Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Morning all

Have had a productive week and managed to achieve a lot in one area or another :)

Here is my fairy. I still have beading to complete then can start her wings.

As most of you know Monday last week Melbourne's Temperature got up into the 40's I have a kids wading pool and a portable spa. I got them both out and set them up on the front deck. I filled the pool from our water tank and the kids were able to have a splash and cool off. I might add the adults also were able to cool off one the kidlets were finished :)

My Shannon 13 & My AJ 10.

School Holidays on on the downward spiral thankfully. The kids are bored. 6 weeks if one can afford a holiday or endless shopping trips is OK. I have finished all the back to school shopping. They could all do with new school shoes so we might go do that next week.

I am trying to get back onto my diet. I have been behaving but need to knuckle down and get serious again. I had great success before Christmas and have only put 1 kilo back on but can see how quickly that could turn to more. My weakness good coffee with full cream milk several times a day......

On that subject off to make one.... I am restricting myself to 3 a day.... wish me luck ;)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ARGGHHHH I started a post and lost it :( Man I am so peeved....

BASICALLY I was trying to share with you my latest creations....

First one is a key chart I as playing about with the back is a scrap of pint floral I had so I used variegated pink for the key itself.

And here is Brookes Books The Spirit of Giving. I also have the Spirit of Christmas. I do not like the perforated paper very much but I like the end results...

This is the one I am waiting on the beads for. Bet they arrive tomorrow when I am walking out the door for work :)

Off to stitch :)