Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And what an Idea it was

I wish to thank everyone who has offered to help me and make something.

I have over 20 ladies offering help.

Just goes to show what we can do.

After things have settled down a bit I will email everyone with full details.

Yesterday I spoke tot he Salvation Army who were thrilled with this idea. They like Terry-Louise have suggested not everyone celebrates Christmas so we are looking to make other "treasures" as well. Perhaps a nice Apron or table runner? Anything homemade that can turn a house into a home.

Once again thank you.



Yvonne said...

Will wait for further details from you.

I think Terry's idea about making something homemade is fabulous too. Since I can't sew, I really hope to see more suggestions about other handmade stuff for the homes.

PaulineD said...

Hi again Nise,

I've just posted on 123stitch,(moving it back to page 1 too) and thought I'd mention it here too. I'm going to stitch some simple 'true blue' ornaments
for those who would prefer less decorative ornaments.

Now, to try and graph something...

Pauline in Adelaide

LoriRay said...

That's an even better idea -- to stitch something not Christmas-related. Just post when you're ready with more details. Or you can e-mail me via this post.

So glad you are doing this!