Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday and we survived our weekend away

Well we are home and we managed to not kill each other all weekend. Helps when all your family are spread in different directions and not hanging off you!

We got up early Saturday and were at St Arnaud by 10am after stoping for breakfast etc in town.

When we arrived at Steve & Julies they were just finishing unloading the removal truck and were ready for their breakfast so we made their breakky while they had a good look around. They had arrived at 2am and had not had a chance to see much.

The boys were soon off riding and we girls got to sorting the house. didnt take long and we had it all done. Then it was time for lunch. We had brought a chicken and some other bits with us from town so that became lunch.

Saturday night we had a bonfire and burnt all the wood lying about the house to clear it away and a heap of furniture that either had been left at the house OR Julie didnt want anymore.

Uncle Ronny and Auntie Val joined us for the fire and a few drinks and fun was had by all. It became a VERY late night and there were a few tired and sore bodies the next day.

Sunday it was everyman for himself and the majority were off riding. Col and I went for a ride then I stayed back and watched Holly while Steve and Julie went to survey their new 120 acre holiday property.

After lunch I started packing up to come home but no one wanted to leave. We left at 4 and were home by 7. Now I have a day of washing ahead :)

I had a play with the camera and just took photo's of everything so here are a few for you to look at.

Oh and in the phot of the view.. look for the house that is all green off in the distance thats ronnie and vals house

xx Nise xx

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The bike is here...

Yep it is FINALLY here....

It took us 2 hours to get to the factory and back to pick it up and about 4 hours to get it out of the packaging and together.

It was stuck on the dock with customs for a week as it had asbestos brake pads that had to be removed. SO when we got it we were handed another pack of pads that at about 10pm we discovered only one set fit! SO today we will have to go back and get the right ones. Apart from that and bits in the bits in the box we have no idea where to put it this morning looks like a bike! It is in the garage so I will get more photos later.

Friday, September 7, 2007

its friday YYIIPPPEE

I like most am so glad it's Friday. Not for any particular reason other than it signals the end of the week. It for me is almost like "I made it through another one" if that makes sense?

Have worked all week apart from Monday. Have had crap thrown at me at work but it seems to have settled. I am fortunate the Operations Manager is on my side. I am right on this one. Not often I can say I am right but this time I truly am.

I would like a hair cut today. I finish at 12:45 so should have time. BUT the motor bike is due in today and you can bet I will have to go get it and I wont get a hair cut today ;) No bother I can always go tomorrow.

We are planning a weekend of cleaning the garage. it is over run with junk. There is even a home made go cart in there my brother made and dumped on to us. it will get cut up! I am going to enjoy that. Col wants more room for his office and we want to get the project car in there so we can finally get some more work done on it.

We have been looking at some bush blocks of land about an hour from here and they are reasonably priced we were surprised. We want a holiday place of our own. We need to pay off the Van first but after that we should be right.

OK off to do something with this hair so I can go to work.

Be good...Or good at it!

OK back again.... I have a few minutes ALONE!

I have been to work and am glad to be home it was MAD... I did manage to get a hair cut before I came home. I knew if I did not do it it would not happen :) I also found out the Motor bike is in! yIPPEEEEEEEE so now waiting for Col to get home so we can go and get it... Photo's to follow.

Rubbish bag man came today too and emptied our rubbish bag which is perfect for the garage clean now we have somewhere to chuck the trash.... Bye again


Monday, September 3, 2007

Hey Hey it's Monday

It is Monday and they day started out cool but sunny. It is now very over cast with dark almost black patches of cloud towards the south.

I have AJ home today with a runny nose. I have him loaded up on demazin and he could have gone to school but his nose is so red and sore and I am home so I thought it would be better for him to have a day home.

Yesterday was fathers day. It is my 3rd with out my dad. they do not get any easier.

We got Colin a motor bike for fathers day well. we have not picked it up yet. we hope to get it tomorrow. Thursday at the latest they said. Today when Col gets home we are off to look for a helmet and boots etc.

We went shopping Saturday and picked up a new rug for the lounge it is VERY bright. The room is rather dull so this should give it some life.

We also managed to pick up the bargain of the century microwave too. Ours was not doing so well and we have been looking for a new one. This one has a grill in it too and was under $100.

Work until Friday when I get another day off. I have plans for that one thou... A much needed catch up with a friend.

At least the house is sorted and meals are kinda planned so I am under control.

off to stitch for a while and then before you know it it will be time for the kids to come home :)