Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am posting so it must be Tuesday!

A day home for me today. I have some recording to do. I am sure the new foxtel box is on the fritz so want to record to DVD everything I have on the hardrive before I call foxtel and they re set the box. I am not sure there are enough hours in today to get it all done but will have a go.

not much else happening... we did buy a mulcher on Friday and spent the weekend mulching :) Not much let in the garden but we have lots of compost... We wanted to have a good out door clean up before winter sets in. Everything here has been planted without much thought as to how it grows etc. It is looking a lot tidier but we still have a few things to do before i am happy.

Sunday Col checked the brakes on the merc and found the front had all but gone so i made some calls and found a set and by 3pm the van had new brakes. I am so lucky to have a man able to do these sorts of things himself.

The boys have the dentist tonight. Aj needs a tiny filling and Jakes seals need to be redone his teeth have come down since they were done last and they need touching up. None of it is huge but the appointment is right on tea time.

We tried to get into a place at Echuca for the weekend but have left our run too late and they are booked out :( we can get accommodation but we like this place. She has a vacancy late may so we may take that. I wanted to go this weekend. it would have been dads 76th birthday next Wednesday and I wanted to visit him. Not to worry a couple of weeks wont matter.

Best get moving I want to get some stitching done today. I have some tricky stitches to do and need to concentrate which I cant do with the family home :)

Have a good week see you next Tuesday .


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Lee-Ann said...

Hi Nise,
see you have been visiting me ...see you next tuesday ..