Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday and we survived our weekend away

Well we are home and we managed to not kill each other all weekend. Helps when all your family are spread in different directions and not hanging off you!

We got up early Saturday and were at St Arnaud by 10am after stoping for breakfast etc in town.

When we arrived at Steve & Julies they were just finishing unloading the removal truck and were ready for their breakfast so we made their breakky while they had a good look around. They had arrived at 2am and had not had a chance to see much.

The boys were soon off riding and we girls got to sorting the house. didnt take long and we had it all done. Then it was time for lunch. We had brought a chicken and some other bits with us from town so that became lunch.

Saturday night we had a bonfire and burnt all the wood lying about the house to clear it away and a heap of furniture that either had been left at the house OR Julie didnt want anymore.

Uncle Ronny and Auntie Val joined us for the fire and a few drinks and fun was had by all. It became a VERY late night and there were a few tired and sore bodies the next day.

Sunday it was everyman for himself and the majority were off riding. Col and I went for a ride then I stayed back and watched Holly while Steve and Julie went to survey their new 120 acre holiday property.

After lunch I started packing up to come home but no one wanted to leave. We left at 4 and were home by 7. Now I have a day of washing ahead :)

I had a play with the camera and just took photo's of everything so here are a few for you to look at.

Oh and in the phot of the view.. look for the house that is all green off in the distance thats ronnie and vals house

xx Nise xx

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