Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello all who drop in.

Yesterday my eldest niece turned 18. Lauren is now a big girl. She is having a party next Friday and I will give her the 18 punches in the arm then OH ad the 1 to grow on ;)

It is a long weekend here this weekend and I have achieved so much. I feel good as I look about at the tidy house with the clean floors. We have had so much wind over the past week all the ash has blown in from the fires and coated everything with a layer of fine back dust. It was so nice finally removing it all.

We are planning a tip run for next week and have borrowed mum's trailer (well will go get t today) and I need to get the boys room sorted out. They get their new beds next weekend and I need to toss a heap of stuff to make room. We have ordered them new bunks the ones with the double bed on the bottom and the single on the top. Jake is getting too big for the single bed.

I have not been doing a whole lot of stitching I have been busy with other projects. I am really wanting to stitch right now so might try and find some time today.

Ok time to get on with my day.



Bronny said...

I'd suggest that our John is getting too long for his single bunk bed too, but in the morning who can tell from the pile of blankets somewhere in the middle of the bed. Have fun! Get some stitching done!

Sandy said...

Nothing better than a good clean out - well apart from a day of stitching with no interruptions LOL. We just had a big clean out and managed to fill a 2 cubic metre skip and a couple of Salvos bins.