Friday, February 27, 2009

Ornament/Treasures update

I just wanted to thank everyone for there offers of help and support. I now have around 28 people both via the internet and privately who have offered to make something.


I have emailed everyone I have email addresses for BUT if you didn't get it, I need all completes goodies by the 3rd of November to be distributed early December.

If you would like more info email me

Trying to be positive and not talk FIRES or SMOKE cause we are all over them. In saying that I am sorry for those affected by them.

It is finally Friday. I am also home. The kids are all ill in someway shape or form so I will call the Doctor after 9 and try and get an appointment. Wish me luck ;)

Have been trying to get into stitching but just can't I am hoping today I might get some time to sort out my table and make sense of the mess I have and then I might be able to relax enough to stitch. Although 3 kids home not going to happen me feels.

I am so looking forward to the GTG day out in a couple of weeks. There has been so many negative comments made about this event that I am just not listening anymore. I am excited so raspberries to those that want to poo poo it!

Might even try and clean this house today while I am home. I wold LOVE to clean my room and change my bed etc you know the move the bed and vac etc kind of clean. It tends to get forgotten in my busy life.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

other things to make apart from ornaments...

Tea towel
Wall hanging
Hand towel
Pot holder
table runner
place mats
home sweet home picture
toilet roll holders
tea cosy

This stuff dosn't need to be cross stitched it can be anything home made.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And what an Idea it was

I wish to thank everyone who has offered to help me and make something.

I have over 20 ladies offering help.

Just goes to show what we can do.

After things have settled down a bit I will email everyone with full details.

Yesterday I spoke tot he Salvation Army who were thrilled with this idea. They like Terry-Louise have suggested not everyone celebrates Christmas so we are looking to make other "treasures" as well. Perhaps a nice Apron or table runner? Anything homemade that can turn a house into a home.

Once again thank you.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

I had an Idea!

Well today is a very sad day for Victorians. it is unknown how many people have been affected by the fires that have ripped through Victoria over the last few weeks.

There have been homes and lives lost.

I myself can not go put out a fire or rebuild a home. This got me to thinking What can I do.

I have decided to make Christmas ornaments. I am going to spend the year making ornaments for those that next Christmas will have none. They will have to buy a new tree and new ornaments. There old ones burnt. These will NEVER be as special as the ones the kids made or that families have gathered over the years BUT they will be made with love and not store brought.

If you have any ornaments you would like to contribute let me know. I will purchase containers to put them in and keep them safe until such time as they are distributed.

My intention is to contact the Salvation Army and ask them to help find homes for the ornaments.



Monday, February 2, 2009

Back to school....

As I write this i have mixed emotions. I love having the kids home and the break from routine. No lunches no school uniforms to have ready no school runs (for me 2 different schools) I do think they were ready to go back they were getting bored.


My baby girl (almost 13) Shannon started high school today. This is HUGE for me. This is the kid I dragged kicking and screaming to kinder and primary school for many years. She wanted to be with her mum. She was shaking this morning worrying about all that could go wrong. She only knows one other girl at the school and there are over 800 students.

I am sure she is fine. I am sure she will blossom. I am sure she will love high school as much as I did. BUT mummy is sad. Yes I had a tear.

The second one of Shan alone I am calling the thinker.