Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A quiet day at home today ( I hope) Tuesday is my usual day off and I am SO happy today is Tuesday. Work has been rather busy. No time to think. The days go quick but I am excited about a day top do nothing.

I intend to wash the floors today. they are driving me nuts. I can ask till I am blue in the face but no one else can mop apparently. I also have to get the tax stuff ready for the accountant. Have put that off long enough.

I was going to take the kids to the movies today but they just want to hang at home with me. Nice hey.

Have just about finished getting the school supplies. I am still watching a couple of things on Ebay and plan to visit the school shop the last week of January so will have to buy whatever I cant get elsewhere. We are booked in for the 13th to get Shannons uniform (yes she is very excited) and then we need school shoes and a new back pack or 2 and we are ready.

I need to make a call this morning to confirm but I think we are having dinner with Col's Italian folks. We were to meet them Sunday but they had to cancel.

Ok Off to make Aj's Breakfast he ahs decided poached eggs!


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Sandy said...

Ah, the joys of being the mum/wife, funny how it is universal that no one else can work out how to use a mop, or a broom or an iron LOL