Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year....

4 1/2 hours to go and it's 2009.

I can then say Jake will be 16 this year and in year 10 and will also get his learners permit. Shannon will be 13 this year and starting high school and AJ will be double digits turning 10 and in grade 4. Cool now I feel really old!

We had fun and games here this morning at just after 3:30am. Someone tried to smash the drivers window on the van with rocks. Not sure why? to steal it or something they thought may have been in it? Ran the police who are sending a report. It could be the idiot from across the road who we are waring with? Not sure. BUT $420 later window repaired well almost waiting for it to come in.

Worked today and we were flat out. Mostly returns which I am sure surprises no one. There are so excellent bargains to be had if you have the time and money.

We went to Kmart to get power board and I wanted to check out the outdoor settings. We need a new smallish one for the front deck. We use this area every day and the table and chairs that is there are 10 years old and very weathered. I spotted a nice blue beige stripped set. Small square table and 4 chairs ended up paying $112. for the set. I am sitting at it now with a coffee and my laptop. very comfy chairs.

We are off the the Melbourne Aquarium early tomorrow so tonight wont be a late one. Might just make midnight then off to bed.

DH has set up an infer red camera to watch the cars and has hooked it up to the DVD recorder. If anyone comes back at least we will know if it is the neighbour.

I stitched a bit last night but was busy watching telly and used the wrong DMC so tonight will fix that and finish it off. New project tomorrow for a new year.

Have a good one all



Sandy said...

Let's hope 2009 starts off better Nise. What a way to get your sleep disturbed. Hope the cameras show who is doing damage.

Bronny said...

Happy New Year my Stitching Sister (Twin) May tonight be uneventful for ourselves and our families who rely upon us to sort them out!!!
Good Luck with the infra-red - Hope something is resolved with the neighbour and soon!
Just think - your 16yo and my 16yo will be on the road at the same time!!!!

Charmaine said...

hey nise:) Happy new year:)