Monday, December 29, 2008

I dont give a fat rats clacker!

Who if anyone reads my blog. I do this for me and if someone stumbles across it great. I am over worrying that no one replies so there !

Yes I am in a mood. I HATE Christmas and am so glad it's OVER. I am planning to hold our own private Christmas here for my DH and our kids and blow anyone else if we argue it's our business and bugger the rest of ya!

Christmas eve was fantastic at my mums house and we had a blast. can not say the same for Christmas day at the in laws. Food was cold and covered in flies a child was peeing all over the place and apparently that was funny? It was good to catch up with Alma & Bert from Italy but a god dammed shame my husbands family cant shut their mouths and enjoy good company. By 7pm the Italian family were packing their bags and were gone by 9:30.

Do not even know where they are now. Spoke to them Saturday afternoon and arranged a visit for next Saturday but they are not sure where they will be and will have to let us know. Sad just very sad.

On a light note we brought a new 3ft fish tank complete with cabinet and hood. We are in the process of staining it before assembeling. We are planning a trip to the Aquarium on Thursday ( new years day) to look at all the pretty fish so might come home with some set up ideas?

Have not been stitching have been too grumpy to think about that. I want/need to but just cant relax enough to concentrate.

I was going to take the kids to the Dandenong market tomorrow but will see what mood they are in in the morning.

Off to stir the pasta sauce I am making for dinner.



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Sandy said...

Nise sorry Christmas Day was disastrous. We gave up on big family Christmases years ago and the 6 of us hibernate - much more relaxing.