Tuesday, October 7, 2008

T is for Too much Ebay

Hello again form the queen of ebay or so I have been crowned in this house.

I figure if I can find stuff we require on ebay at better than store prices then it's worth doing right? I am sure you know what I mean. We live on a budget and often have to re think purchases to fit the budget. BUT since I have been activly ebaying I have been able to get things we would normally not be able to have soI figure its a good thing.

The Rose Gold bangle came and it's beautiful I had it checked and it is 24 c rose gold. so for $11.50 it was definatly a bargain. I am still waiting for the memory card for Jakes phone GGRRRR I emailed the seller who appologised as in Hong Kong they are an a 7 day public holday so he is posting it today. We are also still waiting for the digital camera. Issues with stock blah blah blah so no idea when that arrives. I am also waiting on a new pair of converse Chuck Taylors I won for Shannon. $80 in stores I got them including shipping for $45. I am now hunting a pair of air force ones for Jake. They are $160 in stores the cheapest I have found them on ebay is $90 but we can get them for that at the Dandenong market so might just go look there again and see what happens.

In other Mazzan news....

We have moved the in laws. not going to discuss it cause I am still having nightmares! Saturday main moving day.... She went shopping he drank beer and leant againts a box all day and everyone else did the rest. Enough said.

Colin has decided to play handy man and is renovating the in laws bedroom and bathrooms amongst other things. He installed a new clothes line Sunday and that was a hoot. Have photo's on my phone need to work out how to get them off.

Saturday night we are off to a show with my sister,BIL,Mum,Aunt and some other friends of my sisters. It is a tribute show with 4 impersonaters. Elvis, Roy Orbison, Dusty Springfield and Johnny O'Keefe. Sounds like a good night I think.

Ok off to get some chores done before Colin takes me to lunch.


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