Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's been a while since I said hello so HELLO...

I have had a lot going on over the past few weeks and have found little time for blogging etc. I have not touched a craft project in ages. I want to I am just too tired by the time I get me time. But all should settle down now. Thankfully.

I am on holidays as of Friday YIPPEEE 2 weeks off. Yes it will be school holidays but I have plans for things to do with the kids so we will keep out of trouble :)

This week and last Jake has been doing work experience with an Electrician. He is having a ball and has pretty much decided this is they way he wants to go. He also started a part time job at Target during this time and likes that too. He is a money junkie and anything he can do to make money is good. He also turned 16 on Sunday and today sat for his learners permit which he passed 94%. Naturally that meant we had to go driving. He did an hour and then we were both ready to come home. Heahs a proper lesson on Saturday with an instructor.

Shan has to find a new Bass teacher. The lady who she has is a guitar teacher not Bass so she has learnt all she can from her and needs to move on. I have a name of a teacher and need to make a call.

Had parent teacher interview with AJ's teacher tonight and he is doing really well. This teacher has helped him re learn how to write with his crook hand. So we may not have to have surgery if he can manage a pen etc. Will speak to his specialist in August and see what he says? He couldnt have the surgery til he turned 1o. He is now 10 so we need to think about it sooner rateher than later.

Col has been busy building his trailer. It is coming along well and is now up to paint. We went and brought new brake stuff for it last week and some other bits he couldnt fabricate. He has made pretty much most of the parts himself I am so proud of what he has done.

We have had one confirmed case of Swine flu at the primary schoool. Apparently they dont close the school now just warn the community. We ahve all been crook but not had swine flu. I thought Col may have had it yesterday and took him to the DR but nope just a cold with a fever.... He is on meds and feeling heaps better today thankfully.

Ok time for bed me thinks I am tired and up early with Jake for work tomorrow.