Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hey Hey It's Saturday....


Been a while I know. Been kinda busy. You know will all and nothing.

School holidays have started here in Victoria so that means I get some time off. Only a few days but enough to maybe catch up on some things I have wanted to do but just never have time. Like washing out the fridge now theres one thats been bugging me.

Off to get my nails done this morning then over to the in laws to remove a potbelly from the garage. They have sold their home and we claimed the potbelly so need to go get it and fix the small hole in the roof. The brother in law and his girlfriend that were living in the shed moved a week ago and mother in law wants the heating gone before they can move back ;)

Apart from that a quiet weekend I feel. We are all getting yet another cold so might take the opportunity to rug up and watch some DVD's. I have been collecting cheap DVDs for watching over winter both for the kids and us.

Some other news.... We now have his and her laptops. cheesy hey. I purchased a new program for my laptop and it wouldn't run it. Not enough memory. On further investigation the memory isnt cheap. while making phone calls I found a rather good deal on a laptop and Col went and got it for me for my Birthday (yes the big one but not till September so I am still in my 30's!). We decided it was so good and reasonable price we went back Monday and got another one for Col. Now picture this..... the 2 of us in our matching recliners laid back both using laptops and listening to Pink Floyd's dark side of the moon in surround sound. I must get a photo.

Ok off to make some coffee.

Until next time Stay safe


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