Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello Fellow Blogers

Today is Monday September 21st. My Birthday. Yep 21 again!

School holidays here in Melbourne so have kidlets to entertain for 2 weeks.. The biggest one is out and about with a cousin for a day or so and I am home today and tomorrow so that should make the younger two easier to manage.

I have to try and get in to get my nails done today. They are so long I cant do anything. Typing is particularly hard.....

I am making a cake later with AJ and Shan is helping me later make roast chicken for dinner.

The sun is shining what more can a girl ask for ;)

Have a great day all

Nise (still 21)


Bronny said...

21 again,
21 again,
You've lost the key to the door,
You're sure you saw it here before,
Your memory's dim,
You just can't win,
Grey hairs are shining through,
Friends and Family love you
You're 21 again!!!!


Sandy said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Nise :) Hope you had a great day.
Thanks for reading my blog too and commenting, always nice to know someone reads it LOL. Maybe being school holidays you can bribe someone to help you dig the weeds.

Charmaine said...

Hey babe...dontcha mean 21 plus you have caught up to me again:)

mind year we will be 21 again (gulp!)