Monday, February 2, 2009

Back to school....

As I write this i have mixed emotions. I love having the kids home and the break from routine. No lunches no school uniforms to have ready no school runs (for me 2 different schools) I do think they were ready to go back they were getting bored.


My baby girl (almost 13) Shannon started high school today. This is HUGE for me. This is the kid I dragged kicking and screaming to kinder and primary school for many years. She wanted to be with her mum. She was shaking this morning worrying about all that could go wrong. She only knows one other girl at the school and there are over 800 students.

I am sure she is fine. I am sure she will blossom. I am sure she will love high school as much as I did. BUT mummy is sad. Yes I had a tear.

The second one of Shan alone I am calling the thinker.

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