Monday, March 24, 2008

I got a bike!`

How crazy am I...

DH and I decided to go crazy and we brought each other push bikes. After the first ride I took a word of advise from a good friend and went and got a good gel seat. My butt is still sore.

We are planning a ride tonight. I think we might just go up to the school so DS#2 can have a go. He is still learning to ride and I think the bike track is a bit too much for him.

Not a lot else happening here. We had a quiet easter and I have the rest of this week off so I am in no hurry to do anything really.

School holidays are happening here right now so I have my 3 darlings home too ;)

Have been stitching a little bit but not heaps. I have had a sore back and can not sit in my stupid crappy old chair for too long so end up going to bed early and reading which isn't a bad thing but I want to stitch. The kids have all been told normal bedtimes tonight and I might try stitching in the PC chair it is way more comfortable. We have been cruising the junk mail for a good lounge suite deal but need to save some more money first. What I want isn't in the budget pages put it that way.

Dinner is on and I think I might go sort out something to stitch tonight.

The weather is turning here and we are expecting rain all week. It is a little overcast now and rained for all of 5 minutes earlier but we really need a good heavy rain. The lawns are dead and I am saving all the abth wather for the plants but am tired like you all are I guess of trips from the bathroom to the garden. The weather man said we should get a thunder storm tonight but I am not holding my breath. I wish we did I love thunder storms.

Stay safe all

Charmaine it is good to see you back online...


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charmaine said...

Haha like you havent chatted to me for AGES...LOL

i loved our chat this morning...even if my house was kinda crazy LOL