Monday, January 21, 2008

One week or there abouts to go...

Until school is back :)

Now I do not mind them all being home (really I don't) but I think they are bored. I think they would be better to go back mid January and have an extra week here and there through the year?

Not a lot planned for today. I am home all this week and do need to get the school stuff ready but am not thinking about that today. I need to buy 1 text book and 2 work books and some stationary so can do that anytime.

Jake also needs a new backpack so I am sure that will mean a trip to Knox City and a look in every trendy store to find he right one. I managed to get a good one last year that lasted all year from Target and I am think he wants another one if I can get it? will have to go look.

Managed to finish 2 cross stitch projects and a no sew throw this week. Once Jake tells me how to fix the camera I will upload photo's. I really like the throw. I made a Thomas the tank one for AJ but now the other kids want one too. I will have to go look and see what fabric I can get thats suitable.

We are off to St Arnaud this weekend. Not sure if we will go Friday or Saturday? Saturday is warm but showers so may not go till then so we can pitch the tent after the rain. Although I am home Friday and can have everything packed for when Col comes home and we could be there in time for dinner. Will wait and see what the weather is doing. Even if we are packed and ready to go Friday night we could get going early Saturday morning. I am taking a "project" this time. There isn't much to do there and one gets a little bored so I thought I might teach Shannon to stitch while we have time with no interruptions. She is very keen to learn just either plays dumb or well you know....

I am not sure what my next project will be but I am feeling something country? maybe some stitchery tea towels? I have a stack I could do or I have some fruit crate label towels too I might have a go at.

OK off to put some washing away while all are asleep. my room looks like a bomb went off. We tend to shove stuff in there and shut the door and deal with it later. Well today is that later! I did some sorting in there the other day so it isn't too bad just need to buy some of those clear boxes with lids to store stuff so they can all stack and look neat. I have some but need more. maybe I could do that today?

Have a good one and see you all next time


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charmaine said...

Hey babe....the throw looks great:) SO what do the biggens want on their throws...its it just polar fleece stitched to cotton????

You stitching projects in the next post look great too.....

chat tommorrow:)