Sunday, April 22, 2007

Still going...

Strong with the Celbrity slim. have been really good over the weekend and i thought this would be the hardest.

We had dinner out last night with the inlaws and i just ate healthy. it was cool really. I drank water not soft drink and felt better for it.

We also had DH's Aunt and uncle from QLD. they flew inlast thursday night aunt's sister isnt well and is expected to pass this week so they are here until the funeral etc. it was nice catchingup but sad too. We saw them again today for a quick cuppa and are having a BBQ with them on ANZAC day. They have one of their adult (24) grand daughters coming at the end of the week. We have not met her before so that will be nice.

I have a new washing machine. The Old one bit the dirt. it can be fixed but is not economical to fix any more :( i brought that machine after Shan was born to wash her nappies it and I have fond memories.... Oh well I have a new friend now. LOL and i am sure we will spend many hours together!

Work this week is short. monday,thurs and Fri. I am looking forward to having a couple of days off I can tell you.

xx nise xx

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