Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is where I am at on the Enchanted Alphabet. I plan on stitching on this today after the chores are done.

I am going for a walk this morning with my mum. We are walking to the new country craft shop at the bottom of the road then we might head off for a quick coffee before I head home. I don't see nearly as much of her as I should and am trying to make the effort. It is so easy just to shut the door and do your own thing.

We went to a rock and roll tribute night Saturday night in Pakenham. It was Elvis,Johny O'Keefe,Roy Orbison and Dusty Springfield. Was a good night and there were 10 of us and it was nice to have a laugh and a dance and not worry about the kids who were at my sisters house being watched by my niece. Thank you Lauren your a doll.

Did have a run in with a kangaroo on the way home luckily no big damage. Thank you Dad for always telling me to watch for roos and what to do if one jumps out at you. I am sure thats what saved us.

Ok off to make hay while the sun is shining (hang washing).

Miss you dad xx

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Marian said...

Kangaroo, huh? Down here we have trouble with deer. I had a major run-in with one several years ago. My car had heavy damage and the poor deer even more. Even if the deer hits YOUR car, if it's not deer season, and the poor thing dies, you are fined. And not allowed to bring it home for the freezer. Which wouldn't matter to me because I can't eat Bambi!!!!!