Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Were all sick :(

2 kids and I are all sick with the flu. I am thrilled worked cancelled my shift for today as I really dont think i could have gone and I have 2 kids home anyway... We have a DR appointment at 11:30.

Aj's Birthday on thursday so I will go shooping today. He wants a game that dosnt come out until next monday so i will get hime something to open on the day then give him the game monday. He has been told and understands so thats cool.

I HATE WORK.... now thats not really true I like work I hate my job! I have discovered that no matter what you do it isnt right. 2 bitches at work have it in for me and I DO NOT want them to win but I can not stand it there anymore. I have lodged a formal complaint with managment and intend to have it followed up. I have also lodged my resume with the coles group and asked for a transfer so will wait and see what happens????? The worst part is one of the cows is my supervisor! Managment agrees there is an issue and have promised me they will fix it... yeah right.

I have not stitched for days... I am missing it and wouldnt mind doing some today. The wizard is coming along but I need a good stitching session to make an impact.

I will take a photo of the wizard today before i start onhim again...

xx Nise xx

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