Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today is Thursday

I am home today and just can not seem to get going.

I am taking Adam & Shannon to see Wall-e at 10 so should move and get some washing out before we go. I made this name tag for the GTG in March. I need to go buy some interfacing to iron onto the back before I cut it and put it in a holder.
Bit worried it might fray?

I need to get a tassel today for another project so might risk it and take the kids to spotlight. I know i must be crazy right.

Not sure what I am going to stitch next. I might do a bit more on my Enchanted Alphabet next and try and get it done. I do have some Christmas stuff I would like to stitch but just can not get into that yet.

Went to see the in laws new house last night and man am I surprised. it is a very nice house but so not like anything they have brought before. In saying that I mean it is below their usual standards. This place you could consider a dump and I think there is too much work to be done for them at their age. Both DH and I are more than a little worried I can tell you that much.

Well best go get a load hung and another on it isn't going to do itself it would seem. I have waited over night and it's all still sitting there.

Waiting on 3 deliveries today.. Memory card for Jake's phone, Rose Gold Bangle I won on Ebay for $11.50! and a new digital camera DH decided I needed. I like when they want something it becomes someone elses need to justify it's purchase.... I think DH might need some new woman's clothes (in my size of course) oh and perhaps that new rug for under the PC desk....

Have a good one all


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Charmaine said...

lol about the womens clothes for col......did all the goodies come yet...give me the goss:)