Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wet and soggy Sunday

It isn't raining at the moment but it rained the better part of the night. We really do need this rain so am not going to whine about it. The air is finally clear and you can breath air not just the smoke from the back burning in the mountains. For the better part of 2 weeks we have been covered in a haze of smoke. It looks like smog all day long but you can smell the smoke and the dark ash settles on everything. My white car is currently streaky charcoal.

I have been trying to get stuck into some stitching. Every time I try I get interrupted or side tracked. Last night I planned a night of specialty stitches and then discovered Harry potter was on and the kids wanted to watch it so it was 10:30 before they were all in bed and I could think straight. I stitched till a little after 1 but was so tired I had to go to bed then I spotted my new library book and read till 2:30. So today I am tired and will probably want to hit the hay early :)

We had some mongrel kick our letter box to bits Friday night so yesterday went to bunnings and picked up a new one. I love bunnings.... We also got a stack of storage tubs for the shed. We want to get everything into tubs before the real wet weather comes. That shed leaks like a sieve and we figure this is the best form of protection. We are also moving Col's office out there from the low corner to the high corner. We have not done this before as it means not being able to get a car in there if we need to but we think we have measured it all out so we can just fit the car if needed.

I caved yesterday and let shannon get a mouse. She has named her Katie. I did not mind the mouse so much as the cost of the cage,bedding water bottle and food. We managed to get a cage at clints for $13 and the mouse and all its "stuff" came in under $35. Shan panicked late yesterday when she couldn't find her and thought she had escaped the cage. We searched everywhere and I found her asleep in her house in her cage. Shan forgot to look there! blonde moment or what.

Well Off to get the tribe ready we are off to the market this morning. We need some ink for the PC and blank dvd's I might even get to look at some stuff for me today!

Have a good one


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