Sunday, April 15, 2007

it's been a while!

Finally I get 5 minutes to myself.

Yes it has been a while BUT no that much has happened. cool hey.

The only news i have for you is....

* Aus Post guy payed up the day before the court case! hands up if you knew that was going to happen!

* Work is great for both of us. (something going right for a change)

* The kids have been on school holidays but are back as of tomorrow. It hasnt been too bad as I have worked and they have been at grandmas and we had Easter in there so was all good. I do think they are looking forward to going back.

* Have not seen very much of either family. We have just been too busy. We did have cousin Michael stay last week for 3 days that was cool. He is SO funny. he turned 17 on Easter sunday and if you ask him he will tell you how many days until he can go for his drivers licence. He drives Julie every where and is a very good driver. Jake stayed there on Friday and came home yesterday. He has decided Holly loves him. She would not leave him alone and kept at him to pick her up. He is just a softy. Julie and Steve should move into the new house in lilydale in about 3 weeks. They are not holding their breath. Cant wait to see the house finished.

OK best away ... Have stuff to do before hitting they hay.

Stay cool people!

xx Nise xx

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