Monday, March 23, 2009


I have spent the last 2 weeks sorting this house. For no other reason that I can not stand it any longer and Winter is coming. You know the 3 months where you are all stuck inside with no room to move and stuff everywhere. I am on a mission to Winterize this house. I am almost done too.

I have loaded the trailer with junk and DH even had to make hungry boards cause it would have been a 2 trip run if he had not.

The boys room was the worst. They now have new beds and storage. Right down to new coat hangers! It looks and smells so nice (for now) Shan's room was done a few weeks ago and she loves her new desk and bedside table. She got her new Bass guitar last week and made a special place for it to go and all. I am very proud of her.

We are having the bathroom roof re done during the first week of the school holidays. It has all peeled and falling apart. The guy came and quoted it and said he didnt need to re plaster just strip it and seal it etc. so whatever just get it done is all I say.

Had a barney with my car pool lady this monrning. Today was her day. She only does 2 I do 3. She neglected to tell me her kids were not going to school today and she would not be able to take mine. I do not know how we managed it but we all got to where we were supposed to be on time. Maybe now they will understand why I get them up and ready so early.... I have decided to ditch her in the new term and my kids can bus it on the 2 days I struggle with. 4 of us need to be in 3 different places at the same time! I can multy task but am not that good.

OK Off to get changed to do the school run. I collect an extra now on a monday to take to dancing. Shannon has started dancing by the way... Jazz and hip hop.

Have a great week all



Sandy said...

You have been busy Nise, hope the nice smell in the boys room lasts a little while LOL

Charmaine said...

good thinking know they need to be more independant ;)
love ya chat tuesday:)xx