Friday, February 27, 2009

Trying to be positive and not talk FIRES or SMOKE cause we are all over them. In saying that I am sorry for those affected by them.

It is finally Friday. I am also home. The kids are all ill in someway shape or form so I will call the Doctor after 9 and try and get an appointment. Wish me luck ;)

Have been trying to get into stitching but just can't I am hoping today I might get some time to sort out my table and make sense of the mess I have and then I might be able to relax enough to stitch. Although 3 kids home not going to happen me feels.

I am so looking forward to the GTG day out in a couple of weeks. There has been so many negative comments made about this event that I am just not listening anymore. I am excited so raspberries to those that want to poo poo it!

Might even try and clean this house today while I am home. I wold LOVE to clean my room and change my bed etc you know the move the bed and vac etc kind of clean. It tends to get forgotten in my busy life.


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Sandy said...

I'm sure you will have a ball at the GTG Nise, I haven't heard any of the negativity - must be out of the loop LOL.