Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Man is it hot today. 38 and climbing. They say we are meant to get a cool change so I have a leg of lamb out and will make baked spuds and salad. The left over meat will be good for lunches.

3 more days and I am on holidays for 11 wholes days. 2 of them I have home alone ;)

Decided to create a word doc and back up all my bookmarks and passwords etc. sounded good whenI started but now I am over it so am blogging for something different to do .

I am also watching an Ebay auction for a DS game animal crossing. seems to be all the rage. Shan wants it and I wouldn't mind having a go. Currently I am the highest bidder and it has 32 min's to go.

Have not been stitching much of late have to many other things to do or my mind is going in circles. I am finally ready for the kids to go back to school well I thought I was until Jake announces today I stll have not got him new shorts. Oh well next week.

Ok off to hang laundry and then check back in on the auction. I amnot looking until it's over I have bid as much as I am going to.


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