Friday, July 3, 2009

Well it is the end of the first week of school holidays and so far so good. No one has had to die although they have come close. Lets see what the new week bring.... ;)

I have managed to get the house in order and can relax a bit. I cannot relax when there is stuff to be done. I am looking forward to doing some me stuff. Tax this weekend then me stuff next week.

Jake has been driving. He is a natural. I thought I would be nervous but he is so calm and it makes me calm. the weather has not been the best so he hasnt done much but we need to practice parking next so we can actually go places not just drive around :) he has driven to Nana's and thought that was cool. He wouldn't get out of the car until they came out to see he was driving.

I must have slept funny I have a really stiff sore neck. I am waiting for Col to get home and rub some deep heat into it cause the kids run far away when they smell that stuff. They reckon it smells like old dead people. Maybe they are right.

OK need to get a move on am taking kid the the movies this arvo. pj pants are not cool for the pictures.