Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Day after....

And we are all knackered! I worked em all hard :) actually they did a great job and didn't really mind! Go figure. Col finished off out side now we just need to wait for the weed killer to kick in {insert evil laugh here}....

Inside at last is up to date. I still need to do the floors but decided to wait and do them later today once all the coming and going has stopped. We had Michael stay last night and I don't know those boys seem to be able to make mess of the floors just by looking at them.

We were going to wash the cars today but it rained a bit over night and was drizzling before when I stuck my head out the door. Glad I brought the washing in last night.

I am off to Lysterfield tomorrow to meet up with the librarian of my dad and aunts old primary school. I am talking the mid 40's apparently she has a lot of information from then and photo's so i am keen to have a look. I am then on from there to visit with Bronny in Pakenham. We plan to "do lunch" and generally chat and catch up. I have not seen her in ages. I hope I am not too late home tho I still have stuff to "do" on my day off. I am working the rest of the week.

OK more Java needed. I have decided no caffeine after 3.

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