Monday, December 8, 2008

Well it may only be the 8th of December but man has it gone fast. Lots to get done in December...

This is how my month is shaping up.

worked first few days then got sick. Had Thursday and Friday off last week and generally vegged. Did not feel like doing ANYTHING that was not essential. Then the weekend came and went too fast but I did manage to get on top of chores.

Tonight we went to watch Jake play guitar at his school for the year 9 end of year final fling if you like. He was fantastic of course.

He's the one in yellow. He has been accepted into a private guitar school. Costs a small fortune hard to get into limited places. We have been on the waiting list 3 years. His reward will be a new guitar (after Christmas).

Tomorrow (9th) Shannon has orientation at high school. Need to drop AJ at Grans so she can take him to school then I can take Jake and Shan to high school then back at 3 to collect them both. Roast Lamb tomorrow night for tea YUM.

Then we need to look for shoes and a jacket for Shan's graduation which is on the 15th. So that will be this weekends shopping trip.

Paid school fees etc Friday so am somewhat poorer until Mr Rudds stimulus package come through. For me not until the 18th :(

Uncle and Aunt arrive Monday from Italy for 3 months. Wont see then until the weekend.

Have given Jake Wednesday off school to look for a part time job over Christmas so must remember to help him with Resume.

Jake finishes school Wednesday next week. Shan and AJ don't finish until the 19th. I have booked an early shift at work that day so I can be at Shan's last assembly. Being a captain she has to make a speech so I really want to be there for that.

Working right up until Christmas eve. Then back the Monday after so will have to plan baby sitting etc around Colin and myself.

Have pretty much finished the Christmas shopping just need a few stocking fillers and a mulcher for the in laws.

So that's pretty much my December.

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