Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One day and counting...

Until the kiddies are back at school.

Tomorrow is D Day! I have enjoyed having them home but they are bored and ready to go back. I have also enjoyed the break from routine. It has been nice not having to do the lunches and drive them to school etc.

Well this year Jake is in year 9 and has decided on one of three career possibilities Electrician,Plumber or landscape gardener. The school do careers counseling so fingers crossed he finds what he wants to do and works towards it.

Shan is grade 6 and excited to go as she will get her Vice captain badge and grade 6 jumper. She is usually nervous about starting school but this year can not wait. AJ will be in grade 3. He has missed his friends and will be cheesed off about having to get up early but will be happy once he is there.

We had a disaster of a weekend away and came home a day early. All I will say is you can pick your friends but not your family.....What a shame.

Not sure where we will ride the bikes now but it wont be at ST Arnaud for a while. Might look at selling them and buying a jet ski and heading back to Echuca.

I am home tomorrow I took the day off so I could take them all to school. I am looking forward to some time at home alone. I have not had a day home alone since November. I would like to clean up etc but will more likely Veg....

Best away and make sure these kids know where their school uniforms are.

Have a good week all...


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Sandy said...

I hear you Nise, both on the back to school bit and the family bit LOL. Sometimes it is best to avoid family.