Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm SO excited

Because I got a dishwasher!

Not very thrilling to some BUT to me it is HUGE. I have wanted one for years but there has always been something more important but yesterday we decided what the heck and went out and got one. She is beautiful. She is shiny stainless steel. I would have settled for white but what a shame they did not have any in stock to take there and then so Stainless it was.

I have only done 2 loads in her but so far she is a beaut.

Apart from that not a lot happening here. We are on a mission to have a mega pre winter clean up. Both in doors and out. We have been busy bees cleaning and throwing. I just keep coming home with stuff... I got a rice cooker on Friday at one of the electrical shops we went to on the great dishwasher hunt for $19. so Friday night was fried rice for tea. I also snagged a sandwich press for $27 down from $59 we love the toasties and foccacias.

I am home Tuesday so plan a kitchen revamp to get rid of junk and make room for the new appliances. I brought some fabric for new kitchen valances so might even get energetic and make those too.

Not going away for the long weekend next week. I am working Monday morning and it is my nieces 17th birthday Saturday so we going there Sunday for a BBQ lunch.

Best keep moving I need to figure out something for dinner. Toasties and rice? LOL

Have a good one all


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