Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yes I think I am...

nuf said!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Day after....

And we are all knackered! I worked em all hard :) actually they did a great job and didn't really mind! Go figure. Col finished off out side now we just need to wait for the weed killer to kick in {insert evil laugh here}....

Inside at last is up to date. I still need to do the floors but decided to wait and do them later today once all the coming and going has stopped. We had Michael stay last night and I don't know those boys seem to be able to make mess of the floors just by looking at them.

We were going to wash the cars today but it rained a bit over night and was drizzling before when I stuck my head out the door. Glad I brought the washing in last night.

I am off to Lysterfield tomorrow to meet up with the librarian of my dad and aunts old primary school. I am talking the mid 40's apparently she has a lot of information from then and photo's so i am keen to have a look. I am then on from there to visit with Bronny in Pakenham. We plan to "do lunch" and generally chat and catch up. I have not seen her in ages. I hope I am not too late home tho I still have stuff to "do" on my day off. I am working the rest of the week.

OK more Java needed. I have decided no caffeine after 3.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Because I said so thats why!

That is what I keep hearing myself say. The kids ask why and that is my response. We are having a day/weekend of spring cleaning come catch up. It is a glorious day here so far and it is only 9:50am. Supposed to be 19 degrees I think?

We have all been so busy with school and work and general life and along with weekends of bad weather been unable to get the chores done. We started on the outside last weekend and mowed and whipper snipped the back and last night Col started on the front. He did as much as he could before it got dark and plans to finish it today. He got out there one night during the week and did the round up weed killer thing so by next weekend the outside should look great.

I have kept up on the basic chores inside BUT there is always something extra to be done. And today is that day..... I have been working most days and not having a lot of time here I am a bit behind and that is why when the kids are asked to help and they whine they get told BECAUSE I SAID SO THATS WHY!

Monday, August 6, 2007

my new table

My new washer and drier.. note they are both full!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday.... one more day to go...

Until the weekend YIPPEEEE

It has been along week. I have worked all week and am tired :( I am looking forward to the weekend I can tell you.

Nothing much to report from here.... all is well. I have some blogs to read and will get to that this weekend. I am missing catching up on what ya all have been up to.

Shhhhhhhh I have Monday off but dont tell any one! it is a secret. if any of the kids find out they will be sick or if any of the family find out they will be on the phone seen as your home can you just help me etc etc