Monday, January 14, 2008

Dont ya just love school holidays????

Well the kids are bored out of their brains and I think they are ready to go back to school!

They have been really good at entertaining themselves this past week and a bit cause we lost the Foxtel (the hard drive blew up and they are coming tomorrow to replace it) Then the phone line went ballistic and we could not use the phone line for a few days that included the internet. SO the kids couldn't watch TV or phone a friend or use the internet!

Now I use Telstra for all of these services and you can bet they will know the meaning of compensation when I am done with them.

The week ahead is fun packed too....

Monday : (today) general chores need to be done this morning then off to visit DH's aunt for arvo tea. We do this often I usually bring muffins or a bun??? BUT now she is on a no wheat no gluten diet I have to get creative... I am thinking fresh fruit. Then home to make dinner and hopefully a quiet night.

Tuesday: Col's van is booked in to the speedo looked at so a day off for him. We are making the most of it and have booked ourselves in to the chiro we like in Cranbourne. He dosnt do weekends or after hours so is hard to get to when he isn't just around the corner. We also have foxtel and Telstra coming to fix the foxtel box and fix the lines they think are at fault for the phone.

Wednesday: Work for me... The kids are all at my mums takeaway for dinner

Thursday: Work again for me *SIGH* kids at mum's again not sure whats for dinner depends on weather BBQ perhaps?Oh and it's food shopping day too cant forget that.

Friday: last day at work for me until the kids are back at school. Kids are at mum's again poor woman will be ready for that massage I have paid for as a thank you! dinner will be what ever falls out of the freezer :)

Not sure whats happening this weekend. Have some general stuff that need doing outside so might get into that?

Thats about it for me I need to go shower and get the coolstore to some fresh fruit and make a platter.

Stay safe


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