Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here I am alive and well

I am not sure who reads this blog. I do this for me. It is like therapy for me to be able to vent. I do not have the time anymore to sit with a friend and have coffee and chat or catch up so I vent here.


MIL is still at rehab. Doing well just not making rapid improvements. She still needs help with everything from brushing her hair to eating her meals. She is very aware of whats going on and able to chat with you etc but she is vague sometimes. It is called Vascular dementia. She was perfectly normal before the stroke but has dementia now. She is starting to show typical dementia signs aggression, depression moods all over the place. She has also become VERY vocal and has no ability to keep things in. she says exactly what she is thinking and dosnt care who hears. She can appear very rude.

They are still working towards getting her home but not sure how long that will take. Will have to wait and see.

All is well in my camp. The kids are fantastic. Jake has been driving around clocking up hours in his log book. He is doing really well but needs to listen to his mother! Shannon is enjoying high school and finally learning how to deal with those bitchy girls. She is much happier. Adam is still my funny little monkey man. He is doing so well at school this year. I think having a male teacher has made a HUGE difference in him.

I have finished a blanket for MIL in her team Collingwood colors. I hated making it I detest Collingwood. GO Tigers......

I also stitched a bit over the last couple of days. I have not done any for months. I need to make some Christmas ornaments before November so should extract digit.

Ok enough rambling I need to go see what I can create for tea.

Have a good one until next time bye bye



Sandy said...

I read your blog Nise. Was waiting for an update.
Sounds like all your kids are doing great.
Hope things settle down soon for MIL and long term care isn't a huge drain on you.

Bronny said...

Vent away - and the blog is a way to let everybody who cares know what is going on - and only telling the story once.


Lee-Ann said...

well there are at least 3 who read it and wonder how thingsa re going and vent away xxx

Mandy said...

I'm here too. Thinking of you often. Wish I could come & have a cuppa with you!

Kim said...

I read it from time to time too! Take it easy, and vent away. Venting is good for the soul!!!

Charmaine said...

hey babe you know i read on tues?? lolxxx
ps. zooeee says hiii :) and she writes thiss :):)