Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Have ya missed me????????????

Ok been busy I am sure I will forget something but this is the basics.....

On July 21st Mother in law had major stroke. happened at 11:45pm and father in law carried her to bed cause he thought she was tired???????????? then rang us at 5am next morning to ask for help as she couldn't move. She stayed in hospital for 7 days then was moved to a rehab center.

The low down is she is completely paralyzed down left side. Dr's have said she will not walk and are looking at a wheel chair for her. Problem is she will not be able to come home until she is low level care at the moment she is high level and they do not think this is going to change. Family meeting is Monday to discuss nursing homes etc.

On the 23rd my bestest friend in the whole world came for a long weekend. We had a blast and she really helped me deal with things. I am sorry we could do what we had planned but we still had a gret time and I was so very sad leaving the airport :(

I have not stitched sewed or done ANYTHING for me since before the stroke. My life has been consumed with DH's family. Has been interesting.

I have decided to make Mother in law a rug for her bed. all the other patients have something so I am going to make her a colloingwood croceted type thing. I might go to Kmart tomorrow and look for the wool. They make up quick and it dosnt need to be too big so should be done over the weekend I hope.

I also had a job intrview for a position whitin the same company I am working for now just a different store and job. There were 2 positions and I got accepted for one of them but not the one I wanted so turned it down. Not worth the extra k's for something I am not really intersted in doing. So I guess I keep looking.

Thats it for now I am tired and headachy

Night all



Bronny said...

YES you have been missed. I'd like to add more, but this is not quite the right forum. Hugs.

Sandy said...

I have missed you and have been checking your blog for updates regularly. Hang in there Nise, the rug for your MIL sounds like a lovely idea and crochet should make it a quick finish. Don't foget in all your taking care of DH's family to take care of you too.