Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hey Hey it's Saturday

Evening all....

Been a while since I posted I have been a little busy with one thing and another. Life in general I guess.

Not much really to report. We have had everything from health scares to fantastic school reports and everything in between.

Today was a glorious sunny day, a little windy but beautiful. I threw the doors open and aired the house and had a general cleaning day. Colin did the lawns and then serviced his van. We both spent some time on the pool changing the filter and vacuuming it etc getting it ready for the summer ahead. It is still murky but with the new filter it should look clearer in a couple of days.

Tonight I have my niece Riah staying over. She stayed last night and wanted to stay another. The girls have spent the day picnicking at the Arboretum and rolling down it's hills. They were on a high and have now crashed and are watching a movie and I am sure will nod off before it's finished.

Jake is staying over at Nanna and Pop's and is helping them clean out their sheds before there big move. He's a good boy and loves spending time with them. We will head over tomorrow and lend a hand.

On the stitching front I have a stack in the to do pile and will one day get around to it all. I have a couple of WIP's happening EMS sampler and Enchanted Alphabet. I am trying so hard NOT to start anything else. I have a couple of smallish things I would like to do and I would love to get started on somen stuff for the 123 GTG in March.

I am looking for a local craft/stitching group to join to get me out of the house perhaps a night a week. I must call the community house thats where I went last time and I had a ball.

Chat soon...


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