Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More finishes

some of my recent finishes... Sorry Swirly snow is upside down :) I have all this stuff i have stitched over the years sitting in a suitcase waiting to have something done to them. So I decided it was time to pull my finger out and make some of them into something. I needed a new bag to store my shopping bags and had a pack of tea towels so perfect a couple of bag bags. I will finish off some more christmas stuff and put it away for the festive season. We also do christmas in July so can use some then.

I just found some more in the case I wouldn't mind hanging so need to either buy frames or make some way to hang them. I am off shortly to a discount shop so will see what frames they have and then make up my mind.

I might make another bag bag to take to St Arnaud on the weekend we end up with the bags everywhere and I am sure it would not go astray.

I am starting a quilt square project today. I have not done a charity square in ages and have a really cute design picked out. I am itching to get going on it so no doubt wont get a chance and will get side tracked.

I also found out today that I can get a case for my car alarm fob from holden for for $18. Mine is broken and brittle. It works I just need to remember to take it when I go out as it isn't attached to my keys anymore. I rang holden last year and was told I needed to buy a complete unit at $98 plus a programing fee. I had decided today to do that when the guy tells me I can just get the case. I guess it depends who ya talk to hey.

Ok off to do stuff that needs doing


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