Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I treated myself today to a road trip. Along the way I found some interesting places :)

I picked up some 3 sisters fabrics that I just had to have and some really cute buttons that were chanting "take us home".

I have a use for some of the buttons. I was hunting for flower buttons to use in place of giggle buttons on some stitcheries I want to do. Giggle buttons although very cute are also not cheap. I have a stack of giggle buttons so will use some of each so they blend. Should look ok. Now to remember which folder the patterns are in......

The fabric were just screaming at me to buy them I adore the patterns and think they might make a nice tote bag. Not sure yet will see where the scissors and sewing machine take me.

Off to get kids from school. Fun over :(



Sandy said...

Cute buttons Nise, my boys all think I am nuts because I save every button from every old piece of clothing etc.

Rachel S said...

LOVE THOSE BUTTONS. How sweet. And the fabric is beautiful.

Charmaine said...

hey chickie.....they are very cute....im thinking of getting back into sewing again:)

am checking out flights to melb so we can maybe go on a road trip or two:)