen including inside the cupboards. tossed old containers etc without lids. Can open now without fear of losing a limb from falling junk.

* made peace with the sewing machine!

The list could go ON forever but i am sure you get the idea. I feel a lot more in control.

Anywho I am going to find my coffee maker and put ona pot. I am then going to have a sit about for a while and stitch until the tribe rise, Then I might take then out to lunch.

Have a great week all


Friday, April 3, 2009

Thank the Deity of your choice it's Friday....

It has been a long week for me and I am so pleased it is finally Friday.

I got an email today from my Aunt the one Black Friday affected. She needs some help and has emailed me a list of what needs doing. I We are going up over Easter and I would love to get it all done for her so she can kinda get back to some form of normal. I will chat with DH and see what we can arrange ;)

We are now on school holidays and I have 11 days off. When I got to the school to collect AJ he had won 3rd prize in the raffle and was as pleased as punch. a rather large basket of goodies. The kids have already attacked it.

I finally sorted out my Ipod and have loaded most of what I want on it. I am currently working through a bit of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Most enjoyable. I can see thi s thing getting a bashing over the holidays. Drown out a few kids ;)

Chick pea patties for tea with steamed veg so should go and see how the steamer is traveling. I am guessing the spuds should be almost done.

Have a great weekend all


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello all out there in blog land

I had a day at home today. A day just for me. I have felt overwhelmed/over committed these past few weeks and decided I needed a day at home for me.

I started my day with a nice chat with my soul sister sham. We are starting to plan our weekend together in July. Can't wait. I have so many things I want to show you Sham when you come.

I did managed to get the chores done including cleaning the shower. You know that task no one likes to do.

I made friends with the sewing machine and am gaining confidence and think I am ready to tackle something more challenging. Not sure what but will have a think about it.

I also made 2 doz Easter Bunnie cookies. I iced around half and they were a hit. I will get some more cutters and over the holidays the kids can have a go at decorating them.

I then cleaned up my stitching area. I can only explain it as it having looked like the stitching fairy thew up all over the place. I had thread,fabric,charts,scissors,hand cream you name it all over the place. It is so neat now I am not wanting to use it. I need to get a nice jar or bowl to keep my orts in. I am sure I have something in a cupboard somewhere I can use. If not I might have to go buy something pretty.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Cause I am.... Charmaine is coming for a visit YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Monday, March 23, 2009


I have spent the last 2 weeks sorting this house. For no other reason that I can not stand it any longer and Winter is coming. You know the 3 months where you are all stuck inside with no room to move and stuff everywhere. I am on a mission to Winterize this house. I am almost done too.

I have loaded the trailer with junk and DH even had to make hungry boards cause it would have been a 2 trip run if he had not.

The boys room was the worst. They now have new beds and storage. Right down to new coat hangers! It looks and smells so nice (for now) Shan's room was done a few weeks ago and she loves her new desk and bedside table. She got her new Bass guitar last week and made a special place for it to go and all. I am very proud of her.

We are having the bathroom roof re done during the first week of the school holidays. It has all peeled and falling apart. The guy came and quoted it and said he didnt need to re plaster just strip it and seal it etc. so whatever just get it done is all I say.

Had a barney with my car pool lady this monrning. Today was her day. She only does 2 I do 3. She neglected to tell me her kids were not going to school today and she would not be able to take mine. I do not know how we managed it but we all got to where we were supposed to be on time. Maybe now they will understand why I get them up and ready so early.... I have decided to ditch her in the new term and my kids can bus it on the 2 days I struggle with. 4 of us need to be in 3 different places at the same time! I can multy task but am not that good.

OK Off to get changed to do the school run. I collect an extra now on a monday to take to dancing. Shannon has started dancing by the way... Jazz and hip hop.

Have a great week all


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I treated myself today to a road trip. Along the way I found some interesting places :)

I picked up some 3 sisters fabrics that I just had to have and some really cute buttons that were chanting "take us home".

I have a use for some of the buttons. I was hunting for flower buttons to use in place of giggle buttons on some stitcheries I want to do. Giggle buttons although very cute are also not cheap. I have a stack of giggle buttons so will use some of each so they blend. Should look ok. Now to remember which folder the patterns are in......

The fabric were just screaming at me to buy them I adore the patterns and think they might make a nice tote bag. Not sure yet will see where the scissors and sewing machine take me.

Off to get kids from school. Fun over :(


Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello all who drop in.

Yesterday my eldest niece turned 18. Lauren is now a big girl. She is having a party next Friday and I will give her the 18 punches in the arm then OH ad the 1 to grow on ;)

It is a long weekend here this weekend and I have achieved so much. I feel good as I look about at the tidy house with the clean floors. We have had so much wind over the past week all the ash has blown in from the fires and coated everything with a layer of fine back dust. It was so nice finally removing it all.

We are planning a tip run for next week and have borrowed mum's trailer (well will go get t today) and I need to get the boys room sorted out. They get their new beds next weekend and I need to toss a heap of stuff to make room. We have ordered them new bunks the ones with the double bed on the bottom and the single on the top. Jake is getting too big for the single bed.

I have not been doing a whole lot of stitching I have been busy with other projects. I am really wanting to stitch right now so might try and find some time today.

Ok time to get on with my day.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Ornament/Treasures update

I just wanted to thank everyone for there offers of help and support. I now have around 28 people both via the internet and privately who have offered to make something.


I have emailed everyone I have email addresses for BUT if you didn't get it, I need all completes goodies by the 3rd of November to be distributed early December.

If you would like more info email me

Trying to be positive and not talk FIRES or SMOKE cause we are all over them. In saying that I am sorry for those affected by them.

It is finally Friday. I am also home. The kids are all ill in someway shape or form so I will call the Doctor after 9 and try and get an appointment. Wish me luck ;)

Have been trying to get into stitching but just can't I am hoping today I might get some time to sort out my table and make sense of the mess I have and then I might be able to relax enough to stitch. Although 3 kids home not going to happen me feels.

I am so looking forward to the GTG day out in a couple of weeks. There has been so many negative comments made about this event that I am just not listening anymore. I am excited so raspberries to those that want to poo poo it!

Might even try and clean this house today while I am home. I wold LOVE to clean my room and change my bed etc you know the move the bed and vac etc kind of clean. It tends to get forgotten in my busy life.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

other things to make apart from ornaments...

Tea towel
Wall hanging
Hand towel
Pot holder
table runner
place mats
home sweet home picture
toilet roll holders
tea cosy

This stuff dosn't need to be cross stitched it can be anything home made.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And what an Idea it was

I wish to thank everyone who has offered to help me and make something.

I have over 20 ladies offering help.

Just goes to show what we can do.

After things have settled down a bit I will email everyone with full details.

Yesterday I spoke tot he Salvation Army who were thrilled with this idea. They like Terry-Louise have suggested not everyone celebrates Christmas so we are looking to make other "treasures" as well. Perhaps a nice Apron or table runner? Anything homemade that can turn a house into a home.

Once again thank you.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

I had an Idea!

Well today is a very sad day for Victorians. it is unknown how many people have been affected by the fires that have ripped through Victoria over the last few weeks.

There have been homes and lives lost.

I myself can not go put out a fire or rebuild a home. This got me to thinking What can I do.

I have decided to make Christmas ornaments. I am going to spend the year making ornaments for those that next Christmas will have none. They will have to buy a new tree and new ornaments. There old ones burnt. These will NEVER be as special as the ones the kids made or that families have gathered over the years BUT they will be made with love and not store brought.

If you have any ornaments you would like to contribute let me know. I will purchase containers to put them in and keep them safe until such time as they are distributed.

My intention is to contact the Salvation Army and ask them to help find homes for the ornaments.



Monday, February 2, 2009

Back to school....

As I write this i have mixed emotions. I love having the kids home and the break from routine. No lunches no school uniforms to have ready no school runs (for me 2 different schools) I do think they were ready to go back they were getting bored.


My baby girl (almost 13) Shannon started high school today. This is HUGE for me. This is the kid I dragged kicking and screaming to kinder and primary school for many years. She wanted to be with her mum. She was shaking this morning worrying about all that could go wrong. She only knows one other girl at the school and there are over 800 students.

I am sure she is fine. I am sure she will blossom. I am sure she will love high school as much as I did. BUT mummy is sad. Yes I had a tear.

The second one of Shan alone I am calling the thinker.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Man is it hot today. 38 and climbing. They say we are meant to get a cool change so I have a leg of lamb out and will make baked spuds and salad. The left over meat will be good for lunches.

3 more days and I am on holidays for 11 wholes days. 2 of them I have home alone ;)

Decided to create a word doc and back up all my bookmarks and passwords etc. sounded good whenI started but now I am over it so am blogging for something different to do .

I am also watching an Ebay auction for a DS game animal crossing. seems to be all the rage. Shan wants it and I wouldn't mind having a go. Currently I am the highest bidder and it has 32 min's to go.

Have not been stitching much of late have to many other things to do or my mind is going in circles. I am finally ready for the kids to go back to school well I thought I was until Jake announces today I stll have not got him new shorts. Oh well next week.

Ok off to hang laundry and then check back in on the auction. I amnot looking until it's over I have bid as much as I am going to.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A quiet day at home today ( I hope) Tuesday is my usual day off and I am SO happy today is Tuesday. Work has been rather busy. No time to think. The days go quick but I am excited about a day top do nothing.

I intend to wash the floors today. they are driving me nuts. I can ask till I am blue in the face but no one else can mop apparently. I also have to get the tax stuff ready for the accountant. Have put that off long enough.

I was going to take the kids to the movies today but they just want to hang at home with me. Nice hey.

Have just about finished getting the school supplies. I am still watching a couple of things on Ebay and plan to visit the school shop the last week of January so will have to buy whatever I cant get elsewhere. We are booked in for the 13th to get Shannons uniform (yes she is very excited) and then we need school shoes and a new back pack or 2 and we are ready.

I need to make a call this morning to confirm but I think we are having dinner with Col's Italian folks. We were to meet them Sunday but they had to cancel.

Ok Off to make Aj's Breakfast he ahs decided poached eggs!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

1st January 2009

Well so far so good... Nothing tragic or too eventful has happened yet. In saying that is just on 8am.

I am up alone having a nice cup of tea. I need to wake the tribe shortly for our trip to the city. We need to go collect Jake from a cousins friends in Lilydale so he can come too but I am concerned he will be smelly and typically boy like and need to come home for a shower first so I am thinking I might sneak off and get him while the others sleep and he can tidy up before we go.

We stayed up to see the new year in and watch all the illegal fireworks then went to bed. I have had rotten head aches and think is has more to do with what I am eating/not eating that anything else so today I am making an effort to eat properly. Yesterday I go home at just on 3ish and wondered why I felt yuk. I had not eaten all day just 2 cups of coffee. No wonder I am having issues with my weight. I am so hungry then that I eat anything.

I am going to check out the new wight watcher thing it's a one on one trainer. Not sure what the $$$ is yet or if I am going to do it? Have done wight watchers before twice and fell pregnant both times so it put me off :)

I spoke to my sister last night and she too has gained some weight. She wants to drop 10 kilos by her daughters 18th party in March. We are going to encourage each other and see what happens. I will use this as my short term goal. There is no way I will drop what I want/need to drop by then but if I can make a difference then I might keep going. I just enjoy the wrong foods I am afraid.

Ok AJ is up so best bust a move or we will never get going.